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ok, if you are wanting to know how you can find and replace text in a file in linux you are in luck, i will show you how..

lets say i have a file called wallpaperama.txt and this is what the files has:

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ok, on the example text file above, lets say i want to change all the 'wallpaper' to 'screensaver' well this is how you would do it..

lets assume that wallpaperama.txt is located on my home directory at: /home/me/wallpaperama.txt

step 1. open the file with the vi editor:
vi /home/me/wallpaperama.txt

step 2. Enter - SHIFT + : (the Shift key and the colon key at the same time) on your keyboard, the screen will look like this:

step 3. now enter this command and hit enter

step 4. now you will see that all the text 'wallpaper' was changed to 'screensaver'

step 5. save the change with this command:


i hope this helps you

this might help you also:

Vi: Search and Replace

Change to normal mode with <ESC>.

Search (Wraped around at end of file):

Search STRING forward : / STRING.
Search STRING backward: ? STRING.

Repeat search: n
Repeat search in opposite direction: N (SHIFT-n)

Replace: Same as with sed, Replace OLD with NEW:

First occurrence on current line: :s/OLD/NEW

Globally (all) on current line: :s/OLD/NEW/g

Between two lines #,#: :#,#s/OLD/NEW/g

Every occurrence in file: :%s/OLD/NEW/g
Dude, whats is the meaning of %? and s= search? I'm newbie at linux...
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