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im looking for petite models for immediate openings. petite girls are very hard to find, i have an account that requires petite girls in the magazine and it must be done very soon. my talent agency could not provide me with any women who are petite, if you are petite girl please reply and i hope we can hire you to model for us. if you dont have any expirience, dont worry, our talent director can organize an session to teach you the basics for when you are ready to be infront of the camera. thanks. please reply if you are interested. you must be over 18 years old. if you are over 18 but look like a pre-teen or young teen that would be helpful.
Hi :) I'd love to model for you if you're still looking, I'm 5'', 96 lb, slender w/nice curves, Asian/Caucasian, very photogenic, can supply pics upon request. let me know!
Hello I'll be 19 this December & am told more often that I would like of how pretty I am though I am 5'1". My friends tell me to try out for a short bikini model as I have a fit body and NO muffin top! ugh Email me if you need photos for the proof because you will be surprised!
I am 19, I'm 5'5'' and I think you will love me
Hello my name is brittany and i am 5ft 2 in and i have been modeling for the past six moths. please email me if you are interested.
thank you,
Hello, I'm 19 and 5'0. Very petite frame 102 lbs. Hope to hear from you.
Hi, I'm 19 and I'm 157cm. I'm very interested in being a petite model :)
Hello, I am trying to get into the modeling industry but it has been difficult due to my hight. I am 4' 11", 106 lb. and well proportioned.
I am 23 but I look like im 17.. I am 5ft and I weight 98 lbs. I am looking into getting into modeling and it has been very hard with my height.. Please let me know if u still need anyone!
hi i'm 17 and 5'3" and weigh 47 kilo's and well proportioned

I am very outgoing person, i have more than five years of experience working with different people face to face,im self confident, friendly,charismatic and i speak english and spanish,im not afraid to speak or model in public.

Heigh: 5.0
weist: 23
bust cup: 34D
Color Hair: Brown
Eyes Color: Brown
hi im 5.1, 100lb, and very pretty
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 lbs Blonde hair, tan skin, hazel eyes.
hello.i wanted to be a model of your magazine I am 25y/o and 5'3 in height

Hi! I am 5'4'' and weight 108 lbs. I look young for my age!
hi i'm 4'11 clothing size 4-6 shoe size 2-3. i am 32 yrs old but as you will see from my picture i look younger, way too younger lol.
Hi, I'm 5ft, 18yrs old.
im a concert pianist.i studied from NYU and Juilliard.But I want to be a petite is conneted.people tell me i look like face from Chanel.and my body shape is like Aisan virsion of Marilyn Monroe.looking foward to hear from you . thank you
hi im 18 5ft, long blonde hair, blue/green/grey eyes. wouldnt mind modeling!! lol
I am '5'4,19 years old, long blonde hair, blue eyes and without makeup i look like i am about 15.
if you're interested i can send you some pictures
my post underneath
I'm 21 years old and only 5'2". I'm very athletic, also have black hair. I'm hispanic and very interested in being a model.
hi :) i am 18 about 5" with brown eyes, long blonde hair, petite and have a good complexion.
im about 5ft3 size 10 age 23
Hello how are you? I am very much experience in modeling. I am 5'3 w/o heels and 5'6 w/heels. Im a size 34b/29/34....Thanks look forward from hearing from you.
Hi i want to be a model. I am 5'2, just over 8stone, i am a mum but have lost near all :) email me and i will send you pic to see if im suitable :)
My name is Raquel and i love to model. i am professional and work great with people. I'm 18 5'2. I learn pretty quickly. hope to hear from you =]
19, 5'0, No modeling experience but I would like some, these are the only pictures I have available to me right now. For more please send an email. Thank you.
Hello, There aren't too many of us these days. I like to try.
Hello my name is Sydney. I am 18 and I would love this oprotunity. Just a fre weeks ago I tried to buy cigarettes for my mother and the lady said I looked too young, despite giving her my ID. I think I look 14. I am 5'1" and 120lbs. Please contact me at - at - Yahoo! if you need me for anything!
Hi, I'm Amber . 19 years old and I am 5'6", beautiful, and an aspiring model.... Are you currently searching for models?
Hey my name is Taylor Tubolino and I was reading about your site and modeling. I am very interested in becoming a model, and I have been for about 1yr now. I was born 4/16/98 I have blue eyes, and blonde hair, my hair is about chest length. I weigh 110lbs and I'm 5'2. I usually take a size 0 or 1 in pants, and a shoe size of 6.5 or 7. If you are interested in me and want pics, feel free to email me. I hope you reply, thanks so much..:)
Hi my name is Evelyn Garcia I was born 02/15/92. I'm 5'2 110lb's with curly black hair and chocolate brown eyes. I'm a Latin beauty with a 32B breast size and I wear a size 3 in Jean my shoe size is 5. Modeling is in my blood, and I'm ready to work. If your interested and would like photos please send me and email.
My information below
i am 16 y/0 and 5ft
I wish to become an model however I get knocked back because of my age, Any agencies or oppurtunities? :)
Hi! I am 5 feet tall, blue eyes, long blonde hair, size 0. I have a prior modeling experience. I am also interested in sports modeling.
Hi My names Marina. I am 20 years old but people say I look 16. I am 4'10. I have long brown hair with green eyes. Waste size 0, breast 34b. No modeling experience but I have danced all of my life. I would love to become a petite model,contact me if interested! :)
i am a petite model looking for work.
i am a petite model looking for work. i am 5 ft 4 with long blonde hair and hazel eyes (i wear blue contacts) i have big eyes and lips and i am an athletic build, i would love to see if we could work something out <3
My name is Lina, I am 19 years old and I am 5'1.
name:elizabetha tones(natural)
Hi, Im 21, im 163 cm and very petite, greek, and have done and won bikini modeling competitions
hi there im maureen im 5'4 im 22 yrs old and looking for a side job i get alot of comments everday that im very beautiful but always consicous that im not a average model height
Hello! I hope I'm not too late to respond this thread. My name is Edith, here's a close up of me. Have a lovley day! /E
Hi I am very interested. I love to model I am 5'4. Olive/tan skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. I can pull of many looks. I have an exotic look. Please let me know more about this
Are you still looking for someone? What type of magazine?
hello im 19 going on 20 im just wondering if you still looking for models im 5'5 and i would like to be apart of the model industry please email me ...Thank You
are you still looking?
Hi, are you still looking for models?
I'm 26yrs old. I'm 4'll, definitely petite but with an athletic build. Filipino/Spanis I'm an actress/model. I'm definitely interested in the opportunity. Please contact me asap!!!
Are you still looking for petite models?
I'm 21 yrs old but often mistake for a girl who is between 16-18 yrs old. I'm petite, i stand at 5'1" or 158 cm, with measurements of 32-23.5-32. I wear the size that is just above size zero, i think it's called size one or 32. i cant post my picture here, i dont what the problem of this comment box is. if you're interested you can send me an email so i can send my picture in that email. Good day.
I am a professional petite model looking for more work. I'm 19 but I look much younger. I have all the training and I work great in front of the camera. I hope I am not to late. :)
Hi, I just now saw this ad and was wondering if you are still looking for petite models? I'm 5'4, 120 pounds and have a slim build. I really hope you are still looking, send me an email and I will gladly send you a picture :)
hi im taylor im 15 i wear a size o and 1 im very skinny and i have the perfect body to be a model
hi i am interested pls contact me
I am 20 years old, im 5 foot, very small & petite.
I am 5'1 and 21 years old. I am 100% European but live in America. I have always wanted to be a model so If you still need anyone please contact me.
hi im full filipino, im 19.. 5'2''
Hey i am Ines and 1.60 meter. I gained some experience on 3 photoshoots with a photographer but would like to gain more.
Where is this job at? I would love to do it, but i dont know where you're at.
My name is Lecia . I model for a few local groups. I am 18 years old and my height is 5'1
Im 5' weigh 120 small n petite
i need some one to surport me start up my business bmaureenFor Zero Three - at - yahoo! +Two Five Six Seven Seven Five Four One Seven Seven Seven Nine
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