can you believe it, there are actually riches girls in the world who looking for some one to be here friend. i met rusha last month. she is a very wealthy girl and wants to find a good friend with. i mean, when i met her online i didnt know she was rich. i thot she was just like me. and average person. after we know each other more and more. she told me she comes from a very riches family. well, i didnt care, i dont know if she told me cuz she wanted to brag or something, but i didnt care cuz i will probably never meet her anywayz cuz she lives far away. but i like her because she has good imagination. i like meeting rich girls online. i dont want their money, i already am ok with money. i just want their friendshipe, someone i can talk to and someone they can talk to with. you'll find as you know her more, that she is just a regular person just like me and you but with extra ordinary life stile. i mean, its cool, thats how she was raised and born, so i know there could never be anything between us, i can never give her the luxury that her family gives her. she is funny and makes me laugh alot. i really like talking to her.. well, i have to go now, but if there is a rich girl who wants to just be friends, im here for you. im not interested in your money, im not poor, but im happy with my life and dont need no more wealth. well, tell me about you.

Rich Man Looking For Wife

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
for him to be honest n loyal and know how to spoil his women
loyalty and honesty
respect, obedience, helpful, loving and caring, lastly someone who always forgive
respect and loyalty!!
love and understanding
to be afraid of god
a good heart
respectful, loyal, caring, loving and supportive
honesty without question
trust hardwork loyalty
sense of humor, and respect.
respect,love,care,loyalty of humor
honesty and faithfulness
protection , pride , love, spirit
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
hate an arrogant man
caring too much
i get jealous easy
um im a bad lier and im nt good in speaking english bt iim very good in writting it
being very rude or i should say snobby for some reason.
i try to help people too much
i am very selfish when it comes down to my food
i am slim.
i some times get a pimple or two . especially getting close to my periods
falling off the wagon ride once and a while
um a bad lier and i dnt speak english well bt im very good in writting it
my mouth
my willingness to help others even if it means hurting myself
whn some comper me wit some1
the way i get angry
care to much
my weight
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
my son
living in china by myself
my education
i raised my son on my own
being a lawyer
lots of thing but i have given second birth to my mother
buying a car
to have a family and live happily ever after
my kids i love them so much
my diploma
my daughter
that i found islam. mashaallah that i am still a #innocent# age 28 mashaallah
helping some others
having my baby
helping others in need before myself
being alive
my children
help my mother
must work hard to achieve something
my love for the world and my kind heart
getting myself in uni and managing 2 jobs
making my mum proud
being independent
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
i would love to have 2/3 but i cannot have kids anymore due to medical issues
whatever allah decrees 2 one of each ideally
how ever meany he wont
2 children
3 or 4
2 at the most
as many as i can
4..or the ones he wants
anywhere from 1-4 children.
listen you assume i am a woman but i am a man looking for a woman
two or three
two with a lady
if we are happy together min 2 kids
at least ten children
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
god kids family
my mother
my parents
my dads mom
my best friend
my family
my children
my baby
my vry smal familly my 2 daughter and my grand son
my mom
jesus christ
mom and kids
my mom
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
i wil give him all the love and respect he never had before and i promise not to hurt him
understanding, loving and caring
carter for him
i wil showered him wit love,happiness and neva go against his wil
cook for him & make him feel comfortable
by been a virtuous woman @ all tymz
i will always care for him in anything, will try to make him happy by coking, massages and many other relaxing things
be loving loyal and good in bed. #love- is important
i will give him everything he wants, love him care for him and be kind
do unto him as he would do unto me.
always being there for him
by obeying him and respect him
by doing whatever i need to do as his wife
be der for him support him advice him and mk evry nyt the best if you knw wat i mean lol
satisfy him
doing everything my husband wants me to do:)
loving him being their for hm listening to him keeping a smile on his face
cherish and respect him
just being me
to respect him as my husband and treat him as i treat myself.
give him all my love
by being a very supportive wife being there when he needs me and always stay in loyal
hello there
i told you i am a man