do you ever feel like your parents don't care about you?. doesn't it feel like your parents do things to just to make your life miserable?

dont worry, you're not alone.

God Will Keep You.
Psalm 27:10

Let me tell you a story.

"God! Oh, Lord God!" cried Kevin as he ran into his room and threw himself on his bed. "Mom and Dad don't love me, and they don't want my love either!" His heart pained inside him. He hurt so much he could only take short, quick breaths. "Help me, help me, God."

He prayed to the Lord to take all the bad thoughts and feelings away. After a very long time he sat up and wiped his eyes. Suddenly, joy flooded Kevin's heart. He cried with happiness, "Lord Jesus, they hurt me, but I didn't want to hurt them back. You've taken my hate away, It's gone! I didn't want to hurt them. Thank You, Lord Jesus, thank You!"

Kevin's sadness had turned to joy.

Psalm 27:10 says in the Bible:

When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the lord will take care of me.

the truth is, your mom and dad do care about you, you just have to understand that they do all these things because they love you and they want the best for you. its hard to understand them sometimes because the things they do to you. Well they do all these things to you because they know how life is, and they are just preventing from you getting hurt. You should feel happy that you have parents who care about you. If they didn't care for you, they would just let you do whatever you want, then you would be getting in trouble, hurting yourself and worst hurting others. Trust in them, what they do is for your own sake.

Well, you're probably saying in your mind as you read this... What is this guy talking about? he doesn't know how i feel? -- You're right, i dont know how you are feeling right now, but i can tell you that once i did felt hate for my parents because they didn't let me do all the things i wanted. Im not telling you that your parents are going to do everything good, and they are going to be the perfect parents you want them to be, because then i would be lying to you. The fact is we are all humans and we do make mistakes, but i can assure you that even though it may seem unfair, is to protect you from other people hurting you.

Being a grown up is hard. Believe me, if i had it my way, i wouldn't mind going back to my childhood years. i remember i didn't have to worry about anything. Well, i did have my worries, like school, homework, friends, what am i going to wear... but now, i dont really worry about those things, why? because they are little compare to other problems i have. Like for example, my boss at work, i have to put up with her attitude, i mean, i could just quit my job and go somewhere else right,, but why should i leave? I love my job and i love what i do. so why should i sacrifice myself by spending all that money and energy in moving. I know, there's a lot of drama in my life right now. I've been feeling kinda lonely lately, i wish i had someone who can help me. But you know what. I do. Jesus is with me wherever i go, so i think of all the things he has blessed me with and im so thankful that i have Him with me.

Listen, dont keep those bad feelings inside yourself, they will only poison your heart. dont focus too much on what you want. if there's one advise you can take from reading my story here is that in life, you always have to give something to get something. if you want your parents to leave you alone, then you will have to give something up. you know what im talking about.... its called pride, you just dont want to do what they say because you dont want to show them they have power of you? i felt like that with my mother. so one day i ran away from home, there was this guy who was always hanging out after school. he sold cars to all the kids in our high school. so i was desperate and i asked him if he would sell me a car and how much. he said he can get me a car for 800 dollars (that was a lot of money in the 80's) for a Junior. i know i couldn't afford it.

one day i got into a fight with my mom and i ran away, i remembered this dude and i told him my story, he said i could come with him, he has a trailer and i can sleep there if i wanted. so i hang out at the arcade after school then at night i went to his trailer. he told me there was not much room in his trailer and i can sleep in his bed with him if i wanted to. I felt desperate because i knew if i went back home, my mom would win, and i didn't want her to win. i had pride. so i decided to stay. i felt weird sleeping in bed with a stranger. so the next morning i got up and went to school.. after school i hanged out with this dude and at night we went back to the trailer. . what is this guy talking about... how am i going to get out of this one i kept thinking in my head. i had to think of something to get out because he was staring to touch my legs. i felt really weird and i didn't like it. it felt really disgusting another dude touching my legs and talking about whether or not i have ever liked other dudes. anyway, i told the guy that i had some money saved up and i can give him that money for all the food he bought me. i told him it had to go home that tonight while my mom was asleep. so he told me to go but he was going to be up waiting for me.

i walked for an hour in the middle of the night back to my house. as soon as i got home, my mom saw me and hugged me, she said she was worried about me. it felt good being home. i took for granted all the things my mother did for me. you know, my mother was a single mom, i never had a father. she worked cleaning houses for the rich people in the hills. i remember being embarrassed because she didn't have a profession like the other parents, but now i realize that even though she cleaned houses, it was a decent job and it was enough for us to buy food and pay the rent.

Someday you will get to experience parenthood and you will appreciate all the things your mom and dad did for you. but dont do things you will regret like hating them or having bad feelings. Pray to Jesus that He may take all those bad feelings and thoughts away. It works!