My Boss Did Not Give Me W2 Form. What Can I Do To Get My W2?

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there are times when you employer cannot give you a w2 for various reasons, this page gives you information about how obtain a W2 form and get it yourself
I was in a situation where my employer (boss) was no longer in business. i tried to get a w2 form from them but they went out of business, i was lost, i didnt know what to do.

well if you are in the same situation as i was, you can use IRS Form 4852 to create a w2 yourself.

its very easy to fill out, you only have to fill out 10 questions and sign it.
you can download it at:

hope this helps. i want to help other people with their tax problems, tell me what why do you think you didnt get a W2 form?
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i been tring to get my w2 forms from my last job and he doesnt have the business no more and i cant get in contact with him. im just wondering what can i do to get this problem fixed?
what to do my w2 was not sent i can not find my w2's and i need to do my taxes.
my question is i have no good relation with owner. but my dad was 30% owner. accounant works for bra .if he does not me can i take help from my dad to get my w2. i have whole information about tax i.d. please suggest me .my e-mail add. is kjsiingh - at - hot mail
my boss is filing a current employees wages..under an ex employees name....I am calling the IRS tomorrow....
boss deducted taxes from my paychecks but did not report wages to state. i have to call irs on monday and get this reported. i do have all numbers however, from a w2 he emailed to me on my work email before he fired me that same night so i no longer have access to that w2.
you can find fillable w formst at pdffiller dot com at

you can edit your forms here and can send directly to irs once completed.
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