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have a nissa altima with a OBDII computer and these are the computer codes i use when troubleshooting my car because its useful to have and what the codes mean is important to find out what is wrong with the car
these are some code i have for my altima that i use for fixing my problem i have when i connect the obdii reader..
P0000 -No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated

P0100 - MAF Sensor

P0105 - Absolute Pressure Sensor

P0110 - IAT Sensor

P0115 - ECT Sensor

P0120 - TP Sensor

P0125 - ECT Sensor

P0130 - P0134 - Front HO2S

P0135 - Front HO2S Heater

P0136 - P0140 - Rear HO2S

P0141 - Rear HO2S Heater

P0170 - Fuel Injection System Function

P0171 - Fuel Injection System Lean

P0172 - Fuel Injection System Rich

P0180 - Tank Fuel Temperature Sensor

P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire

P0301 - P0304 - Misfire, Cylinders 1 - 4

P0325 - Knock Sensor

P0335 - CKP Sensor

P0340 - CMP Sensor, Detectable & Non-Detectable Circuit

P0400 - EGR Function

P0402 - EGRC-BPT Valve

P0420 - TWC Function

P0440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P0443 - EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve

P0446 - EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit

P0450 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor

P0455 - EVAP Gross Leak

P0460 - Fuel Level Sensor (Slosh)

P0461 - Fuel Level Sensor

P0464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P0500 - VSS

P0505 - IAC-AAC Valve

P0510 - CTP

P0600 - A/T Communication Line

P0605 - ECM/ECCS Module

P0705 - PNP/Inhibitor Switch

P0710 - ATF Temperature Sensor

P0720 - VSS

P0725 - Engine Speed Signal

P0731 - A/T 1st Signal

P0732 - A/T 2nd Signal

P0733 - A/T 3rd Signal

P0734 - A/T 4th Or TCC Signal

P0740 - TCC Solenoid Valve

P0744 - TCC Solenoid & Valve Function

P0745 - Line Pressure Solenoid Valve

P0750 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘A’’

P0755 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘B’’

P1105 - MAP/BARO Switch Solenoid Valve

P1126 - Thermostat Function

P1148 - Closed Loop Control

P1320 - Ignition Signal

P1336 - CKP

P1400 - EGR & Canister Control Solenoid Valve

P1401 - EGR Temperature Sensor

P1402 - EGR System

P1440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P1441 - EVAP Vacuum Sensor Leak

P1444 - Purge Volume Control Valve

P1446 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1447 - EVAP Purge Flow Monitor

P1448 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P1490 - Vacuum Cut/Bypass Valve

P1491 - Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve

P1605 - A/T Diagnosis Communication Line

P1705 - TP Sensor

P1706 - Park/Neutral Position Switch

P1760 - Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve

P1900 - Cooling Fan

i have a 2006 nissan altima that is giving error code u1000 from the diagnostic scanner. this code doesn't show up in the book. does anyone know what this is????
my instrument cluster doesn't turn on (altima 2002).
only the check engine is turned on.
i already check all the fuses, and all the wiring and the conectors seems good, what could be the problem?
the computer, the instrument cluster?
i have a nissan altima 2002 6 cyl se. i have check engine light on which reads code p1124.can you please send information to what that translates too thank you john
hey i have a 1995 nissan altima gxe and erraticly it will stall. the first time it restarted right away but with each time it gets worse to does this about once ever 2 or three weeks. i changed the fuel filter and drained it into a glass jar. the fuel that came out was black with sediment.
i have a 2003 nissan altima that has died on me once but cranked right back up, then twice it has jerked, like it is not getting fire or gas while i am driving on the highway. any idea what this could be?
my 95 altima just stalled and stop when i was in traffic, and it started back up by iteself after a few failed attemps. what could be the problem?
the control solenoid valve was recently changed
i got an 05 nissan altima 2.5 with the engine light on. the scanner code gave me a reading of p1273. what is it???
i have a 2005 nissan altima, as long as the car is moving the heater blows hot air, but when stopped it only blows cool air. do anyone know what would cause this?
need info a abat code p1320
check engine light on - two codes po325 and po340

do these sensors cause engine to stall? having problem with engine stalling and at times runs rough.
i have a 2005 altima that won't start at times. all the lights come one and it act like it wants to start but wont kick over. i have had the starter, battery, alternator and fuel pressure checked and all were fine. any ideas?
i have a 2006 nissa altima i have changed the spark plugs and the plug coils but my engine light still on. i took it to get checked and they tell me that it maybe a miss fire on cylinder 1. they also told me that it could be cuss i needed to change the plug coils wich i have done so. now it kind of startles so what else can it be the engine light is still on it flashes when im driving and then it stalls some more like it wants to turn off. please help me?

thank you maria
i have a 2005 nissan altima,as long as the car is moving the heater works,when i stop at a stop light the heater blows cold air also the valves are making alot of noise at idle do you have any idea what the problem is?
2005 altima 4 cldr automtc with 80000 mi with the following codes: p0335 and p0725.

i used my 3100 obd and got the above. anything i should watch out for? is this an easy fix?

i have 4 codes which are 1612, 1614, 1800, 0011. the first two are the same nats malfunction, the 3rd is vias control solenoid valve and the last is intake valve timing control. can you please tell me what they really mean and what type of money i am looking at to get it fixed?
if your altima has no heat at idle, flush and change the antifreeze to fix. be sure to use the proper mix of coolant to water.
for everybody w/ 05 altima { or same body style} we had the same problem with the heat. just fill it up with anti~freeze, and that should take care of the problem. as far as the stalling nissan recalled are car for the computer to be reprogramed. their is a problem with the throttel body that only nissan can fix do to the parts not being on the aftermarket shelfs {part stores}
what do you do when you car stalles in wather. wait and restart?
i have a 97 altima. i got a code of p0335, and i have changed out the crankshaft position sensor, but i am having trouble clearing out the check enginge light. any suggestions?
i have a 1996 altima and i got a po420 code. what does that mean
my 1st spark plug has oil in it when i remove the spark plug cap and the car is not starting. this just happened today. i have been driving fine and there was no warning. is this a major fix or can it be repaired inexpensively?
2005 nissan altima showing a p1273 code
"manufacturer control fuel air metering".
what does that mean? how can it be corrected?
2005 nissan altima with a ecm code p0455. i have checked the gas cap and it seems good and tight. i am getting a smell of gas now and then too. any other suggestions???
97 altima with egr p0400, and knock sensor p0325 codes no drivebility concerns when applying vac to egr valve eng stalls. small pressure hose ok from exhaust to sensor ok . is there a common problem with these cars?
the service engine light came on my 2001 altima. the codes 1441 and 1491 came up. the car runs fine. what should i check?
the code p0304 came up and the car is always boging like its almost gona die wat can i do?
2002 altima 2.5l changed fuel pump, fuel filte, cam/crank been change. new spark plug(ngk), i checked all fuses, car has spark. car will turn over but wont start any suggestions. also i wanted to know what controll the direct ignition?
i have code po3xx on a xz altima z.4 is there a recall on this.if not what do i replace .thanks
i have a 95 altima,did not start.i have fuel pressure,good spark.did have 2 codes,rear o2 sensor was good,and knock sensor that i replaced,still wont start
just a little heat coming from heater good circulation changed thermostat antifreezeis good cables for control panel work good please help thanks very much gary
I have a 2002 nissa altima i have changed the spark plugs and the plug coils but my engine light still on. i took it to get checked and they tell me that it maybe a miss fire on cylinder 1. they also told me that it could be cuss i needed to change the plug coils wich i have done so. now it kind of startles so what else can it be the engine light is still on it flashes when im driving and then it stalls some more like it wants to turn off. please help me?

Need to find codes for a 2000 Nissan -Altima. The codes are:P0325, P0300, P1126, and P0171.
dtc code p0105 , cant mantain a even rpm 2000 to 3800 at idle mike
My service engine soon light is on I have checked the fuel cap and have fueled since it has come on. Is there a way to check the codes to find out what is wrong?
I got a service eng. lite on my 2006 Altima. I put OBDII on and got 2 codes, 1st. code:P0335. 2nd. code:P0725. any suggestions on a solution?
I have a 2002 altima that wouldnt pass emmissions testing because of a P1148. Closed Loop Control (bank 1). what does this mean??? do i have to take it to the dealer???
i have an 03 nissan altima that wont start i have had a private mechanic working on it for 2 weeks now and even with replacing the starter he cant tell whats wrong here are the codes it spits out i would be eternily grateful for any help at all p1615, p1610, p1612
my rear brake lamps are staying on but there`s nothing wrong with the switch under the dash what else should i check to fix the problem? on my 96 nissan altima
I need to find out what c1000e meens on nissan altima 2002
Dear Sir/Madam;

My wife is at school. Thought I'd try to help her out with her 2005 Altama. It makes a noise when you put it into gear (otherwise runs quietly) took it to a "Nissan Specialist" he said it needs new motor mount another mechnic said it was the air conditioner... I'm not sure what to do, can you help me?

John Garvey
Have 2005 altima with 2.5. Have 2 codes p1274 and p1283, can anyone help me with this.
I own a 1996 Nissan Altima. Recently, I warmed my car up for a trip down the street. I drove out of my complex and the car cut out and I had to pull into a parking lot. Thinking I was out of gas, I gassed up and the car wouldn't start back up even after using starter fluid. I ended up having it towed. The driver/mechanic said it wasn't the fuel pump because the car would have started and then cut out again. He said it could be a module in the distributor. I have no idea about cars and have no friends that know how to work on them. Has anyone had this happen before. If so, what was the problem? Any feedback I can get would be much appreciated. My car is an old beater, but I need it to hold on another couple of months until I get a job. Hopefully, what's wrong is something not really expensive, so I can keep it going a little longer. Thanks! Renee
Did you got it fix? What did you find? I appreciate I have the same problem 1996 Altima GXE.
Check the distributer cap for cracks
i hope its not your timing belt. bcuz if its your timing belt, you can kiss your car good buy

its hard to troubleshoot a car through here. the best way to troubleshoot and find out whats wrong is for someone to take a look at it,

but from my experience, i had a car that didnt start up, it was my timing belt.
Hi, I have a 99 nissan altima engine replaced at 185k miles. The original engine was a 2.4 twin cam but they replaced it with a 16 valve twin cam. The car runs fine but when the transmission shifts to first gear, it shifts hard , however the other gears shifts fine. I was wondering if the difference egine could cause this or is it something in the tranny. I boughtg it with a bad engine so I don't know if it was shifting like that before or not. I put some lucus in it sice it was sitting up for more than a year. I also wonder if it could be a bad tranny mount. The mount in front looks good but I don't know where the other is. Can anyone help?

Thanks! Ev.
If the car will start after it cools down, then it is your camshaft position sensor. You'll need to replace your distributor which houses the sensor.
Renee, I think I'm having the same problem. did you find out what it was?

will if you have spark and good fuel pressure,buy start sprays and spray direct into the troutlebody or any intake hose, if that doesnt work you might have to check priston pressure, but if it works your injectors and not working properly and you may want to check power to injectors, if power good check your fuel lines might be cross rotated. happent to me one time
How did you solve this?
my car turns off on me randomly only works when service engine light is on
change your oil thats what the Service engine soon lite means.
I have a 2001altima first my mechanic said that I needed a new disstribitor. Got that it still wouldnt crank. Now its reading that its something wrong with my key n the car not reading it. Any suggestion why it doin this.....
Where would I find throttle ralay box on a 2001 Nissan Altima? I need to replace.Can someone help me?
i have a 05 altima, my ses light came on other day hour or so later getting gas turned off and then she didn't wanna start back up it was trying just wasn't catching about hour later started, and has been off and on like that since. went to check diagnosis on it did the steps thought got 0000 reading (after new has cap and gas treatment) so thought was fixed turned off light and started car up few times make sure, 3rd try no go and light back on! but now when go to get another reading from it, blinks 5 times and is done??? nothing like my 1st time, where didn't stop blinking until i turned key...what do i need to do to be able to get it blinking again to read my diagnoses????please help
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