i bought a house in odessa texas a while ago. when i purchase the house i got it financed by GMAC mortgage company. i had been with gmac for years, then all of the sudden, i get these letters that Midland Mortgage Company is taking over the mortage. so i said ok,,, i guess this is normal. i was disapointed because i always make my payments, but for some reason, stupid GMAC sold me to another mortagage company, they sold my account to Midland Mortgage Co.

so today i try to call them to talk about some insurance crap im dealing with. the insurance company sent me a check and i can't cash it because Midland Mortgage Co needs to sign it. so anyway, i go to their website: www.mymidlandmortgage.com - which by the way, it sucks, it looks like it was built in the 1950's. so i look for their numbers to call and this is what they list:

i tried calling every number on the list and you can't get any live person. this is the worst company i have ever dealt with.

so if anyone else is also having complaints about Midland Mortgage Company please tell me, i like to know how they were able to get a hold of a live person cuz i have been trying for weeks. this is very rediculious im going to see how i change soon to another company because Midland Mortgage Company sucks big time

im sure as a company they try to do good, but as a customer, i have to say, not very good job sirs