these are some code i have for my altima that i use for fixing my problem i have when i connect the obdii reader..
P0000 -No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated

P0100 - MAF Sensor

P0105 - Absolute Pressure Sensor

P0110 - IAT Sensor

P0115 - ECT Sensor

P0120 - TP Sensor

P0125 - ECT Sensor

P0130 - P0134 - Front HO2S

P0135 - Front HO2S Heater

P0136 - P0140 - Rear HO2S

P0141 - Rear HO2S Heater

P0170 - Fuel Injection System Function

P0171 - Fuel Injection System Lean

P0172 - Fuel Injection System Rich

P0180 - Tank Fuel Temperature Sensor

P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire

P0301 - P0304 - Misfire, Cylinders 1 - 4

P0325 - Knock Sensor

P0335 - CKP Sensor

P0340 - CMP Sensor, Detectable & Non-Detectable Circuit

P0400 - EGR Function

P0402 - EGRC-BPT Valve

P0420 - TWC Function

P0440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P0443 - EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve

P0446 - EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit

P0450 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor

P0455 - EVAP Gross Leak

P0460 - Fuel Level Sensor (Slosh)

P0461 - Fuel Level Sensor

P0464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P0500 - VSS

P0505 - IAC-AAC Valve

P0510 - CTP

P0600 - A/T Communication Line

P0605 - ECM/ECCS Module

P0705 - PNP/Inhibitor Switch

P0710 - ATF Temperature Sensor

P0720 - VSS

P0725 - Engine Speed Signal

P0731 - A/T 1st Signal

P0732 - A/T 2nd Signal

P0733 - A/T 3rd Signal

P0734 - A/T 4th Or TCC Signal

P0740 - TCC Solenoid Valve

P0744 - TCC Solenoid & Valve Function

P0745 - Line Pressure Solenoid Valve

P0750 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘A’’

P0755 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘B’’

P1105 - MAP/BARO Switch Solenoid Valve

P1126 - Thermostat Function

P1148 - Closed Loop Control

P1320 - Ignition Signal

P1336 - CKP

P1400 - EGR & Canister Control Solenoid Valve

P1401 - EGR Temperature Sensor

P1402 - EGR System

P1440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P1441 - EVAP Vacuum Sensor Leak

P1444 - Purge Volume Control Valve

P1446 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1447 - EVAP Purge Flow Monitor

P1448 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P1490 - Vacuum Cut/Bypass Valve

P1491 - Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve

P1605 - A/T Diagnosis Communication Line

P1705 - TP Sensor

P1706 - Park/Neutral Position Switch

P1760 - Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve

P1900 - Cooling Fan