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Lucky the Leprechaun, Lucky Charms' mascot

From the beginning, the mascot for the Lucky Charms has been a leprechaun who can change plain white marshmallows into mystical shapes. When he was introduced in 1964, this character was known as "L.C. Leprechaun", but his name was eventually changed to Lucky. In addition to appearing on the Lucky Charms cereal box, Lucky also stars in each animated Lucky Charms commercial. In these advertisements long a staple of American children's television, Lucky is usually chased by several children who want his cereal, a fact which prompts him to utter his famous catch phrase in a highly exaggerated Irish accent, "They're always after me Lucky Charms!" The commercials usually end with Lucky singing the cereal's slogan: "Frosted Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious!" (This has since been changed, with "frosted Lucky Charms" being replaced with "that's me Lucky Charms", and there was a time when the slogan was "marshmallowy delicious"). Lucky's voice was performed by voice actor Arthur Anderson from 1969 to 1992.

For a brief period of time, Lucky the Leprechaun was replaced as the cereal's mascot by a bumbling, inept wizard; but Lucky was returned when sales of the cereal declined as a result.
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these are very cute lucky leprechaun pics
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Hello there, i have recently seen the best lucky charms tshirt that has ever been was on ebay,unfortunately i got outbid, it was from urban outfitters in the u.s.a and i can't see it anywhere now!
its green, and has 'magically delicious' on the front of it with lucky and then on the back it has the lucky charms logo, please if u have any ideas of how i can find one or where i can get it(i know its vintage) but i would appreciate this immensely, thankyou
cara :)
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mua haha....i like this website - no?
Please send pics images of lucky charms leprechaun characters
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funny site wheres yoh pics
love leps
but u give them
a bad name
i love lucky charms cereal and i am pregnant and all you guys are doing is making me even more hungary
hahahaha!! i know, i love the marshmellows alot, i eat them first, then when i don't have any marshmelows left, i get sad cuz i dont' have anymore and i have to eat the oats, i hate the oats.
please make a myspace bacgrond for lucky charms
i looooooooooove lucky. i don't like the cereal i jus like the leprachaun. he is sooooooo hott. i dressed up as him for halloween and i am also pregnant. lucky is my hero and if anyone knows how to get a hold of him let me know because i would like to get his autograph.
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omg i love lucky charms!! i'm eating them right now!

they rock
i love lucky!!! he is sooo smexy!!
i hate lucky charms
i love that cereal udigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
do u want to go to the goto the park
estoy escribiendo un papel ahora y voy a usar este informacion en mi papel porque es muy, muy intersante! muchas gracias lucky!
Lucky Charms are the freakin Bomb!!! I Love the chewy goodness!!! Tha flava is BANGIN homey! Don't change NOTHIN! Just cuz u got some haters out ther dont mean nothin!

PS: Readers that hate should probly know: Im a lil white girl. GET OVER IT.
Lucky charms are delicious and healthy.i just love the movie the leprechaun,kill freddy. lol.
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