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I have noticed that you guys dont have that many males wallpapers. Mostly females, but these guys are worth mentining.

This is my collection of favorite male celebrities: (check it out)

Aaron Carter Wallpaper, Aaron Diaz Wallpaper, Adam Garcia Wallpaper, Adam Sandler Wallpaper, Adrian Paul Wallpaper, Adrien Brody Wallpaper, AJ Mclean Wallpaper, Alan Rickman Wallpaper, Alec Baldwin Wallpaper, Allen Iverson Wallpaper, Al Pacino Wallpaper, Amin Wallpaper, Andy Garcia Wallpaper, Andy Roddick Wallpaper, Antonio Banderas Wallpaper, Ari Borovoy Wallpaper, Arnold Schwarzenegger Wallpaper, Ashley Angel Wallpaper, Barry Watson Wallpaper, Ben Affleck Wallpaper, Benicio Del Toro Wallpaper, Benjamin Wilson Wallpaper, Ben Stiller Wallpaper, Bill Clinton Wallpaper, Billy Crudup Wallpaper, Billy Joel Wallpaper, Bob Marley Wallpaper, Brad Alexander Wallpaper, Brad Pitt Wallpaper, Brandon Routh Wallpaper, Brendan Fehr Wallpaper, Brendan Fraser Wallpaper, Brian Littrell Wallpaper, Brian Mcfadden Wallpaper, Brick Bompton Wallpaper, Bruce Lee Wallpaper, Bruce Willis Wallpaper, Burke Bryant Wallpaper, Busta Rhymes Wallpaper, Carlos Fenix Wallpaper, Chad Meyers Wallpaper, Chad Michael Murray Wallpaper, Chad Micheal Murry Wallpaper, Charlie Chaplin Wallpaper, Charlie Sheen Wallpaper, Chayanne Wallpaper, Chingy Wallpaper, Chris Parker Wallpaper, Christian Bale Wallpaper, Christiano Ronaldo Wallpaper, Christopher Gorham Wallpaper, Clark Gable Wallpaper, Clay Aiken Wallpaper, Clive Owen Wallpaper, Colin Farrell Wallpaper, Craig David Wallpaper, Daniel Radcliffe Wallpaper, Darren Hayes Wallpaper, David Beckham Wallpaper, David Boreanaz Wallpaper, David Charvet Wallpaper, David Duchovny Wallpaper, David Schwimmer Wallpaper, Dean Cain Wallpaper, Dean Chandler Wallpaper, Drew Fuller Wallpaper, Duane Allman Wallpaper, Dustin Hoffman Wallpaper, Edward Norton Wallpaper, Elijah Wood Wallpaper, Elvis Presley Wallpaper, Eminem Wallpaper, Eric Bana Wallpaper, Erik Mendoza Wallpaper, Ethan Hawke Wallpaper, Ewan Mcgregor Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Fernando Noriega Wallpaper, Francesco Cura Wallpaper, Frank Lero Wallpaper, Freddie Mercury Wallpaper, Freddie Prinze Jr Wallpaper, Gabrie Soto Wallpaper, Gale Harold Wallpaper, Gareth Gates Wallpaper, Gary Dourdan Wallpaper, George Clooney Wallpaper, George Eads Wallpaper, Gerard Butler Wallpaper, Gerard Way Wallpaper, Guy Pearce Wallpaper, Harrison Ford Wallpaper, Harry Connick Wallpaper, Hayden Christensen Wallpaper, Heath Ledger Wallpaper, Hugh Jackman Wallpaper, Hulk Hogan Wallpaper, Jack Black Wallpaper, Jack Jeardon Wallpaper, Jack Osbourne Wallpaper, Jake Gyllenhaal Wallpaper, Jamie Foxx Wallpaper, Jared Leto Wallpaper, Jarule Wallpaper, Jason Biggs Wallpaper, Jason Momoa Wallpaper, Jay Z Wallpaper, Jean Claude Van Damme Wallpaper, Jeff Timmons Wallpaper, Jensen Ackles Wallpaper, Jesse Mccartney Wallpaper, Jesse Metcalfe Wallpaper, Jet Li Wallpaper, Jim Carrey Wallpaper, Jim Corr Wallpaper, Joaquin Phoenix Wallpaper, John Belushi Wallpaper, John Cusack Wallpaper, John Lennon Wallpaper, John Mayer Wallpaper, Johnny Cash Wallpaper, Johnny Depp Wallpaper, John Travolta Wallpaper, Jonathan Bennett Wallpaper, Jonathan Meyers Wallpaper, Jon Bon Jovi Wallpaper, Josh Groban Wallpaper, Josh Hartnett Wallpaper, Joshua Jackson Wallpaper, J Rock Wallpaper, Jude Law Wallpaper, Justin Timberlake Wallpaper, Keanu Reeves Wallpaper, Kevin Bacon Wallpaper, Kevin Costner Wallpaper, Kevin Garnett Wallpaper, Kevin Mc Daid Wallpaper, Kevin Spacey Wallpaper, Kian Egan Wallpaper, Kurt Cobain Wallpaper, Lebron James Wallpaper, Lenny Kravitz Wallpaper, Leonardo Dicaprio Wallpaper, Lloyd Banks Wallpaper, Luis Figo Wallpaper, Marc Blucas Wallpaper, Marilyn Manson Wallpaper, Mark Feehily Wallpaper, Mark Wahlberg Wallpaper, Marlon Brando Wallpaper, Marques Houston Wallpaper, Matt Damon Wallpaper, Matthew Fox Wallpaper, Matthew Perry Wallpaper, Matt Leblanc Wallpaper, Matt Morris Wallpaper, Method Man Wallpaper, Michael Jordan Wallpaper, Michael Shanks Wallpaper, Miyavi Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Nelly Wallpaper, Nicky Byrne Wallpaper, Nicolas Cage Wallpaper, Orlando Bloom Wallpaper, Paul Walker Wallpaper, Peter Romero Wallpaper, Pierce Brosnan Wallpaper, Prince Wallpaper, Rafael Verga Wallpaper, Rafer Alston Wallpaper, Ricky Davis Wallpaper, Ricky Martin Wallpaper, Robbie Williams Wallpaper, Robert De Niro Wallpaper, Robert Pattinson Wallpaper, Robert Pattinson Wallpaper, Rob Thomas Wallpaper, Rod Seattle Wallpaper, Rowan Atkinson Wallpaper, Ruben Studdard Wallpaper, Russel Crow Wallpaper, Ryan Cabrera Wallpaper, Salman Khan Wallpaper, Sam Tyson Wallpaper, Samuel L Jackson Wallpaper, Sean Connery Wallpaper, Sean Faris Wallpaper, Sean Maher Wallpaper, Seann William Scott Wallpaper, Sean Penn Wallpaper, Sean Van Der Wilt Wallpaper, Seth Green Wallpaper, Shakin Stevens Wallpaper, Shane Filan Wallpaper, Shane West Wallpaper, Shaquille O Neal Wallpaper, Simon Webbe Wallpaper, Snoop Dogg Wallpaper, Sting Wallpaper, Sylvester Stallone Wallpaper, Takeshi Kitano Wallpaper, Thierry Henry Wallpaper, Thomas Kretshmann Wallpaper, Tiger Woods Wallpaper, Tim Mcgraw Wallpaper, Tim Thomas Wallpaper, Tobey Maguire Wallpaper, Tom Cruise Wallpaper, Tom Hanks Wallpaper, Tom Lenk Wallpaper, Tom Mcrae Wallpaper, Tommy Hansen Wallpaper, Tom Welling Wallpaper, Tony Lundon Wallpaper, Tyler James Wallpaper, Tyson Beckford Wallpaper, Unknown Male Wallpaper, Usher Wallpaper, Viggo Mortensen Wallpaper, Ville Valo Wallpaper, Vincent Price Wallpaper, Vin Diesel Wallpaper, Will Smith Wallpaper, Will Young Wallpaper, Xzibit Wallpaper, Young Buck
these are my favoirte : these are some of toher celebrity wallpaers Alec Baldwin Andrew Levitas Austin Peck Ben Affleck Brad Pitt Chris O’Donnell Daniel Goddard David Boreanaz David Charvet David Chokachi David Duchovny David Fumero Dean Cain Eddie Cibrian Enrique Murciano Eric Nies Eric Winter Ethan Hawke Freddie Prinze Jr. Galen Gering Guy Pearce Hayden Christensen Hugh Grant Ingo Rademacher Ioan Gruffudd Ivan Sergei James Hyde James Marsden Jared Leto Jerry O’Connell Joseph Fiennes Keanu Reeves Kerr Smith Kevin Spacey Luke Perry Mario Lopez Matt Damon Matt LeBlanc Matthew Perry Michael Bergin Paul Walker Perry Matthew Paulo Zulu Raul Bova Ricky Martin Rupert Everett Russell Crowe Scott Foley Scott Reeves Scott Speedman Scott Wolf Stephen Dorff Steven Burton Tobias Moretti Tom Cruise Vin Diesel William Shatner Models at Menwallpaper Alex Lundqvist Allie Mulholland Andre Segatti Antonio Sabato Beiron Andersson Bill Davey Brett Holland Brett Mycles Brian Bianchi Bryan Lamb Bryan Score Cameron Mathison Cole Chad Dan Schiller Enrique Palacios Eric Coe Frank Sepe Greg Avedon Greg Stevens Hoban James Hyde Jason Shaw Jeremy Markham Jimmy Thomas Kaya Wittenburg Ken Haak Kevin Light King Scott Jörgen Wahlgreen Lucky Vanous Marcus Schenkenberg Mark Mortimer Mark Vanderloo Mark Wahlberg Marty Amiott Matt Cedeno Michael Corglimicia Michael Hill Michael Kersch Michael Lucas Michael Walton Nick Scotti Paul Sculfor Paul Sokolski Peter Jackson Peter Johnson Robert Amstler Ron Stone Steve Manley Steven Burton Thom Collins Tito Raymond Tommy Dunster Vangelis Victor Webster Wesley Cotton
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thes is a cool one of of the best i've seen in the past
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mine too this is the best i can see
very nice cool picture of the stars i say
somchanh sihavong would like to be the member of your website
somchanh sihavong would like to be a member of your website
omg i just love myself
omg ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to say link was a good character for u! =]
i love u zac efron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need daddy yankee wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's my he's off limits to y'all
zac efron, soulja boy, and chris brown i love you soooo much!!!!
why dont you have any jonas brother wallpaper there better than zac efron and all thise other people. i saw on google that there were posters and wallpaper here but i quess not
ohhh my god zac effron is sooo hottttt one day i will be misss effron

i love zac!!
k wait there are more missing... where is antonio banderas and sean faris and 1 out of all... chad michael murray? hello they are so hot.. and yes zack efron is hot yet i have met him in person. ha ha ha!!!=) suck on that.. but still where are the other hotties...? mwah love you zack miaha.xoxo
dude but hw can i download it
i wanted to download george clooney on my computer for my wallpaper.
very good for public i wnna join this comunity wat will i have to do join this comunity..............
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