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i bought a house in odessa texas a while ago. when i purchase the house i got it financed by GMAC mortgage company. i had been with gmac for years, then all of the sudden, i get these letters that Midland Mortgage Company is taking over the mortage. so i said ok,,, i guess this is normal. i was disapointed because i always make my payments, but for some reason, stupid GMAC sold me to another mortagage company, they sold my account to Midland Mortgage Co.

so today i try to call them to talk about some insurance crap im dealing with. the insurance company sent me a check and i can't cash it because Midland Mortgage Co needs to sign it. so anyway, i go to their website: www.mymidlandmortgage.com - which by the way, it sucks, it looks like it was built in the 1950's. so i look for their numbers to call and this is what they list:

i tried calling every number on the list and you can't get any live person. this is the worst company i have ever dealt with.

so if anyone else is also having complaints about Midland Mortgage Company please tell me, i like to know how they were able to get a hold of a live person cuz i have been trying for weeks. this is very rediculious im going to see how i change soon to another company because Midland Mortgage Company sucks big time

im sure as a company they try to do good, but as a customer, i have to say, not very good job sirs
i absolutley hate them! i have tried for the past 44 mins to call them! no live person! i am even needing to talk about payment arrangements which they say will be open until x:xx central. it is 3 hours untily they close and no one!!!! but yet they will callme because i am late on a payment!!!! screw them!
i was also with gmac( over 30 yrs- 2nd house), always pay and they sold my account to midland. what gives? this is the worst company under the sun. the records are inaccurate and they do appear to be from 1955. they are really incompetent. i don't know if you want to get in touch with them by phone. just write them. this is the only legal communication. they do lie to cover-up their screw-ups
yes, i was with gmac for years and never missed a mortgage payment. they spun me off to midland mortgage and i have had my house payment raised repeatedly with them. i even found cheaper home insurance and midland still keeps raising my monthly payments. i have sent them checks for my new escrow amount, they have cashed the checks and still raise the monthly payments.
i have spoke with them atleast 4 times concerning this nightmare.
call the phone number y-yxx-344-4433 and it takes forever to get through to anyone.
i have midland and i must admitt they are a little behind the times when it comes to internet. i have gotten behind but it is impossible to make a quick over the phone or online payment. automated phone payments are made m-f only and not weekends. i think this sucks as well. i can mail the payment "snail-mail" but who knows what they will in the mean time. it would be real nice if i can make the payment either online or by phone, 24 hours a day.
you need to call the 44z 3xxx # and give them your loan number and i think the phone prompt is z but wait and they will finally give you a chance to talk to the most incompotent customer service reps in the world.bottom line midland dont give a damn about thier customers. i have dealt with thier crap for 4 months and talked to three different reps and each time it changes to the point i have paid about 4xx-zxx$ above and beyond my monthly payment to keep from screwing my credit or loosing my home. stay away if you can but it seems they buy mortgages so you cant do crap but refi. good luck.
xyz3443zyx i tried to call them all their phone numbers took, i can't get anyone
they bought my loan. they are the worst with customer service. they just hang up on you, almost impossible to get a live person on the phone, etc. if i could choose, it would never be midland
My wife lost her job last year and I got laid off for 9 months. Midland put us in a reduced payment plan for three months then wanted full payment in the fourth month. this put us further behind. They didn't want to try a modification. I'm done playing games. I have been back to work since July and have since given up on keeping our house. I take out $650/wk from checking and sock it away in a safe. I paid $225K for my house, owe $205 on it and it's worth $122,000 now. Time to move on if you ask me. I could rent a 3000sq ft house for what I pay for this 1600sq ft house.
having the same #$% - at - ing problem as you> they want an itemized insurance quote. what every dollar went to....that would be 3045 shingles, 11687 nails, 4o gal roof tar..ect...what a bunch of s#it> f- them...what do they care, my insurance co already made out the check, and my contractor is on my roof now...f$# - at - midland
Wow, I thought that I was the only one that Midland was screwing over! I too was with GMAC with a great payment plan (split into two payments a month so that I could pay down the principle) Then Midland bought my mortgage. I lost my mortgage plan and for three months they DIDN'T KNOW HOW to take my payment. Somehow they determined that this was my fault so they threatened to report on my credit and charge late fees! I had no choice but to deal with their foolishness. My payment started low and even though I paid into escrow, Midland raised my mortgage by three hundred dollars over the years claiming that I did not pay escrow. I have told you this before and I am going to say it again. I HATE YOU MIDLAND MORTGAGE!
Midland MUST hire empoyees with I.Q.'s lower than 90 . I am new with them due to my last Mortgage comp. ( CitiMortgage ) sold my house to Midland. We could not pay the Jan . Mortgage due to unemployment. Midland offered to splt the payment over a 3 month period starting in Feb. I made that payment and even called them to tell them that the payment was on the way. They thanked me . We chatted for a bit and hung up. everyones happy .Right? The following month I am getting late notices in the mail, I call up Midland explane what is happening,and they seem to understand ? NO ! The following week I get a call from the collections department , they are still looking for a payment. I give them check numbers and cashed in dates that I got from MY bank.Again they seem happy and appologize for the OOOOOPS that they made.I am sayig to my self " we will see". Today ,this morn , I go to my account site at Midland , AND a delinquency notice pops up. How far up thier backsides have they got thier craniums? Do they even talk to each other ? My next installment IS in two days. I'll keep Yall posted.
YOU HAVE TO SUE THEM...THEY ARE TAKING HOMES DOING ILLEGAL FORECLOSURES, THAT'S THEIR BUSINESS... they will get fees, missing payments, and then sent you letters you are in default ,, and then ILLEGALLY FORECLOSURE YOU... they do not own the mortgage or notes...object to everything they send to you... they will forged the documents, IF YOU EVER GET SUE FOR FORECLOSURE...G TO COURT AND CHECK THEY HAVE THE SAME STUFF THEY SENT TO YOU..ALSO CHECK NOTARY AND ASSIGNMENTS OF MORTGAGE SIGNER SIGNATURES!!! . THAT'S THEIR TRICK FAKING DOCUMENTS,,,PLE BE AWARE OF THIS CROOKS ...TAKE CARE...
It has been a couple of weeks sincw I posted any thing and I had thought that every thing was going well. Yet last week I recieved a letter in the mail that MIDLAND is waiting for me to designate a insurance company . I have had this house for 6 years and State farm has always handled the insurance on THIS home . I called State farm , they called Midland mortgage , and set them straight. I am thiking that this company is PURPOSELY trying to force good folks like all of us out of our homes . Any one up for a " class action" against Midland mortgage ? There are other sites that are totally opposed to Midlands Mayhem . And this ... has to end somewhere .
I talked to a realtor this morning that has had some recent dealings with Midland. He advised me to call the State attorney general and or the Better busness beureau to file a formal complaint against this company . He told me that this is a company that is in the busness of buying delinquent accounts ,and then forcloseing on those homes . I would suggest that if you are having problems that you might consider doing likewise.
I've had a house in foreclosure with them in another state than where we live that we paid the mortgage on for 18 years until our renters moved out at the same time I lost my job. We spent our entire savings to fix it and ready it for sale, went throught the short sale nightmare process with them, got an offer for $3000 less than they wanted and they said no. So now the house is empty, my realtor walked away and I don't care. They call me every week to see if we are living in the house (we've lived in another state for 17 years). During the short sale process, they wouldn't even call me back when I left messages. I don't even answer their calls anymore. When they finally decide to foreclose, we will file bakruptcy before I let them come after us for any money they think we owe them. 18 years of payments was more than enough to pay them off.
This mortgage company is the pitts. I, too, had a loan sold to them and I've had nothing but terrible service with these jerks. I've been late two times in the past 6 years (including this month's payment) and have paid the late fees stated on our coupon with our payment each time. We constantly get letters in the mail that we owe over $100 for the late fees, even though we've paid them already. Just today they called and are "anxious to speak with me" about the late fees i supposedly still owe. They can kiss my a$$!! In the past, I wrote them a very long letter touching on everything everyone here has complained about (how crappy their customer service is, constantly charging us more for our payments even though the escrow and insurance has not increased, how unwilling they are to help their customers out when they're going through difficult times, etc), but to no avail. They just send an imbecile response in the form of a letter that basically states 'i'm wrong and they're right'. Sick of the bullsh*t from these people and, unfortunately, i can't do anything about it. Can't afford to hire an attorney to go to court, going through a divorce, and will probably lose my home, which is just magical....one more thing to stress about. They're truly the most worthless piece of crap mortgage company i've ever had to deal with. Stay away if you can!!!
try Eastside Capital prevention

Midland has raised our escrow at least the last 3 years & now they are saying we owe a late fee for this month but yet its not late till after the 16 & after reading all your comments it makes me worry this is only going to get worse, how can you get a different mortgage company?
will be impossible to refinance . these DEBT COLLECTORS DO NOT OWN THE "LOANS" NOR they are any bank, they are DEBT COLLECTORS FAKING BEING THE "SERVICERS" .... OUR HOUSES WERE SOLD IN WALL STREET (BANK FRAUD). these thieves will ONLY collect money from you, WILL NOT APPLY ANY PAYMENT TO YOUR ACCOUNT, after 3 or 6 payments ( DEPENDING OF THE FALSE "MODIFICATION PER-PER-PER-PRE PLAN)..they will suck all your money and after THEY WILL SUE YOU FOR FORECLOSE ON YOUR PROPERTY....DEFEND THE FORECLOSURE..!!! DO NOT LET THIS MOTHER STEAL YOU PROPERTIES!!...DO NOT GIVE THEM A DAMM!! ...they .....ASK FOR QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST UNDER RESPA (IT IS YOUR RIGHT!!!)...DEMAND ACCOUNTING AT THE PENNIE.. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED OF THE RESULTS.....do not be "one more" with stolen house....shop for a lawyer !!..........this is just me own experience and im not an attorney, for legal advise you should hire one to get professional advise.....be informed...INFORMATION IS POWER!!
check : JAN 23, 2013 foreclosurehamlet.org/profile/blogs/a-must/watch-bank-fraud-the-untouchables-pbs-frontline FIGHT THE FRAUDCLOUSRES !!!!
we get letters all the time from midland mortgage. i have called them over & over. they are waiting on there okay or not for assistance. todd was out of work for 6 months the first time, we fell behind. last year was terrible & still trying to get caught up. nobody would help us out. our interest rate at 8.5% in 2000. yes, in may of 2000 we had 2 incomes but by dec. 2000 we only had 1 income - every since. they do not take that into(why things get so hard & behind in payments). last year todd & bonnie went to doctor- todd had to go 4 times for the same thing. then to a specialist, we had no insurance. house payment so high for 1 income. then my truck got hit & had to drive a rental for 2 weeks. then after all that needed new brakes & rotors on the front. then our washer quit & dryer made noise. been hard, trying to get caught back up from sept. 2013 payments. list today rates drop down to 2.9% to refinance. you keep telling us no more charging on our credit cards. how do we survive to
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