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So you want to know if a guy like you right?

OK, click on the spinning wheel to try your luck to see if he likes your or not.


ok, so the question on your mind is probably. how to tell if a boy likes you? well how can you tell if a guys likes you or not. usually when a guy likes you he tells you. depending on type of guy he is. if he is a shy one, you will know he likes you because he gets nervouse when you talk to him. if he is a confident (sure of himself) boy, he will tell you he likes you.
just go up and kiss him
I really like this guy and randomly one day I was playing basketball with my friend and he came over all the sudden and we kept smiling at each other and talked a little also I could of sworn he winked at me :)what do you think ? Does he like me yes or no ?
Girl he likes you ^_^ i can see it
Hi! there's a guy in my class.he is studying with me since 6 yrs.he always looks at me in the class and also try to talk to me through other students.In most times if no one is looking us he tries to hold my hands.many times he held my hands. in a trip from our school we were staying in a hiered night when we were playin dum sharas the light was gone and he held mme and my stomach with his hands tightly. when the light came he left me.he always talks about me with his friends but i saw him many times flirting with another girls.But he always give me hints that he loves me.he had even told me that i am his dream girl.what should i do?does he really love me?plzzzz help me!
Ok, there's this really cute, fit guy in this place I got to. Hes in a different class to me buh hes always lookin at me. Buh whenever I look at himhe always goes like 'What' with this really awkward face. I dnt know if he like s me or not, buh im definetly into him. PLZ help!!!!!!!!!!!
i really like this boy, we sit next to eachother in english and he nearly always make our knees touch under the table or he "accidently" rubs his hand over my leg? He also sings a lot in my ear songs from the radio, or he makes a rap up about me. the other day he put his hand down his trouser and faked an erection wiv his hands nd called my name then said your doing this to me?
so i just wanna know if this guy likes me or nor?
There this boy in my class and i don't know if he likes me.We always play fight with eachother and he usallys stares at me and we always talk plz help me!!!
i like this website
i really like a boy but we had an arguement, and now we dont talk as much but he always looks at me, butwhen i look back at him he turns around. what shall i do ?????? please help xx
i like this guy he looks at me constantly in church yet he never talks to me should i ignore him or...
thats whats happening to me too and i am not sure what to do either. I sometimes think he likes me but somedays its just like im not even there .
ok so the guy i like we have a lot in common a whole lot i di=ont talk to him much but i hae eyes and ears you wouldnt imagine the things that get out in school but little things make me wonder if he likes me back like i was sick for three days and whn i came back to school he acctually noticed and asked me if was ok but sometimes we won;t talk to each other for days and if we do its small talk btu the way we fit together when we talk whier like ying and yang lol i know silly but i need help does he like me
hi so i am 15 and theres this boy in my science class before class starts he will sit and talk to the other boys and he will still look at me and lightly kick the back of my chair and sometimes he will hug me from the back and wrap his arms around my shoulders im not sure if he likes me could you tell me ? i dont want to miss read anything
ok i like this boy in my school (year 7) but i really dont know how to tell or show him how much i like him and i dont want to act like a brag around him cause he may think thst i am desperet xxxx
Hi,I really like This teenage boy from my class.But the problem is,he already like another girl but he treats me well,different from other people.I am so confuse,so is there a possibility that he will like me?
Ok so I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend and he already had two new girlfrinds. I don't know what to do or say to him because I want to be with him and at the same time I don't. Uh! What should I do!?
if he moved on den u should to.he seems like a player if he already had 2 girlfriend and if you still like him then make him jealous make him want you bck show him what he is missing out on
Hi i really really like this boy in my class and he keeps flirting with me. i asked him who he liked and he said another girl and i told him i liked him. whenever i tell him something he always comes reallyclose to me. im kind of confused about what he think telling me he likes someone else but then acting differently around me. is it a sign? could he like me? please help!
I really like this boy in my class (year 7) and I dont know If he likes me... We are best friends and do everything together but I dont want to ruin our friendship If I ask him out... But he is the only one I think about most of the time... Hes always glancing at me in class but I think he just likes me as a friend... weve been best friends for 6 months and he hasnt made a move... I guess ill just have to move on :(
I like this guy he is so hot. He has abs haha i Dont know if he likes me he always looks at me in class and today he it was so cold so he have me his jacket do what do I do
ok hi i am in highschool and i have a huge crush on this boy called ben he is so fish omg he is allways trying to find a way to talk to me shall i talk back duno. anyway in class he is allways looking at me in class but i blush duno why and this girl called amy loves him too but no one in the class likes her so there goes her wish also when me and my friends in the playground are talking ben comes over and askes every one if they wanted to play cuddle touch so we had to say yer i think he likes me i mean likes likes me but i dunno couse he lookes at this outher girl to called sky shes prety of calse but i hope he likes me plzz give me advice`
Soooooo hot i love gim he is soo funny and sweet and calls me like 24/7
this boy is really sweet and kind and funny . others guys i liked are nice and then are mean for no reason so i think into into liking him now i really like him
So i still fancy my x and i love him but when we were going out he started spreading rumors bout my family and as his cousin lives next door to me and we don't get along and i'm scared that if we date again he'll do the same thing. HELP
Ok, so I like this guy which happens to be my guy friend. He is older than me I'm in 7th grade and he is in 9th. During the summer we hung out together all day everyday. He would even leave his friends just to say "Hi" to me and hug me. One day when we were play fighting he hugged me and told we that he loved me out of nowhere. He didn't say as a friend or anything, just plain out "I love you". Now camps over and I don't see him for the last couple of days he's had one of my friend's that live by him temple "Hi" and say "what's up". Does this mean that he likes me? Or has feelings for me?
I've known this boy since year 3 and I kinda fancy him because he's cute hot and he obviously likes me. I was thinking about asking him out but theres this other boy who fancys me, and I don't want to make him feel bad. what should I do? Please help me!
So the guy i like i dont know we just get along very well! But i am confused whether he's just being friendly or not. When we talk he always makes eye contact, smiles, (sometimes) stands kind of close, he teases me a bit, and he laughs at a lot of the stuff i say. And he's always joking about me being with the "weird kid" of the class, or if that kid is bothering me sometimes he'll say something to him. He says my name a lot. and i noticed he'll bring me into the conversation a lot, like say "Yeah, JENNIFER would totally do that." But like i said he could just be trying to be friendly... so i really don't know. could someone answer? Sorry it's so long :)
i like dis boy becoz he is cute,intelligen and caring but sometimes he hurts my feelings like 1 time he told my best friend dat he doesn't care about me or my feeling. i guess i'm just trying 2 get over him
u know there this other guy i like him so much he is handsome and i dnt know if he lies me or not he always beats me and wants me to run after him.i heard his friends say the girl he used to like she used to chase him around so i dnt know give me advise
Hey, I need some relationship advice; i hope you can help me. I am a senior in high school and I was born and raised in America but my family is from India. I honestly never though about dating much and I figured that college would be a good time to start, but there is a guy, of course, that is now screwing with my mind. Last year I kinda felt that he liked me but i couldn't be too sure because he is quite in school. (Side note: he is half indian (mother) and half caucasian and he is familiar with indian customs which is really important for me) Basically we ended up going to junior prom together (mutual agreement, but he did give me flowers). I felt a little awkward about the whole situation because I guess I realized I kinda liked him and it was the first time it felt real. So anyway, he was really nice, he called me the most beautiful girl there and other such things. I had a great time. Then after prom we were back to not really talking to each other. If our eyes met we would look away. It felt like there was a tension between us. Over the summer of moms became best friends, which made things worse, and we had to go to a computer science camp together, which wasn't so bad. We actually worked together and teased each other, I guess we were flirtatious, but im no where close to an expert on this stuff. After the camp we didn't talk again but it was weird because our parents would go out or we had to go to each others houses. Then senior year started and some how we started talking on facebook like every night and soon we were texting all time, yet we still are quite and reserved in school. That is what bothers me the most. Im a very outgoing person in general but not when it comes to relationships, obviously because i have never been in one. So basically i wait for him to say something in school but for the most part we dont say anything. but our text/online chats are awesome. He is completely open and we tell each other practically everything. And he constantly compliments me and says we should hang out more outside of school (because we really never have, which could be because we only have a few friends in common) Also another problem is that he has heard me say that im not really allowed to date (parent's rules, but they told me that like 4 yrs ago and haven't really talked about it since) So i have said things like, i don't really agree with them, or im a teenager, im supposed to not listen to them. Basically i was telling him that i would be willing to break that one rule for him. Also he has been concerned about the way my parents view him. You may not understand all of this but our indian heritage has provided us with certain mortal and customs that we follow. So now i can't really take it anymore, i just want to know if he likes me! i know i sound like a desperate teenager, but im really not. I just hate not being able to define what we are. He is a great friend and i wouldn't mind if that is all he is but he would also be an amazing first boyfriend. I honestly thing i ready for that (we are both 18) i have tried to push him into telling me if he likes me but i think we both just beat around the bush. so now i think i should just ask him in person. Should I? and if so, how oh and i would love to go to senior prom with him- should i ask? (im kinda an old-fashioned girl-basically a hopeless romantic, so i would rather he asked me) thank you for reading this
Okay so im in year 9 and this boy is the year younger than me (year 8)We went to this party and we was really flirting with eachother, and at one point our lips were so close to eachother, i pulled back because i was worried what people would say cause hes a year younger than me? When we go back to school we always smile at eachother in the hall way, and im always the one starting tho conversation, i feel like a bug him? Whenever we walk past eachother he is always with his friend and when his friend sees me he turns round to the boy i like and must say something to him and they both turn round and smile at me. I dont know if its a friendly thing or if he fancys me? What shall i do?
theres a boy in my class at school and he is always trying to find ways to touch me like he will nuge my leg in typing class and he will run up and pritty much lift me off the ground and say whats up when hes doing it tryin to make a joke and when he did this i kicked him in the shin and gut after words i herd this rumer he was gay so now im wondering if its true???????? so what im asking is do u think its true???????????
yess he lkes you
im in high school and i've had a huge crush on dis on guy for abt 7 months he knowz i lke him bt he's the shy type so he shows singhs of lke n me bt im not sure cause i talk to his friends bt nt him .he told his friends that i lke him so itz also abit okward 2 talk 2 dem so wat do i do
okay i like this boy and we have known each other for since we were younger and now we are in high school and he seems to always be right next to me and hugging me and telling me everything but everytime we start talking about relationships he says that he loves me but thats it what now do i tell him i like him or wait ot what?
Ok so this guy who I think likes me always hugs me when I pass by him and is always telling me he loves me. He's really nice and sweet all the time.
There is a boy who keeps playing with my hair and hangs about with me dose he like me
i was getting bullied at the time, and when i was playing jinga,this new guy came and joined in, and then he asked could i come to paul keating park in a moment or now, (is that a sign?.)
I guess so... But, I already DID the first move, doesn't that sounds weird ?
you said this boy like me and i have to wait for his move I hope your right .:)
im not one to be all horny an d junk but theres this guy and he is so nice so cute and just a genuine person he just broke up wit his girl and he lookin for a new one but my friend lyk him but i know he aint gone ask her out cos they friends but i sorta lyk him and i really want a boyfriend that i can hug and kiss(especially and all that stuff . he asked my friend over facebook did i lyk him and she said no but i do (and she dont know) but i always wonder what woudve happened if she had said yess would i have had a boyfriend ? idk but i wish. but he bout to ask this girl who he benn cool wit for a while so guess not....:(
as my relyation to janice you have to go for him other wise he will be gone and you would have been very upset tell him how you feel! (not intierly)if you wait than later on it will be too late!!!!! go for it girl!!!!
I realli like hym because when i needed someone he's always there :( .. Bhut nevermindd if i trully love hym i will just have to waitt .. :)
he seriously likes you janice! here is some information for you peeps out there it a boy is himself or tells you something others dont no he likes you!
I have had a guy who has done that to me and we are currently going out! he is so cute and in our old school which was when we where in year six he was the most popular guy I was in the medium area of the food chane of classes! which was good!!!!!!
the popular girls usally hung around him and i didnt even bother with him which he liked!!! if you want any more info just ask!!!
i lik this boy that is really cute and makes me laugh a lot he teases me and we mess around with eachother and he is himself around me
well there is 2 guys i like them both and one is quiet and shy and the other is confident and is in a relationship at the moment but always tells me im hot and cute and that he likes me alot
i want 2 make ELISHA like me for a girl friend anytime when i next 2 him i am nerves so i hope he like me for a girlfriend well...
well i really like this guy he is like tots fit and he has a thing for me but he wont do anything about it and he also gave me a MASSIVE snog!!!
Yeah, so I'm sort of picky i don't what guy out of the three i like, sort of awkward for me !
yer right i fancy a few lads and some fancey me my friends told me but they havent :/
that frkin it worse advice ever you suck!!!!!!!
I like this guy that is older then me. I don't know if he likes me cause I can only see him at a dance cause he is the DJ there. We texts all the time but now we don't really talk to each other anymore.
i really lke this guy and i dunno why think he likes me . i really wanna ask him out but i kno i wil make a fool of myself and he will start laughin and tell everybody somtime he hurts my feelings but i still lke him and my friend went out wiv him a while ago because he was soo mean lke calling people names and stuff just messing his cute and i rly wanna go out wiv him wat should i doo ??? help meee
i want to snog him but he snog me
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