Ok, I failed my emissions test, and in the process of making my car better to pass the emissions test, i had to replace my two o2 sensors. To replace them i had to remove the exhaust system on my 1996 Nissan 300zx. This project took me about 16 hours to complete, two day totoal. 8 hour each day. These are the steps i took to do this.

1. I had to remove the exaust pipes from underneath the car.

2. To remove the Oxygen Sensors you need a special socket. I went to the my local auto parts store and rented this tool:

3. This is a picture of the broken sensor i had to replace

4. Install the new sensors with in the after catalytic coverter with the special socket

5. After you have installed the new Oxygen sensors, r-intstall the exhaust pipes.


courtesy: [url=http://www.nissansonly.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=5]www.nissansonly.com[/url]