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Tax Assistance: 1-800-829-1040 - Tax assistance for Taxpayers.

i am going through a divorce. my husband is refusing to sell our home that is court ordered to be sold because he says there would be capital gains tax. my lawyer says this is not true, according to her understanding, but to ask you. is the capital gains tax waived in selling of community property , when it is court ordered?
i am a indiana firefighter employed by fishers fire department, i plan on working 32 years, and can retire under the indiana perf 77 pension plan with 70% of my pay. that is the known part, what is unknown is this. fishers fire is one of the few in indiana that the employees continue to pay into social security! when i retire will i receive full social security benifits, or will my social security benifit be reduced because of my 77 perf pension? thanks, for your time - sincerely rich nyberg
my husband is a "victim of a violent crime". i read that if he is total disabiled he would be able is we fill out form schedual r of form 1040, or schedual 3 for the form 1040a, he would be eligable for a tax credit fir up to

husband is a "victim of the violent crime" he lost the left side of his brain in the assult. i read that he should be able to get up to $1,125 in federal tax credits. we would need to file a schedual r forform 1040 or a sch. 3for form 1040a. he could be eligable for up to $1,125. how many years can we go back?

i was told that i could search for free government money owed. is there a ligitamate site to go on without cost. janet m phippard grigas
I have been the pastor for a newly created church here in Turner. I have been asked by the membership to find out if we need a 501c3 Form 1023 to be filled out and sent to the IRS. I know that the IRS collects the $850 filing fee if are church collect more than $10.0000 for donors. On some websites I read that churches are automatically exempt under the 501c3. What does that mean? Does my church have to file for the 501c3 or not? Please help Thank you Pastor Brad Sica 2074516896545
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