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I want to see hannah montana and cody linley singing?

does anyone have a picture where hannah montana is singing her boyfriend cody in the disney channel show with miley cyrus?

i want to see it
i love miley cyrus
she isnt a good role model she acts like a prostitude
hannah montana i love you i love your music and your friends ,your father
i am a big fane i allwas wonted to meat you i rilly wont your otergraf but my mom dosent have enough money i allwas go on the computer and lison to your musecon youtube
seeing jake kiss miley cyrus i wann talk to jake because she now she do not like him so she net to stop doing that because he is mean so stop miley you tell him i said i dont like him ok miley stop ok thank you hannah.
you are totally awesome miley cyrus.
hey hey jake ryan so hot!!!!!
so jake ryan so hot can i get a wat wat!!!!

hey miley i know u r a big star everybody says that he /she is ur biggest fan but i m ur biggest fan i m from india if u klike indians please add me in ur email .i wanna become like u cuz u r sexy cool smart intelligentn what i will say for u its less i can o nothing for u i luv u ,ur father ,n ur sister
hey hannah evrey think you ddd is buty
&you are buty but iam loveyou ihave a bag &all the think hania to hannah
hi miley ilove you so mutsh and ilove your song too i dont now english i now frensh more i m from libanon
hanna i reli rely love you.i'm your big big big fane.are you on canada.when you come uzbekistan.i live in uzbekistan.plse come uzbekistan.i have si you ok.good baye.from:sdra to:hanna montana and miley cryus
jake your so hoooott i wish u and me could be together your so sexy i wish i can kiss you and you could have sex with me i love u im so obsessed with u and your mine sexy i wish we can meet babe.
i hate hannah beacause she is ugly
i love miley muax muax
whats up girl its me jake
you pervert!!! wanna see them kissing?well,why dont you find something else to do mem instead of wanting to see someone kissing someone! now go do something else please!!!
hey, i believe you when you say that you
want to be treated as a regular girl not
a pop star. you really shoulb be treated as a regular girl.

also you write songs that are very true, and
they help me when i'm havin boy trouble.

one more thing
im glad you chose jake over jesse inthat one show when you and jesse wrote my favorite song:"i wanna know you"

hey luis, guess what i think
Hi Hannah I see you got a new boyfriend Jake rayn bye from Jamie x x x
badddddd dddddddddddfffffffffffghh bad
hi hanna u r very smart and jake rayan is hotttt.. u and jake are the best lover couple
yio know miley i really love you but if you hate nick jonas im still your fan but not biggest fun i love your couple so much but im still your fun
ilooooooooooooooooooooooo miley
hello Jake what in your girlfriend Hannah? I love you very much Wanesa from Poland
where is the picture that miley and jack ryan kiss together?
jake is sooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!! Miley is so lucky! I LUV JAKE!!!!!!
hi hannah montana i will come and a oder time okay bye have a good night and sleep when i go church i will pray for you so you kan have a good consert and tell your frinds hello thenk you for gonig on this byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
miley i love you and you are very lucky because you are a star.I WANT TO TELL WITH YOU!!!!
wow that pic is fantastic i wish i could be miley
Dang u ripped i wanna just be like you can u show me how i think you can send a tape to put on yahoo
hi hannah i love u very much u really good girl dont be sad from other bad comments i love u so much i see ur songs i love ur voice/sound iam very happy to write this comment for u believe me i love youuu iam from Egypt but i see and Listen to ur songs i love you i hope u feel happy when u see this comment please hannah answer me in my email bye bye
i love miley and cody they such a good couples and cody is so fine o.m.g
hey,hannah iam very happy to write this litter for u iam Really love u So so so Much i love your sound i hear all your songs and your drams in Disnep Channel i love you very very very much i hope u have good New life with cody and jack i think. I Love u hannah montana every day i open internet and see your picture i hope you are happy my name is ziad iam From Egypt all peapole here in egypt see your songs iam Really really love you and i wanto to ask u 1 Question why you not answer me ?? please,answer me i will be very very very happy If u answer me i will very happy if u answer me bye byeee
si elle a pris une photo avec cody c'est encore plus cool.Miley je viens de la cote d'ivoire si vous ne connaissez pas ce pays elle est en afrique my name is liade rose christina vous avez beaucoup de fan en cote d'ivoire si vous pouviez venir fait un concert sa me fera plasir i love you hannah bye k6.
miley i;m the biggest fan of you i always listen your songs i've seen every episods of your in diseny channel.
I im your BIGGEST FAN i luv your songs true friends please replie back on my dsi
omg im ur biggest fan of you miley ur the best rock star ever
heyhannah.how much boyfriend did you have.and can you tell me which one did you like more
hi miley and jack ryan ilove and kiss me haley
i am a lady looking a man to marry.a man who is respectful and caring.
jake peeing on mily and kissing to amd pooping on mily.
i want to see jake ryans pooping and peeing on mily now.
kolokom hatroo7o el nar 3alashan btshoofo el 7agat de ana dakhalt el mwka3 da bay an accident
u close your mouth u and fart is the same
what was it like when you got kiss
i love you both so much i love you even more than my mam and dad
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