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these are some wallpapers and pictures of TV how to celebrity Jessi Combs. This post will show you some nice wallpapers of Jessi Combs because she has a lot of fans which also work on cars. Jessi Combs is a cool mechanic that's why i like her


I am a big fan of Jessi. I love working on cars and trucks. I live in california and i look forward to every weekend to see her show Extreme 4x4 on spyke tv. she is a cutie!

Do you guys have wallpapers or any pics of her? I am a big fan and would like to have her photograph on my desktop.


(this is how she looks like)

i watch power block tv every sunday and on extreme 4x4, ian and jessi would come out and show some tips. i enjoyed watching the show so much.

UPDATE: wow, i can't believe i got comments from jessi herself. im glad you are doing better on your back. hope to see you soon on power block jessi!!!


how bout you guys do a real world affordable build on a first gen long box toyota sr5? most of us can not scrape together the kind of money to take on a tube truck.. hope to c something on xtreme4x4, or trucku thankyou!!
jessi is wicked as they say here in nh, i think she has an incredible knowledge, and it shows in her work. it would be nice to have a great picture of her in the shop or on the trail with that perfect smile of hers.
what is there not to like about jessi combs! she is lovey, she can weld, metal fab, she can handle a truck off road, and did i say she is lovey?
where has jessi been on the show, i watch it every week and i have not seen her lately.
hi jess hope you get well sone.don't let the wing nuts get you down.the broke mess in the pic i sent is my car that me and my cuz bulid and race. o my he crahed it. time weld grid fab if you don't think jess is good fab girl i have seen alot of bolt on parts break of some of there trucks nother welds.ther are to kind of that race/wheel fab, weld, wrench tune, pit,test drive. and you that dont.that wy i. posted the pic love you pit guy racerx.
i pray every day that jesse returnd to extreme 4x4 soon its not the same without her? is she coming back and wat happened to her? she came back from the appendix now shes gone again did they can her or she leave for something better i hope not she makes my sat morn everyweek and it aint the same without her. she is wat a hot girl is goodlookin and not afraid to get her hands dirty!!!!!
love your tatatoos who did them if u could please answer (i understand if not)but it is some really good work!!!
i sent an email to extreme 4x4 and they told me she quit the show last year to pursue other oppertunites! that sucks
she is such a cutie, and when she is workin in a 4x4 rig she is even more attractive!!!
ok fellas whene is my favorite mechanic jessi combs? i used to watch every week end just to see jessi. c'mon now this old man need sto watch jessi again on her show. men tend to get boring after a while. but you put jessi with her very smart partner and you have a damn good show!!!
would you be so kind to email me and let us (the watchers of extreme 4x4)kno where she has gone. hopefully to he rown auto show. now all i have is two guys garage. damn shame, that she left. made for a great week end.
spike, email me please.
i've noticed for some time now there's no jessi, what's up? is she still on the show?
damn ill miss ya hope to see you again
i miss jesi on extreme 4x4. her smile , giggle and talent. hope you get your own show soon!
hi ian where jeesi your right hand person on the show,is she hurt back again?
i have been watching x since it started missed you when you blew out your back & your spleen
saw you on trucku but where are
n o w .
she is hot and very knowlegable in what she does not just a model playin the part
dam she's fine, plus she's a welder. fyah welders are dam hot and lovey
hi. i love your show. i was wondering, where the hell is jessi. i havent seen her in a long time. kinda wondering if and when shes comin back.
fyi - jessie is (at least part time) co-hosting fullthottletv nhra /multimedia/fullthrottletv.aspx first episode.
what i like about u is that in a male dominating field u put a lot of them 2 shame, by just do'n the work & not worry'n bout the stereo type ps want 2 help me restore a jeep pickup i need it me myself i'm mechanicly reclined
just wanted to know if jessi will come back to the show. i really enjoyed a knowledgable you girl gearhead on your show. my daughters all grew up knowing what they were looking at when they raised the hood on their cars.
she has got to get back on the 4x4 show. ian is cute but...can't beat jesse.
all you bashers suck! get better soon jessi my back is screwed up too. its the worst! i decided to ride it out cause i've seen people after the surgery, can go bad or good. the first time they do a real truck (scout) shes not on the show that sucks. i taped it on dvr but junky equiptment blew up and lost the episodes crap! if my future wife would work on my 77 scout ssii with me that would be great. jessi get better soon!
i haven't seen jessi on extreme 4x4 for a very long time,..... why ??? is she okay?? why isn't she on anymore?? comeon !!!!she is the main reason i watch the show.... please let me know what happend to her,,,,, put her back on youre show, thanks. cody salt lake city, ut.
i wuz wornding if there was any way yall could email me a rebuild manual for a turbo
350 trans. by the way love your show>>>>>>>
what do i like about jesse combs? are you kidding? what's not to like! she's adorably hot, spunky and fiesty, can turn a wrench with the best of 'em, welds better than i do! she's every male motor heads dream come true! (well mine at least)!
hey jessi come back, the show needs you. we need you
shes beautiful, and she can build them 4x4's
i would like to know why jesse is not on the show anymore and how is she doing.
jessi rock"s!!!!!!!! not only is she cuet, but she know's what she's doing, under the hood, under the truck, as well as just a well rounded knuckle-buster. she's the complete package; beuty and brain's!!!! ;-) sincerly,
ms. combs is the absolutly complete dream women!
is jessi ever going to return to x-treme 4x4 i like watching that show because she has proven that women can do anything.
hey jessi, im 14 years old and this is the only way i found to email you. well i love xtream 4x4 and i noticed that you guys have done just about every type of off roader. well i am a land rover guy and i thought it would be really cool if you guys did a land rover. if you guys dont know which one to do then i think you should start on a defender. the cool thing about this is that there a long one and a short one. i know reliablity might be a problem but please, i have been looking for a way to e-mail you for almost 2 months.
thank you!!
i just got to meet her at the mopar nationals in denver on july 12. she is very down to earth and such a sweetheart in person. gorgeous woman in my opinion.
2nd pic from denver.
i would like to take you out for a cup of coffee in jacksonhole wyoming.
can you give me jessica simpson's e- mail
jessi is a beuatifull hard working funny lovey girl i wish she would come out and help with my jeep cant wait to see her on tv again please send an email if you come close to indiana
sweet! get your jessi combs fix. she be on mythbusters now!!! she's kari's replacement while she's out on prego leave. hope she stays!!!
she is total real person, love to watch every thing she is on. I just wanted to know how it was she broke her back. best wishes to Jessi.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like her tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your welcome
Something about Jessi, makes my heart just go crazy. Not only do I love her smarts, which she has plenty of. But her smile, laugh etc. I just plain love her. Wish I knew why they took her off Xtreme 4X4. I stopped watchong because she isn't on anymore.
I hate that the young trolls want her to do trash. Like asking The Overhaulin guys to pose raw! C'mon guys this is a lady that does her job and does it damn good. Yep I'm older it's like watching my wanna be daughter doing her JOB! She is so good, unbelievable. She can also put a bunch of sentences together without going ah or duhhh. Keep up the good work Jessi. I have been watching you forever. Your Dad and Mom have got to be so proud. Now you are on my favorite show Overhaulin! YES! xox
HI i am from Canada i love the show and I all ways watch it . I miss the girl on the show and I think the both of you make a good team . Hope she is doing much better and get back on the show soon .
I seen the article on Jesse in my subscription to Hot Rod (2/12)and i thinks shes awesome. I catch the show some but i'm an outdoor guy. I spend most of my free time in my shop restoring muscle cars, I'm finishing a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang now. Jesse if you're ever in upstste S.C. give me a hollar. John Harris
Hello just thought you should know I was watching " Blog Buggy Part 2 " when you were taking apart the 400 transmission the hole that was cracked you said it was for the modulator >wrong< it was for the kick down switch and the nail that was holding in the linkage shaft in 100% stock 30 years of transmission rebuilding experience ...
id like to see you both on the beach having a good time-your
the best ive seen next to grave digger-&his crew-i ve been dead
&back on vehicles-trust me break
out the beach buggy-go surfing w/
bikinis-et all haul dude-youll love it.
Yer spunk. They way she attacks life. &quot;Takes the bull by the horns.&quot; Plus she's easy on the eyes too. (=8
She knows what she is doing. And, how can she be so beautiful without a drop of makeup?
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