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these are some things women do when they find out that their man is already married to his wife. these are some helpful advise women have to make their married man leave their wife and have the married man fall in love with you.

who in the world would want to make a married guy fall in love with you.

you must be crazy to think that a dude will love you if he's married.

if you are going out with a married man, then you should know by now that he will never leave his wife and you are just wasting your time with him.
i read this on the internet all the time, yet i know two very a happily married couples (for over a decade) who met while they were each married to other people. :)
i am a married woman who had never cheated on my husband but i met a man (married man ) in a work conference and we have had love and have continued to have a every day conversation through e-mail and or text.. i think that i am falling for him and he is miles and miles away from me and i do love my husband and not even sure why i cant get this person out of my mind..??
i am in love with a maaried man, i want him to fall in love with me!! he is the most perfect person i have ever met!
i'm in love with a married man too. i think i've been in love with him since i met him, about 3 years ago.
now we are on a love basis relationship and he has already said to me he's not in love with me; what i'm doing now is trying to have a good time with him every time we meet (the love is so goooood) and i'm confident that in time i will get over mi feelings and will see him just as a love partner and a good friend.
you women need to carefully take a good look at yourselves in the mirror. i really mean this. you are worth more than that. do not let go of your power. i know that you think this feels so good and so right but it is all wrong and god put us here to be happy and not miserable. these men do not love themselves they are just getting what you are allowing them to have and that is your power. stand up and repent and start a new and wonderful life getting to know yourselves and faithfully do this. i assure you it will pay off in the end. like you all, i had to wake up and take a stand and get my life back that i allowed this man to do to me which was to steal my joy, my peace , my happiness and my time. life is too short, don't settle for less but for what god himself has waiting for you. it is much better than this sinful lust of a minute of what we think feels so right but wrong! take back your life and move forward... you will have better sleeping nights.
falling in love to a married man is a mistake, but it is be able to happen. love is blind. you may love him but you must not ask him to love you because it means that you hurt his wife.
i seriously have made more than one married man fall in love with me. and i have never told them that i love them. i just make them fall in love with me for fun. but the thing is that i am falling in love with one married man who is a lawyer. but the thing is that he is not falling in love with me. i know that i have made many mistakes, of making those innocent married man fall for me, but i really love this one guy... but i don't know what to do...
in my life there are always men who already married they fallen for me.i always get frustrated with this kind of fate because i prevent myself to hurt their wives.but recently i fallen a lawyer which he is married too.i never ever give a chance to a guy who is married but today im facing the changes of myself. i cant help to draw my feeling from him....hope i will get over it
Not true, I met a deeply unhappy married man who did leave his wife, and ten years later we are still together and very much in love.
I just had a baby by a married man, it was obviously not planned. But, even though i have his only child and he has said for a year that he doesn't love her, she doesn't make him happy, he is still with her. The best thing to do is walk away while you still can, I should've, now I can't and I can never describe the way it makes me feel when I'm sitting here holding our baby and knowing that he is at home in bed with her.
im seeing a married man,yes im enlove with him and no it wasnt planned and i feel guilty but hes seperated from her so i guess its not too bad right??dont kid yourself..this is painful and i know it has to end sooner or later as i do feel guilty after all he seems insensitive to his daughter parading me around in front of her...these men are selfish so we should all dump them before we end up dumped by them and hurt...these men are expert liers it seems...he tells me he cant commit to me because his daughter comes first..haha he must think i believe his lies!!no they just building up so when i walk away they will be good reminders of the bad....when i have the strength to walk away..and i will
you are just saying that because you never experience but how about women who are truly suffering fr this kind of problem who can resist to fall in love w/ a married man and can hardly avoid him as much as she wanted to do it. It is so damn painful to be in love and as painful & difficult to forget him.
Me too, im in love with my supervisor. The rumor continued in the office and so I have to resign for the sake that they leave us all behind.Im 25, my best is 32 married and with 2 children. the relationship doesn't include money matters. I slept with his family. Though I find it hard seeing them so sweet in front of me, still I can't convince myself to leave them-specially him. I know im bad..but I dont want o be d 1 to be hurt. I dont wana lose him either, though I know the fact that he'll nver leave his family out of me. This relationship became stronger when my ex-boyfriend left me out of nothing. Im afraid to be left again.Sorry but I love Him.
I guess karma's a ugly huh? what goes around always comes around. Stop being a homewrecker and meet a single man..
i m in a relationship wid a married man..hez a lawyer...n v love eacher a lot...v get physical sumtyms...n watevr happens den is awesome..!!!
one thng i hav noticed is dat dis man knws wat a woman desires...n wat she wants in bed very well...n i really love dis!!
i'm in love with a married man i meet him one year ago he's my boss 2 years younger than me when he asked me out i knew he was married but we went out as a friend but after that we started txting he told me alot of things bout his wife that he doesnt love her they dontsleep in the same bed no love she's just staying with him cause of the baby... i tried many times i pushed him i didnt talk to him i told cant do this not when ur married but again he didnt let go he started telling me that he loves me he wants to b part of my life... he begged me to let him into my life and i did... yesterday was a year us being together but lately i have notice little changes i feel like he wants her but he wants me as well.. he cant let her go if she does she will take the baby with her but he loves being with me he doesnt let me go... its crazy ive never thought i would fall for married man but i did... now i can't let him go!!!!
Married Men= bad news! They lie, lie then lie more. They will drag you along for many years until you finally get to the point of leaving. Then you have wasted 5, 10 or more years of your life. They will not leave their wives! You will suffer unbearable pain from a married man. Be smart..leave if you are in one...and never get involved with one.
sweetie you cant say never did cheat if you slept with another man..... i believe youre into him more cuz he either shows you more attention and praises you more or no offense im just being real he pleasures you better in bed then your husband.......remember the the 80/20 rule majority of every marriage is never gonna be a 100% so whats missing people look for outside of the marriage like love, someone to talk to etc just do what makes you happy thats all its about
listen ladies, why settle with something that is not your's? why be the other woman, putting yourself last or a side line whoe.. you dont want to do that.. they just want there cake and eat it too...and as long as you giving them the cookies, they are going to have it.. your relationship is not going to be nothing more than a loveual fling. unless thats all you want.. trust me wifey comes first, yeah i am a little bitter, my husband left me for another woman.. but hey he still paying for it now.. and it's called ALIMONY. yes he taking care of me, and i dont haft to take care of him.. in anyway.. but for real ladies yall are worth more than that. nothing will never come out good with that situation. it hurts not having something that you cant have.. or when u are alone, and u want to be with him, and u cant because he is with his wife..cant do public things because u are to busy wondering if someone sees you.. cant call him when you want, why?because you got to respect the wifey, respect their home, and you know what more than likely you are going to do it because you dont want to make the Mr. unhappy, naanaaaa booo not me.. listen it's nothing like your own.. leave somebody else's alone... and you will be happier.
I too am in the same boat as maryane we can't seem to let go... I've been with him living with him for over a year til last week... He whent back to Austin and yet he told me yesterday he's not gonna break it off... I know in my <3 we are still in love.... He is there for his kids...
Im very much inlv wit a hot n handsum maried i cnt col hm da whl wikend coz he is wit hs wife n family.i hv 2 only w8 4 hm 2 col me,dis is so pynful n hurting bt yet i stil cry my self 2 slip empty inside wishng he culd cuddle inlv
I left my first love 16 years ago and married someone else. We both got married now and still love each other. He waited for opportunities to get back with me even after I had my child. He finally got married after I had my third child. All this years, I never stopped loving him. Now I'm divorced and missed him more and more. I don't want to mess up his marriage. So I refused to meet with him. He told me he will not contact me anymore if I don't see him in person. At the same time, I feel guilty to his wife and kids. He sent me their wedding picture when they first got married. His wife is better than me in many ways, she is very pretty and have a very good job. One of the reason I left him is because I felt he was too good for me. I really want his keep a part of his heart for me. I miss him very much and cried at night all the time. I don't think I can live without keeping the dream with him. Will he continue to love me if I meet with him?
I am in love with a married man. I am 19 and he is 65 and I love him more than anything and I continue to love him more every day. We have this special click.. He is a farmer and I visit him at his house. I have been visiting him for 3 years now. His wife doesn't appreciate when I come over...and he tells me to be careful when I do, but he does not lie to her if she asks about me visiting. Sometimes she goes on vacations to visit their children in other states. He lets me come into his house and we converse. We always have intense hugs, and he kissed me one time. He kissed me. but otherwise we have not had love or anything. I have recently told him that I have feelings for him and he accepted it. He wanted to talk but I was too nervous so I said I didn't want to talk about it. I am starting to like him more and more every day. He is not using me for the love, he isn't like that. He's an honest man. We have this special connection, and its not about the love or the sneaking around. I can't explain it. but i'm falling and I know this is bad. but its too late for me to catch myself.
HOW HAVE THINGS ENDED UP WITH YOUR AND YOUR GENTLEMAN FRIEND, Ashley? Did you ever sit down and tallk about it with him? Have you acted on your feelings?
it is not wrong to fall in love with married man
I celebrated my advance birthday with him,from the beginning till I've fallen in love with a married man somehow still unable 2 resist him he's like my everything who build up my confidence last year & yesterday he had told me he won't leave his family they're his everything 2 him.I'm trying 2 let go,I'll try no matter how hard cos I just can't have the heart 2 break his family apart.
i am in the same boat we talk everynight and tell each other we still love each other but its not the right time to get back together i miss him so much it hurts he treated me like gold and he says his wife hates him he dosent deserve that
please ladies I’m one of them men. when I first met nick she was 21 I was 30. I made the choice of my little 4 year old girl over her. wish with all my heart I didn’t. but Kath needed a dad over dad lover. 15 years later we back together and all I wanting is the word. I will show her my love for the rest of my life. my daughter is 19 now got a life of her own. now it’s dads turn to say sorry to his first love. 1. from the day I said no to her god did I regret it 2. not a week has gone past in the last 14 years that I’ve not forgot her. 3. not a week gone past that I didn’t love her. 4. and 4 is the last one cos this is going to happen until the day I die I’m going to tell her I’m sorry for picking my little one over her. going to say I love you every day till time runs out. give her a kiss saying I love you. every day till we go!! now all I’m saying is not all men are tossers????? ok we all are. But some can and do change not all of use just the odd ones LIKE me  It don’t matter what I say men will still be and will use you fairer lovees On behalf of all the tossers out there SORRY LADIES
and now we`re together , sometimes there are happy endings xx
to all the people who say that it wrong to fall in love with a married man u dont completely undestand untill ti has happened to you i am currently falling in love with a married man and to tell u the truth i know that i need to stop but i dont think i want to i enjoy the attention and the affetion he gives me i have never feelt this way before i just went through a break up of a seven yr realtionship with my sons fauther and in a way i feel like if he hadnt come along when he did i would have went back into that terrible relationship he helped me to see what i was supposed to be treted like and how things could be in my life and for that i will never forget him i know in my mind that this is not forever but while it is i want to enjoy it becouse i do deserve to b happy you see he is in town with a company he works for and has been for months he only recently left town for a few weeks but will b back angain soon for anouther two months and while hes here hes all mine. the only thing about it that bothers me is that he denies being married and doesnt know that i know he is married you see i work at the front desk of the hotel that he stays at when he is in town and once his wife called and stated that she had seen his phone over the weekend and saw messages from me in it when i comfronted him about it he gave me a lame excuse about his roomate was mad at him and he must have had one of his friends call of course i didnt believe him at first but after a while i kinda started to he made it sound soo believable but one day his boss came up and asked me to fax some of hte guys paperwork over to the office and me being nosie looked through it to find is and right on that paper plain as day in his handwriting und benificiary it says her name and next to it on the line labeled relationship WIFE i was not supprised considering the circomstances and in the long run chose not to confront him about it which im not sure if this is the right decision becouse i want him to know that i know we would sure have alot more to talk about seeing as i went facebook stalking and he also lied about his children and some other things the man is 16 yr my senior forgot to mention that...but the moral of what i am trying to say is dont judge someone unles u have walked in theyre shoes becouse u have no idea.....
I'm a teen and i met this teacher who is handsome and is so down to earth.but then he got married during this year and i kind of didn't expect it. we got along this year and we were very close, but i just don't know what to do. i actually still have feelings for him and i still love him but i don't wanna ruin anything.what should i do? i need help.
i love you still , always have always will xx
my husband left me for the woman i caught him cheating with after 27 years so do't say the husband would not leave the wife he did
Hi you fell in love with a married man well dont get all upset this happens and your right you fell in love its okay. I know a friend who has been seeing a married guy for six years and shes married too and they were caught but they still see each other once a week
I am currently in love with a married man. We are both muslim and we know we are wrong. Yes he is allowed to have more than one wife in his religion but that doesnt mean his wife will accept it. He told her he was in love with me but she told him that she could never see him with another woman. He has two kids with her. If he was to marry me against her his life would be hell in that hopuse. I would never want that for him. I keep thinking maybe one day he will get the courage to just tell her,"I am going to marry her." But deep down inside I don't think he will. I'm only 20 so I'm sure I will find someone else, but I'm so impatient.ugh
I,m currently involved with a married man - at - work and I think I'm even falling in love with him but we have not yet had any loveual contact because we haven't found a private place that we can meet for love and finally he's decided he wants to book us into a hotel so we can finally make love...I do not want to come between him and his Family but I can't ignore my feelings for this Man...What should I do?
I have fallen in love with a married man and we have been dating for 6 months, he has taken a liking to my elder family as if he was mine. We make love every chance we get sometimes its 3x a week. im not sure of what i am doing and i know he loves me as much if not more than i love him. I just have a question do he still love his wife? He has been with her since high school and he is 41 yrs old.
Hey Sara, So the same thing happened to me while I was in school, the teacher I was crushing on got married and I decided I had better move on. Now, 3 years later we struck up a friendship that is getting a bit steamy (he is still married). I suppose it depends what you're looking for. Are you hoping he will leave his wife for you? Or do you just want to have a bit of fun. But just be careful, you don't want to end up as a home wrecker.
I am falling hard for a married man. He is 34, and I am 18. He goes to my church, and he always gives me signals that he wants me. I don't want to committ adultery, but he is so tempting! I babysit his kids, which gives us more time to socialize outside of church, that being the number one way we can talk. He sends me sweet texts and he makes me feel on top of the world. He has brought up divorcing his wife, but here's the thing.. there's two kids involved. They are agese 7 and 3. They love me to death and they say I am the best. I don't want to come in the way because there are kids involved, but I really love him and I wanna be with him. What should I do? :(
Ladies let me just say that married men aren't always telling the truth. My hubby is sleeping around and every girl he is with, gets the same story. His wife (me) was a cold ugly who mistreated him. Well that is simply not true. I treated him lime a king. So when he says his wife doesn't understand him, do a little investigating. He may just be out follojnv around because he is a pig.
Kambrie... i have the problem as you... he's 37 and im 20.. i love to death but he has 4 kids with his wife and i dont know what to do!!! :-(. we have been dating last 6 months... he keep telling me that he loves me... n i love him but the kids and the wife... r killing me and i dont knw what to do either!!
I fell in love with a married man six years ago. I am also married and even though I walked away from the relationship, he still tries to keep in touch. I yearn for this man everyday, mentally and physically. To those of us who have been there, it is a feeling that no one else that hasn't been there can't understand. I still love this man and one day we will be a part of each others lives.
Never, never, desire to fall in love w/ a married man nor anyone unavailable! If you do fall in love ( bc it happens naturally) don't make it your goal to pry him from his wife. We can't help who we are attracted to or can we controll that incredible Chemistry that's there from the beginning. I'm talking
about a chemistry that u never knew could exist bt two people. It's soothing and liberating and NEW to u. But, the reality is this person chose to committ to someone
b4 u came along.
We all make choices and sometimes in hind sight it may have not have been the best, but we still live with those decisions alot of the times. Marriages are no
different. You marry a person bc u feel that that individual is who u want to b with forever. Later u cross paths with someone else u wished u would have waited for.
Being around them feels really good and it's exciting. Well, too late. Their worlds are woven, there are children, investments, shared heartaches, in addition to some
really good times. New memories are still being created daily. I became attracted to a man who never said he was unavailable nor married, but I knew in my heart he was. He did't have to confirm it or me and I did't ask. The chemistry was so enjoyable we just kept coming around each other. I don't want to b in this relationship like this and his eyes shows his guilt often times we're together. I'm. Praying his relationship b restored 2 where it was in the beginning and that I remove myself from him. He needs to give her his 100% and I deserve that for myself. I'm a single parent and I want no women to suffer the hardships associated with that. His ass needs to b there all the tie, on the front lines, giving their kids all there is to give. Each day is a struggle for me but I'm putting distance bt us and I can sense him pulling away. That's good. I don't want his wife's man for myself. When we r together we r so nervous and scared. We both recognize our wrong but it's drawing to a close. I can have this with someone else who can give me so much more. We respect each other and have never justified our wrong doing. I'm letting this go for the sake of doing right not just for me but all three. Give them back, mature from these experiences and move on. I'm a great person and I love me. I've made a mistake but righting my wrong is what we woman must do.
Hi there,

I also have a severe problem! I think i've fallen in love with a married man! I don't know what to do! He's a doctor, who works the night shift at a local hospital.

The first time i met him, i thought he was just plain cocky! Then after he performed the surgery he had to do on me, i noticed his sweating body... at that moment I felt Lust, i believe, and decided i was just crushing on him. Dr. Jacobey thats his name! While on the surgery, out of nerves, i asked if he could give me something to squeez, but he didn't pay attention, at first. Then i grabbed him by the arm as he peirced my skin with a needle. He chuckled a bit and turned to me, all that time i was chanting "It does'nt hurt, it does't hurt!" (The surgery was minor, i had my clothes on and was fully awake.) He would chuckle and smile while i chanted to myself, then after sometime he began to chant with me.

After the surgery was over, he let me go, and at that moment i huged him! I don't know why, my body just moved!

The next time i saw him i began to smile at him, he would look back and be serious but realize it was me and then give me a full grin!

after sometime i had to stay in the hospital, and he would let me be around him!

Thats when i started to fall!

He would let me follow him, his eyes would glisten when i would walk into the E.R, all the nurses were suprised that he was actually smiling.

I haven't told him anything yet, but i know he's atleast intrested in me, I've sp;ent alot of time with him! I even helped him with a paitent! he uses athority, but whenever theres a chance he sits down and talkes to me, and whenever hes going somewhere and he sees me, he just tilts his head a bit and, calles me over! I innocently point at myself and he just noddes and smiles.

He is very nice and convincing, and whenever i walk into the E.R he quickly spots me and walks over to me! I know hes attracted to me, and i feel im in love, How? He makes me feel aroused, and i who have witnessed a rape, don't get easly aroused by anything!

I need help! I have to see him this Thursday, and yesterday i talked to him by phone! Im 16 and he's 32, He has 2 Beautiful ddaughters one 6, and one 4. I haven't met the wife, but he invites me for dinner! im scared and worried, emotionaly sick, and i need someone to help! i've looked up tone of info on how to get a man to leave his wife, but im not convinced!

So please! help!!
I too am in love with a married man. We don't talk everyday or see each other that much like some do . Our relationship is a lot of love but when we do talk we talk about everything. I know about his financial difficulties and his family. I am just now beginning to realize and understand that I deserve more than he can give . I deserve to be # 1 not #2.......problem is I just can't seem to let go if him....,I love him and I could kick myself in the butt everyday for letting that happen....I have tried to let go but I get a sick feeling in my stomach and then I'm back to square 1. Help please
I am in love with a married man who has alittle child only tow yrs old i also get the sick feeling when i think of letting this man leave my life and it hurts why do we do this to ourselves i belive that we see these men not as married men but just as a manwe are attracted to and then befor u know it u love him u spend all ur time thinking maby he will leave her for u and sometimes they do it is possible to meet ur real love of life after u married someoneels so this is my help idea hope it helps but it does require a big risk u tell him how u feel put ur self out there and he may or may not feel the way u do however u may find ur self crazy lucky happy when u find out he wants to be with u or crushed as if he feels different however u will be helping ur self im no expert this is just my thoughts on ur situation
Hi guys, i m a young girl of 21 years old, and i ve experienced a love relationship with my married teacher,i was a student at the university that time,i was attracted to him frim the first time i saw him,he is too gorgeous and nice,i was robustfully attracted to him and it was the same thing for him,i was aiming that he will his wife for me because i was the one who stengthen his ego inaddition to that i was beautiful and the young and he was the old and lonely!At the end he left me broken hearted and a loser!The priblem is clearly he likes me but he not marry me because he does not want to hurt his children who r my peers!i left him after 3years of hopes and dreams since i comfirmed loveual his intentions towards me and that there was no expetation that he will come down to me as the second wife due to the Islam religion,for the moment i feel dark and terrible but i know that my decision was the only one solution to resolve this trauma and move on with my life!Guys,the great lesson that i ve learned from this nightmare is that the girl will be the only one loser in this game, as the girl involves her heart in love she will head up blindly without logical thoughts in comparison to the clever mind that the men had!Please stay away from married men because you girls will be the victims who ll be hunted easily if you dont open your eyes widely!A married man ll not leave his wife for you unless he truly loves you and he do thing like leaving her or divorsing her wif and believe me he do sth if you mean sth to him!If not don t waste your time, the results are neat!he ll act the role of the player in a very proffessional way!Look;he is already attached and he know how to persuade and trick young women!I say this from a BROKEN HEART and it is too hard for me to forget about him evn he was hurt when i cut all the types of contacts,I was wasting my time and i don t want any woman to go through my wrong path!i love everybody take care and i trying to struggle my feelings on purpose of turning the dark scary and shatterd page of this annoying story.
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