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this is the main number for the internal revenue services hot line

they are open 7am


would like to know what tax implications if any would be involved in transferring the total amount invested in a mutual fund account (c. $448,000) and transferring that total amount, in one single transaction, to a bond fund?
both the mutual fund and the bond fund are part of the american funds--there would be no change in my account number--it is just that the corpus of my account would now consist of bonds instead of stocks. my account was originally established in 1995.
my wife died in may and i am preparing to donate her clothing. she had an excellent name brands wardrobe. is it possible to get a list of the write off values for various clothing items? do certain high quality brand name items have a higher tax write off value than the average allowed costs.
how can i stop my dad from filing me on his taxes each year? also how can i sue him for not giving me any of the money that he recieved from him filling me on his taxes?
i need a copy of my 2007 tax returns. the person that prepared my 2007 taxes never gave me a copy and is now unavailable. i can not contact her.
need a locator for offices where drivers can pay there hwy use tax 2290

when will i get federal and state tax return money. how long wil i going to wait. can i call you that phone number y-yxx-yzx-yx4x. is it correct phone number.
how much do i owe the irs i don't have any money so i dont know how i will be able to pay the irs.
how do i get a w-2 form from a place i worked lat year that has gone out of business and they do not have my new address ? can i get a printout from the irs ?phone 1-270-315-4341
i need my address in 1973 and my address in 1978. and i was hopeing that sence i paid taxes that you might have my address.
please tell me how to get these address, i despreatly need them.
my mom has been letting different people claim my kids that hasnt been taking care of them.shes been selling my kids to get money and i dont appreciate it.
i was wondering how i go about getting a copy of last years tax returns, my soon to be ex husband will not give me a copy and i need it. i believe he filed claiming me.
any help would be appreciated,
thank you,
rebecca w. bradley
i am not bill ryan and there was a phone message left on my phone from the internal revenue service for bill ryan. please correct your records.
my husband ani are considered as first time home buyers. we just bought a fixer upper home and need to know how to get the reimbursement of 10% of the cost, we do not make enough to have to pay income taxes as we are retired and on social security and small pensions. since we cannot go back and adjust our past or current taxes to claim the money how do we claim this money. thanks
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