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can you believe it, there are actually riches girls in the world who looking for some one to be here friend. i met rusha last month. she is a very wealthy girl and wants to find a good friend with
can you believe it, there are actually riches girls in the world who looking for some one to be here friend. i met rusha last month. she is a very wealthy girl and wants to find a good friend with. i mean, when i met her online i didnt know she was rich. i thot she was just like me. and average person. after we know each other more and more. she told me she comes from a very riches family. well, i didnt care, i dont know if she told me cuz she wanted to brag or something, but i didnt care cuz i will probably never meet her anywayz cuz she lives far away. but i like her because she has good imagination. i like meeting rich girls online. i dont want their money, i already am ok with money. i just want their friendshipe, someone i can talk to and someone they can talk to with. you'll find as you know her more, that she is just a regular person just like me and you but with extra ordinary life stile. i mean, its cool, thats how she was raised and born, so i know there could never be anything between us, i can never give her the luxury that her family gives her. she is funny and makes me laugh alot. i really like talking to her.. well, i have to go now, but if there is a rich girl who wants to just be friends, im here for you. im not interested in your money, im not poor, but im happy with my life and dont need no more wealth. well, tell me about you.
I'm peaches I need new friends in my life. I am a fun person to hang around.
were do you live are you in my area i live in toronto
goodlooking 17 year old mature man, very artistic love earthy things,music you name it! athletic build,love to travel.
i'll be glad to friends with a female. i'll even work. just like to see people find peace in this looney world.
hi, all im sudhir, i want some good friends, whenever he/she like to talk with me anything yourself, i want friend because i will share my filling & emotion about me.

Just found this page on google while im searching about rich man. Sounds interesting when I can find this page hope can find my Mr. right who came from the same background with me. It will be nice if I can meet a person who also coming from the wealthy family here.
hey chel u still looking u can email me nicholasoriginal - at - Yahoo!
looking for that friendship made in could be u..........
i like to b ur friend not for ur money bt for friendship..... +two three four seven zero three five one three seven eight nine one
i want to friendship with you .. . :o
looking for gal frends to talk to
well actually im looking for a wealthy girl who doesnt need a dime from me, of course i dont need hers, just to have a friend or girlfriend as the case may be that is "fly', got good taste and swagger
i like good and nice people
i am seeking to meet a nice lady friend,to talk to her and to get to know her better,if you are
looking to meet,lets talks sometimes and get to
become good friends.
i like the site and hope to meet a good friend. am from uganda in africa . bmaureenFor Zero Three - at - yahoo!
I am middle aged female who is happly married but am looking for rich lady to be friends with and possibly be my mentor.
Hey there . How are you?. I am looking for a friend that would take me as there close friend.
hey my name is dev from jaipur and nice looking girl with
frind ship
hi am mahantesh i want to be friend with smart, nice, honest and rich girl. plz contact me
I really need a rich girl to be my friend forever. +For Two Three Three Five Four Eight Six For Two Nine Six Seven For Two
hi i am shabran .
i looking for a honset or rich women or marry. if any want or contact me skype or my yahoo mail
my skype name mr.sane3
ahmed.shibran - at - Yahoo!
Am robert young and rich guy with alot of cash am looking for serious lady/girl 256-752527405 email,yigarober
hi i am simran and i am young girl and i am looking a friend and i need financial help urgent ...i belong to a poor family
I would to be friends with girls iam a girl too I like rich girls not to rili use their money bt to help wen I need one, iam 21yrs black girl and iam in s.a if you r interested to be friends with me call me 0835398467
ping me. Nine Nine Two Two Nine Six For Zero Nine Eight Seven . ill be waiting for your call
i am looking for a nice friend u dont have to be rich just be nice and sweet
I would like be a friends nice girls and have a kind hearts.
hi i like you r friendship yar
Hey! tis like i am the last man standing, but not true, i still need you, alert me via Or beep +Two Three Four Eight For Zero Six Two Four Eight Four Seven Six Four . Well i am still Two One , also in some college level, and have no money on me, but need U. C U!
i want to friend ship with beautiful girl she should be rich family . i am student of electronic enginearing .girl should be punjabi or urdu speaking family. my cell no is 03456122885
I'm Gilbert from Tanzania,am not rich but am looking for true friends. .Check me in fb Gilbert Ngowi
hi am charles i need a wealthy lady in nigeria or outside abroad for marriage plz connect me Two Three Four Seven Four Five One Zero Three Four Nine Seven Seven One Eight Five
hi Nina, can we move on to become friends, a true one only, who can feel pains, happiness, love and care! well if really true, drop in an email. no cheating please! i am badly hit by bunch of cheaters in life. so only true things desired please! one thing is assured, you give me 10% , i shall be ready with 100%. hoping for a new era in life! love & regards.
PLEASE show me how to recover my deleted facebook messeges, im so desperate to see wat my loved one is hidding
stop bozo selena has to be secret
I'd loved to retrieve all the messages that has been deleted..
i can relate i been hurt a lot also i have a caring heart and full of love to give like being happy and no i do not cheat if u 100 i will b 200 and more and that's for sure love and no regrets
im a black woman and i was dating a mexican and he lies and he told on after the other/ never again. i will stick with my black bothers. no thank on mexican guys. espically lecho garica from el dordo arkansas
ih my name is philip nice to meet you
am Robert a rich guy looking for a serious girl to marry ugandapublicres and yigober - at - yahoo.c 256-752527405
i need a g frnd to life parnter i m also beautiful man plz any one to frndshp me
i am looking a very beautiful attractive lady
I am trustworthy person to know of, have always been there through thick and thin for all friends, any rich girls out there wanna be my friend with benefit.
hi ladies and gals this is anuj from haryana wants be your good friend i m very sensetive person if you r interested plz cal me - at - eight nine five zero seven two seven three seven four
hey how are you
u r so great because reading this ur story its very nice ur sooo good iam from india iam some clg iam also trying to a friendship to any byetheybye iam so late k k bye
I really wanna fall in-love with a woman that will marry me.
I am a very nice guy call Six Four Seven Five Three One Two Six Four Five One Zero Eight
Am a Nigerian schooling in Ghana, I love young ladies and intend to be loved by them
hello am john from ghana i will like to be your friends if you don't mine
Am cul 2 mke frnd wif
hi,im search of true friendship,and love........ema - at - nasirmohammad26
ok hi thea am george just found this site ok am single but am not finance sly stable am to looking for true frend and too true love
hi , m ranveer nd i m looking 4 a girlfrnd.age around 22 nd for a rich girl. If any girl interested plz contact me on my email id- rv7gill - at - gmail.c
hi to all.i am call desmond.from east africa,precisel from cameroon.studtx electrical and telecommunicati engineering 2nd yr now in da unirvesity.well really filling bored.looking for someone to chat and know each oda more.will be pleased
am an ict by profession and needs a lady from all over the world for a serious friendship. I live in ghana.
Hey, It's really a pleasure in me to know you I'm miss Nina by name,a lovely good looking young girl and I'm search of a true love. That is the reason why i decided to contact you here so that we can establish a good relationship and also to know ourselves better. Remember Age,Race, and Religion is never a problem to me, all that matters to me is true love. Kindly contact me on my Email ( ninaed5050 - at - yaho ) it will enable me send you my pictures and tell you more about myself. Hope to hear from you soonest, Nina.
looking for serious girl
i am ready for serious relationship.
im serious french man im looking someone for my life oh dont play with love plz
I luv people like me.if u no trust anybody try to trust some1
i am a true friend anyfriend that will always be there when the whole world left you, i will always cheers you up when the world turned you down and i will never ask you to ack like angel but i will become your angel!! and a good friend looking for a rich friend cuz am sick and tired of sitting around the house doing nothing .....
Am a sweet 24 year old girl lookin 4 love.
i lve u call now For Zero Two Four One Eight Two Two Five Six Three or For Zero Five Four For Zero Seven Six Nine Nine For Zero Eight
i like yr age though i can not see ur beauty.
hey,how are yoh doing,i want to be your boy lover,For Two Five Six Seven Seven Three Five Nine Three Four Four For Two ,thank u.
i am also in que
Hi, Am Kofi studing - at - teesside uni. Ghnaian looking for rich and nice, sweet girl out there for frienship. some1 i can talk to, have fun with etc.
hello any rich and nice, sweet girl out there ;) i just found this page caz i was lookin for rich girls on google, so i registered here to be able to post something but i will look more around :) am not looking only for your money, i would like to have a nice rich girl as friend or best friend, somegirl who show someone the other part of the life when u can have money what all u can afford, as example i mean ^^ i like to listen and speak bout things, doesnt matter what it is. and it would be something new for me, to have a nice and sweet girl as best friend who is also rich, never had but often u can have something like this? unless u know movie stars (actors) or singers ;D so ye, i am 28 years young men, from Austria was born in Hungary. i hope to find here some girl, age doesnt matter but ye should be at least 18 years and not more than 50 years ;P i hope to get an answer, or any nice email. and i will tell you more informations bout me as well a picture if you want too, but i would like to see from u as well ^_^ thanks, till now :)
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