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one of the hardest thing to do when you first meet someone is how do you know if a guy or a girl (man or woman) is flirting with you. And once you know, how do you know you've gone too far? Flirting is dangerous. be careful, because it can start innocent and they it will lead to more serious commitments. Anyone has good advice on this?
how do teen guys flirt...how do teen girls flirt
tips on how to flirt
plenty of women prefer beta males! i constrast to the above, many women also look for a slender physique, not a beefcake with big hair. and don't stand with your hands in your pockets pointing at your genitals it's so obvious and you'll look like a pratt. if you want to interest women, read a few books or go to the theatre - we don't want neanderthals who only know about sport and their jobs.
it is a reallly interesting and now i know that that person loves me yeah
i work in retail part time. one of my female coworkers asked me about all of the guys in our department and what i thought about them. i said they were ok. then she said she thought i had beautiful lips. the next day she asked if i heard about these two gay guys in the bathroom at work, and what i thought about it. i told her that i really wasnt concerned about it. is she flirting with me? is she launching her gaydar?
hi! there is this new boss at my office and i kind of feel like he is attracted to me. since he is new, i can't really tell but whenever he is around, i feel like he is looking at me, but i can never really make the eye contact. he always makes me laugh. at first when he got here, he was not an official smoker so he would ask me for a cigarette from time to time and i would join him. the other day, he brought me a pack because he's had so many of my cigarettes.
i am married and he knows that.
i really have no proof but the feeling of his attraction to me is definetely there... how do i know if he is really attracted to me?
this is a great site! it is extremely helpful
plz help i like this boy and i can not tell if he likes me or not he alsoways is teying to tal to me and dose stuff to me like put stuff in my hair then laught and he trys to tickel me and i do same to him is he flirting with me????? help :)
flirting is tricky, no matter what anyone says. they may say that something means one thing and something else means something. most apparent way to tell if someone likes you is the change on their attitude and how the act around you and others. like...for instance...they could talk forever to you and be silent around their friends or they could be a little quiet around you and loud with his friends. it all depends on the type of person they are.

another key thing is that the guy will look you straight in the eyes and it feels weid...you have to look away really fast...or at least i do...and i turn cherry red. but if you ask me that is a way of flirting unintentionaly. i get "thats so cute," or "your cute when you do that." it throws me off! anyway...

again, all depends on the guy. oh! if he loves to hear you giggle thats another thing. i get that one a lot to. guy finds that i am ticklish and make this weird noise and they start tickling me. you ask them why and its like " because its cute." lol. thats all i got at the moment.
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okay i dont know if this is a site where you tell me if he likes me of not but i need to know.
okay, so theres this guy i really like and we only hung out like 2 times. the first time we hung out he was always talking to me and he gave me high fives and he teased me a little on how short i was compared to him. it was in a nice way tho. the next day he was at his friends locker and my locker isnt too far from there. he stepped backwards and looked at me. i told him i liked him on facebook and he didnt really say anything... he said something like "i think maybe we could be friends" but after i told him i liked him it seemed that he was avoiding me, i asked him if he was and he said no he wasn't. the second time we hung out was before that but that night his sister told him that i liked him and he was grinning, and then his sister said that she was kidding and that i dont like him, and then his grin faded. he said that they had to leave but he stayed and his sister went home. when he was talking to me his voice was shaking and he looks right into my eyes when he talks to me. i asked him why his voice was shaking and he hesitated and said that he was tryting to think and talk at the same time. before that, when his sister was there she asked him what he thought of me and he said i dont know and he was staring at me and he was asked why he was. he said that he likes to stare at people. he usually says hi to me at school and when he does, he seemed like he was a shy little boy waving at me. one time i was talking to my friend and we on our way outside to go home, and he was in front of us. he waved to me and said bye. but there was more to that wave and the way he said it. instead, it seemed like he was saying "hello? im right here dont ignore me!" and the other day he said hi to me and it was like he was saying dont ignore me! i guess all im trying to say is is he shy around and and does he like me or is he just not interested? i keep taking quizzes and asked people if he likes me but i am still not sure. so please answer this and im sorry this is really long :( if you answer i will appreciate it very much!!!
is it normal for a guy to wait a week to call a woman?
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When you first meet a guy you should get to know him before you get to serious. Ask him questions that he would be comfortable with. I also just hang out with him to see where he likes to go and just have fun.
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