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this is a post about a popup alert message getting in a windows computer that many people get and will try to explain what it means
i just upgraded to internet explorer 7 and the first thing that come, its an annoying popup
it says:
click here to check this website
Click this icon to check whether this is a reported phising website.

i just have all these popups from vista. just too much man.

i dont think these guys are microsoft dont get it. all these popups are distracting. the user gets a better expirience when everthing flows smoothly without interuptions.

so how do you get rid of this annoying popups in interent explorer? i want to know how to stop it from poping up again. its very anoying
Win 95 beta a while ago was the LAST GOOD USEABLE os in my opinion because they USED to have all the BUTTONS that said ["STOP DOING THIS"] and ["DON'T STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF COPYING AN ENTIRE DRIVE BECAUSE OF ONE TINY UNIMPORTANT PROBLEM WITH ONE LITTLE FILE"] buttons! ..MICROSOFT TOOK THEM ALL AWAY and EVERY TIME I'M ON MY COMPUTER NOW I DON"T UNDERSTAND HOW BILL GATES CAN EVEN GO OUT IN PUBLIC WITHOUT GETTING EGGED!!! ..(sorry been fighting with pop-ups, tabs, errors, ""upgrading"" (notice the quotations) after the bi-yearly virus that takes 2 months to recover from instead of being able to use those hours to WORK and make money at my chosen career!!!
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