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when i was a kid i love eating lucking chars, does anyone have a wallpaper of the lucky charms cereal they can send me please
these are very cute lucky leprechaun pics
Hello there, i have recently seen the best lucky charms tshirt that has ever been was on ebay,unfortunately i got outbid, it was from urban outfitters in the u.s.a and i can't see it anywhere now!
its green, and has 'magically delicious' on the front of it with lucky and then on the back it has the lucky charms logo, please if u have any ideas of how i can find one or where i can get it(i know its vintage) but i would appreciate this immensely, thankyou
cara :)
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mua haha....i like this website - no?
Please send pics images of lucky charms leprechaun characters
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funny site wheres yoh pics
love leps
but u give them
a bad name
i love lucky charms cereal and i am pregnant and all you guys are doing is making me even more hungary
hahahaha!! i know, i love the marshmellows alot, i eat them first, then when i don't have any marshmelows left, i get sad cuz i dont' have anymore and i have to eat the oats, i hate the oats.
please make a myspace bacgrond for lucky charms
i looooooooooove lucky. i don't like the cereal i jus like the leprachaun. he is sooooooo hott. i dressed up as him for halloween and i am also pregnant. lucky is my hero and if anyone knows how to get a hold of him let me know because i would like to get his autograph.
i love zack and i want him to go back out with me pls
heyy watz up?
cll pick i gz.
c ya l8tr.
omg i love lucky charms!! i'm eating them right now!

they rock
i love lucky!!! he is sooo smexy!!
i hate lucky charms
i love that cereal udigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
do u want to go to the goto the park
estoy escribiendo un papel ahora y voy a usar este informacion en mi papel porque es muy, muy intersante! muchas gracias lucky!
Lucky Charms are the freakin Bomb!!! I Love the chewy goodness!!! Tha flava is BANGIN homey! Don't change NOTHIN! Just cuz u got some haters out ther dont mean nothin!

PS: Readers that hate should probly know: Im a lil white girl. GET OVER IT.
Lucky charms are delicious and healthy.i just love the movie the leprechaun,kill freddy. lol.
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