i am currently looking for a cute girl who is pretty so i can spoil her. i have become wealthy now and i want to have some fun i want to take her ot the most expensive restaurant buy her expensive shoes jewelry diamonds gold silver whatever you like as long you are my only girl. well i think ur right but in ur own way dear.....can i say a little bit .....only these words i will say....every relationship makes relationship, & relationship makes your emotions, feeling's as well who love by their own true heart but by using their own mind in any knid of relationship thats the dissference ......if u look for a nice long term true heartship....

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
i am a man looking for a woman
respect for a woman, loving and caring.
sense of humor, and respect.
for him to be honest n loyal and know how to spoil his women
showing me i can be spotted
a man being honest about everything, rather its good or bad.
being loyal and honest
that he enjoys life to the fullest.
big #you know what#
love and classic
kind, understanding.
trusting kind
educated, nice looking fun to be with loving,caring and understanding
write your answerloving caring and an outstanding man
honest and kind
loyalty, respect, honesty
listen i am a man looking for a woman
honesty and loyalty
trust hardwork loyalty
that he lives his life the way he wants. you only live once. he is human .
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
my baby toe
dating the wrong man
i try to save the world and help everyone but myself.
mmm.....i dont really know honestly
i care too much
i smoke
i sometimes hold grudges
i keep my emotions to save or help others
i have a lot of them
not being where i wanna be in life
i can be quite selfish when it comes to food
being single
mean sometimes
yes no one is perfect but if you are the person try to be honest and a problem solver
wen i did somethin wrong,i always blame myself
my weight
lack of confidence
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
my education
my children
being born
working hard
being a mother
taking out my family for a dinner for the first time
my son
being commited to family members that need me for their trials and sickness.
iam a stripper
but i will achieve
i luked after my mother til her death
to get my master in business and to become a video game designer, plus to someday own my own company
getting through nursing school.
getting myself in uni and managing 2 jobs
making my mother happy
i got my medical assistant license.
when i try to work to earn my own money
working on my masters degree
helping some others
done an oil painting of a great man, a work that i was honoured for
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
4..or the ones he wants
2 or 3
if we are happy together min 2 kids
as many as i can
i cant have any more kids i had a partial hysterectomy. iam sorry
as many as posible
i have one boy i would l9ve to have one more girl or boy whatever god wants me to have soon as is healthy everything is okay
i am not married
as many as god blesses us with.
as many as he wants
5 r 3
2 at the most
write your2-3 answer2-3
roughly two
i currently do not have any kids but i would want 3 or 4 children.
as many as we can
i already have two, perhaps one more will be nice
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
god and my parents
my mum. she has supported me through everything
my kids
my dads mom
my grandmother and girlfriend
my mother
my grandma
my mom
my daughter
my mom
my niece
my parents
well besides the almighty the other two important persons in my life are my mom and dad who are both deceased but i do carry them in my heart and my thoughts.
my lovely mom and dad
my children
honest and loyal
my friends and family
my family and close friends.
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
i will try my best to make him happy and treat him with love and respect and be his best friend.i like to show love to him all the times
if i had a husband?
doing things for him after a long day
well thats mutual.....but getting to know someone is always fun but learning their likes is how you can turn anyone on
carter for him
i wil give him all the love and respect he never had before and i promise not to hurt him
by giving him the very best of me
not try
anyway i can
do unto him as he would do unto me.
all have his back
support him , advice him and mk him feel like his more important in my life and show him sm good bed time fun if you knw wat i mean
being sweet doing anything he wants
cooking, cleaning, laundry, homemaking, good #love-, create a family, stay loyal
respec, lv him so much az wll lv family of him
respect and honour him
i will care him till the end of our life
by being a successful woman next to a successful man. two equally matched individuals generally work well together.
i would treat him with respect
respect him and make him feel menly
by making him achieve his goals and beign a honest and loyal wife
practicing deen obedience comfort assets
i would treat him kind,give him wholesome meals and love him
by been a virtuous woman @ all tymz