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have you ever heard of this college girl who got famous on the internet, in particular in youtube. I think youtube removed all her the vidoes with the heading like YouTube Keyra Augustina Agustine. You can't find them anymore anywhere in youtube, and if you find any, they are fake. so does anyone know where i can find some amature vidoes of Keira?

this is what is known about this misterious chick;
Keyra Augustina or Keyra Agustina or Keyra Augustine Augustina Agustino augustino is the pseudonym of an Argentinian woman, famous for photographs and videos of herself found around the web.

The name Keyra Augustina is believed to come from the aliases 'Keyra' and 'Agus', which she used to post on websites such as Supertangas and Foro Argentino de Amateurs muchos videos de esta chica no se consosen. To keep her online activities hidden from her family and friends, Keyra often showed her face and preferred to focus on her big butt. Her amateur videos and pictures showed her in provocative demeanor but never fully nude or naked were shot in her own room, using only a webcam.

She started to gain worldwide fame and recognition as her photos were widely downloaded and distributed on the Internet. Several people including Howard Stern have named her "Best Ass on the Internet" and "The Perfect Ass".

In June 2005, Maxim Argentina featured a 9-page photo spread with her. Later she appeared again in the August issue of Maxim US. This happened after a sort of "exclusive contract" Keyra had with Supertangas, thus the owners of the site alleged that these shots were fake, claiming that her face never appeared in the shots, but forgetting that they used to manipulate her Supertangas pictures to erase or simply cut her face off the pictures, because the model didn't want to be recognized by her family, friends or boyfriend.

Who is Keyra?

Little is known about the true identity of the woman who calls herself 'Keyra'. Most sources agree that she is an Argentine college student between 19 and 21 years of age[citation needed]. While Maxim Argentina referred to her as 'Mirna Lavagna, the illegitimate daughter of the Argentine minister in Guatemala', it has since been proven that Mirna Lavagna is indeed an entirely different model.

Currently there is a model posing on, Yemina, who many claim is Keyra under a different pseudonym but only she knows what happened to her.

donde esta Keyra? bueno, no se sabe muy bien donde puede estar. pero me gustaria saber donde la puedo encontrarla
Where is she from, I heard she is from argentina is that right. I want to meet a nice argentina girl someday
i know where you can watch this video clip of kayra on this strip tease that was removed from youtube. i you are interested let me know and i'll tell you. its the complete video for free.
its very good
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hey dudes go to supertangas and you can see her pics and original video, there you can see more real good tangas too.

entren a supertangas para ver su video original y fotos. ahi podran ver mas tangas ricas.

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keyra is fine as hell, it's too bad i don't live in argentina so i could steal her away for her boyfriend ;) hehe
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