i am currently looking for a cute girl who is pretty so i can spoil her. i have become wealthy now and i want to have some fun i want to take her ot the most expensive restaurant buy her expensive shoes jewelry diamonds gold silver whatever you like as long you are my only girl. well i think ur right but in ur own way dear.....can i say a little bit .....only these words i will say....every relationship makes relationship, & relationship makes your emotions, feeling's as well who love by their own true heart but by using their own mind in any knid of relationship thats the dissference ......if u look for a nice long term true heartship....

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
respect, honest, love, understanding, neat
that he enjoys life to the fullest.
the ability to respect a woman
faithfullness and trust
honestly in loyalty
a lovin and carin,handsome,trutful,tr
love and classic
intellectual curiosity
showing me i can be spotted
love and care
truthful,trustworthy,lovi and carin
love for a woman
i am a man looking for a woman
never cheat
time, respect and loyalty.
respect for his family
his smile
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
i am very selfish when it comes down to my food
um a bad lier and i dnt speak english well bt im very good in writting it
not dressing up.
my willingness to help others even if it means hurting myself
making everything about me
my height
i am too much jealous
my biggest flaw is sometimes i find myself downing myself
mey some r good
small #c h e s t#s
i sometimes hold grudges
i try to save the world and help everyone but myself.
my smile
i trust to much
am not sure
my heart
falling off the wagon ride once and a while
i am slim.
my teeth i messed them up by putting golds on them
my face
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
buying a car
to keep going when i feel that all of the odds are against me
been a dancer
getting my own house at a young age
my daughter
being a journalism club chairlady in high school
starting college & one day finishing college
working hard
my kids
helping out others in need before myself
getting a job in the us.
to help a lot of people in life
my children
to become a great woman in lyfe and to achieve my goals n dreams
lots of thing but i have given second birth to my mother
getting through nursing school.
graduating high school
teaching my sister to read
being born
i want a gud man in ma lyf
having a little girl healthy and strong
getting myself in uni and managing 2 jobs
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
i already have 2, no more please.
as many as we can
i am satisfied with my sons, but think i would like a little girl in future
4..or the ones he wants
i only have 2 lovely boys
i am not married
1 or 2
if we are happy together min 2 kids
as many as i can
whatever allah decrees 2 one of each ideally
i have 6children
2 children
i currently do not have any kids but i would want 3 or 4 children.
about 3
two or three
dont matter
2 children
none from me finished that stage im a #nice# grand maman lol
as many as god blesses us with.
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my parents
my mother
my mother.
my mom
my family
my grandaughter
my niece
my father
god kids family
my two rons
jesus,than my kid
my vry smal familly my 2 daughter and my grand son
well besides the almighty the other two important persons in my life are my mom and dad who are both deceased but i do carry them in my heart and my thoughts.
my lovely mom and dad
all my blood
my daughter
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
giving him my all and respecting him
be der for him support him advice him and mk evry nyt the best if you knw wat i mean lol
i am a very romantic person and i believe that as long as my husband would allow it i would give him the unconditional love and devotion that he needs 24/7.
by fulfilling his needs, being sensitive to his emotions, being honest, loyal, listening, put him first, being a life partner and meeting him 50/50
i will be the perfect wife for him the best way i can be. ill give him all of me all the time.
what ever he want from me i will do it to make him happy
loving him more and more as the days go on
be into him and put my all into him
being there through thick and thin, love him and show him how much means. always there for him and do things together, respect him at all times
by obeying him and respect him
by respecting,caring,be there for him and making him happy
loving him and being his best friends
i would give him lots of attention from the heart ,good cooking and want to spend all tje time i can together.
by being the proudest of wives and to reach his every needs
cherish and respect him
giving him everything
by making him achieve his goals and beign a honest and loyal wife
to respect him as my husband and treat him as i treat myself.
i would treat him kind,give him wholesome meals and love him
i will always give him my time
if we love eachather then everything what i will do for him will make him happy there is nothing more imortant that love
i will always treat him with love and care. he would be the most important person to me since god says the two will become one flesh. i love to cook and clean.
doing things for him after a long day