there's this girl that i like so much but my challenge is that i can't find the right words to say to her when im near her.

there are times that i almost talk to her, but then my brain gets stuck i dont know what to say.

i talked to this latin guy and asked him if he could give me any tips on what i can say to a girl to approach her and say nice things to her to impress her.

well he told me to first think about what you are going to say. and the first thing you should say is "hi" just say hi, all you are doing is making her brain remember her..

next time, say "hi, how are you.." thats all

there are two options here. she will either say "hi" or "hi, im good, how are you"

if she just says hi, smile and keep walking, but if she asks how are you. you have to be ready to say "im good thanks." then pause for like a second and stare a her earings... and say "those a cool earings" you could say "nice earings" but the would sound too silly. so stick with "cool"

she will feel flattered, but dont give her too much attention, otherwise, you will look desperate, so just say, "ok, i gotta go, talk to you later" if you look desperate, you will be weak. and women like strong man, not necessarily in muscles, not physical strength, but mental strength, there is nothing more appealing to a girl than a smart guy. smart means strong mind. girls look for that. so you have to sound confident. after you have started a friendship and you are good friends, you can make your move, one phrase that always works for me "im sorry if i stare, but my eyes cannot ignore you beauty" - Roberto says that once you say this to a girl, she will think of you as a sweet and romantic guy, now dont expect that by just saying this she's going to sleep with you. this technique only works if you are serious about the girl, be careful if you are using it just for fun, cuz its not gonna work, or you're just going to end up hurting a nice gal. if you want to just have fun, then you dont need a girl, you need a slut, but they are not as exciting as them sweet girls. so dont stress to much about saying poems, while poems are nice, the best time to say poems are when you are already in the relationship.

the most important thing about getting a girl is TIME.. yes my friend, you have to invest TIME. and you have to PATIENCE. if you keep giving a girl attention, you will have her in love with you in about 2 or 3 months. but it will be worth the wait, you will feel good inside because she will make you happy and you will make her happy