dang, costco makes it very difficult for you to stop getting their unnecessary emails.

when i get an email, it says:

In the past you provided Costco with your email address [[email protected]]. Occasionally, you will receive brief advertising announcements regarding special items and services. If you no longer want to receive these advertisements, please click unsubscribe. Please DO NOT CLICK REPLY, as the email will not be read.

so when i click on unsubscribe, the unnecesssary thing doesnt do anything, its a broke link, the link says:


they need to fix that.

so to actually unsubscribed from this crap, i had to login to my account

under : Shipping Information

there is a checkbox that says: Costco.com periodically sends special offers and hot buys via email.
Check here if you do not want to receive these exclusive emails.

so i checked it and saved it

hope that stops them from sending this stupid spam