being a guy is hard. girls always hide their feelings towards a guy. most girls want the guy to take the first step. I guess this is a way to separate the boys from the men. You have to be brave when approaching a woman who you think likes you back. Its not easy because all that's on your mind is how you are going to handle rejection, right? I've had my share of rejections myself. I remember once i went to a club. I was looking for someone to dance with. There were these two girls. one was an asian (looked korean) and the other one looked indian. no mind you, these girls were not the hottest chicks in the club, so i thought, i couldn't go wrong here. So i asked the indian girl if she wanted to dance. Then the indian girl looked at the asian girl, (as if asking for permission or something) i could tell that the indian girl wanted to dance, but i guess she felt sorry for her asian friend and so she told me NO. man, that's still in my head. i couldn't believe i got rejected by this chick. I wasn't asking for much. after all, she wasn't all that! anyway, my point is that you won't always going to get the girl you want. You have to be brave and go after her, otherwise you're always going to wonder what if she would have said yes.

so if you like a girl, how can you tell if she likes you back? or even, how can you tell if a woman loves you back?

Usually, women will give you hints. One of the biggest hing she will give you are looks. Yes sir, her eyes will tell you exactly what you want to know. What you have to do is look her into her eyes. Don't be intimidated, you have to look at her in her eyes, otherwise, you will never know. If once you stare at her eyes, you will feel the energy, if she likes you, she will stare right back at you and you are going to find yourself in what i called "eye lock" both of you are going to be staring at each other for a while. BUT, if she doesn't like you as a boyfriend, then she'll probably say something like:: "what are you doing?" in this case, she probably doesn't like you as a boyfriend, but just a like a friend. IF you are shy guys, then this is going to be difficult to do because usually quite shy men, its hard for them to approach girls because they feel intimidated. So to overcome your shyness, you have to tell yourself to go for it. this might be your only chance.

Always remember to respect a girl or a woman. there's nothing more attractive to a woman than to respect her. If you don't show respect, you will never get into her heart.