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i like this guy and i really want to know if you can give me some tips on how to make a guy fall head over heals for you. i want him to love me forever and ever. he is so beautiful and i love him, so i want him to love me back. thanks
what do you do when your boyfriend tell you that you are not all that?
ok. there is this guy that i really like and we have messed around, but he still keeps coming back 4 more. i know he has feelings for me but i am too scared to let him know that i have feelings for him. if he didn't he wouldn't come every time i call right? well please let me know what to do before it's too late.
im faling in love with aguy but i dont know exactly if he realy loves me.
we cant c each othor at all cuz every one is in his company i just c him every tuseday when he come to our company to fix our computers.

and one of these days when i went with him to say godbye to him in the elavators he give me soft kiss.

another thing,we calling each other in agood way just at night but the other times our calls not more than 5 min.

he always ask me to give him the chance to make a plane to c each other but realy i dont know.
these days we had some problems with each other,and the cause is from me cuz i cant complete any more every day i miss him more than the other.

plz give me a long advice

what can i do???
hey, i like this guy a lotttt, he's a couple of months younger, he doesnt seem interested at all! but he is also kind of shy! i want him to fall head over heals for me, cuz i'm going crazy about him!
okay i met this guy we have known each other a long time we dated before in high school well he just got his divorce a couple of days ago we had been talking alot and hanging out well he says he dont want a releationship right now and then he also says that i am the only girl he is talking to he says he really likes me and he also took me to meet his parents well he hasnt called in a couple of days and i really care for him i have always liked him i dont want to call him but i am missin him real bad i dunno what to do???
there's this guy i go to school with & i'm in love with him, but i don't think he notices me that much. we take a kickboxing class 2gether & he talks to me there but he doesn't talk to me that much at school.
well i really like this fact i am in love with him... but he doesnt seem to notice me or anything but i want him to.... i want to be apart of his life even thoe i am only in the 7th grade.....
ok well i really like like this guy but i dont think anybody is instessted and like ya but i was wondering got any tips to make me look pretty make up tips hair styels and clothes and outfits please help
help me he is so so hot i really need tips how do i act around him cause i get nervous wat do i say and do i need to look pretty please help me now help help help
how to make a guy like me better
okay me and this boy we was going out but now we dont cause he say he hate me cause i wont give him sexy. but yet he talks about me to his friends in a mean way not really kinda like playing kinda and he looks at me with these eyes like he wants me how would i know thanks
right. firstly the main rule is to have confidence. when your around him think in yourself that you are gorgeous and have everything under control. this will make you come off as cool and collected. secondly do not sleep with the guy straight away. this is the most important. usually you should use the xx day rule or the y month rule. if you give in to a guy straight away he will lose interest knowing he has got what he wanted. make him wait, and it will be better also as you will want eachother more! rule number 3 , play hard to get. when he wants to see you, be unavailable. make him work hard to get you. a guy loves a chase! rule number 4, buy a very nice perfume, when he smells your perfume often, in the car, out or on his pillow, it will drive him crazy and make him fall for you.

finally, at first never dig into your past and tell all, eg ex boyfreinds, family issues.

keep it interesting yet mysterious.
trust me, he will be wrapped around your little finger.
well honestly if you only want him cause he's beautiful and you want him is the wrong reason. but i get where your going at girl cause i'm in the same delema..i was sorta hoping to find out the answer on the net. cause there's this guy, he's my bestfriend and like i've liked him before he became that. i say bestfriend cause he's know everything i've been through and i know what he's been through..anyyways yeah i've had this crush for some time now, and like it goes way sometimes but i know it always comes back..theres a saying if you can't beat it join it.. riight soo now i'm trying to find out ways to make him notice me but make it seem like i'm not interested haha you know..soo i say be diffrent from all the girls he talks to you about (if you talk to him)..guys like girls that they've never had before, and also make yourself so that he can sometimes have you, or you he can't..guys like what they can't have...hahaha they should work..myself..i do try them, but its not a purpose...yes i hate taking my own i'm complicating but yeah it should
so theres this guy, and i've liked him for sometime now, it always bothers me knowing he likes these girls and stuff..but like being the person i am i help im out, and like tell him to go for it...i can't keep stabbing myself in the heart anymore..please tell him how to get rid of this crush, that won't jepoerdis the friendship that me and him have..cause honestly if you suggest stop beign friends with way thats gonna happen cause i'm the only girl he goes to for all i want for him is to be happy you know..i've asked my friends they suggest just tell him..but how can if knowing he's about to do the same for another..please help me..what should i do..
me and this guy really really like each other but he has this friend thats a girl. theyev been friends for 3 years they dated but he said it didnt work out for him but she stills in love with him but he told her that he doesnt love her. and now hes getting invovled with me but hangs out with sometimes. and she knows about me but thats it he doesnt say anymore about me. if we go out and she asks what he did he lies because he says he doesnt want to hurt her. i really like this guy and i want him to my self how do i make myself the only one he thinks about? and how do i make him just be friends with her and nothing else going on with them 2? when i ask what they did when they hung he tells me but i want this to be crazy about and the only one his mind at all times not her.
this guy is my ex-boyfriend and am still in love with him but the thing is i am not very sure if he loves me so i want you to give me some tips on what to do to make him fall head heals over me
dude, for me, i usually dont tell guys i like them, i give them hints now and then. i dont want to get too jumpy and scare them off. i try to be friends with his friends and it wokred. becuase since his friends always hang wid him, i became their friends so i'll be aorund him alot. just be yourslef and he'll fall for yah
if you truely like this guy, be yourself around him. and then tell him how you feel. if he doesn't love you for you then its time to stop the infatuation and move on to the next guy. they come and go. sooner or later you'll be bound to get one that you can keep for life.
i still love my ex-boyfriend..for 2 yrs of our relationship...and almost 1 yr of brokeup..we still attached to each other..i want him to come bak to me agen..we stil have communcation but we are afraid of such thing like our parents decision..wat shud i do now?
you need to stand out from the crowd. if you stop talking about what everybody else talks about (how was work/school, what are you doing, how are you, etc.) he'll have fun talking to you and want to know more about you. he will start favoring you over others and maybe he'll call you. don't constantly call him or wat for his calls. most likely, he wants a confident women, not an anxious little girl. just be a litrtle flirty, but not just to him. do that to everyone, that way he dosen't know that you want him, yet he will want more. don't be a drama queen infront of him, guys hate that. they want rational, not emotional. don't go to him for all of your problems, but share with him things that are going on in your life. that way he knows you trust him. (do this after he starts engaging in conversations with you, or else he will feel akward) be kinda silly and goofy, guys love humor!!! don't expect him to love you right away, but if he starts to notice you, than things are going well. if you nee anymore advice about anything, i will be here. just post a comment that has the word shadow at the end of the comment.
dont tell him how u feel ull look needy, i know from experience act like u dont care
why don't you just tell him how you feel.or does he even know you love him?
men r terrible my dear.they keep you thinking until ur head exploses and they will later say they love you wen they are either sleeping around or hanging out wiv their friends.dats so unfair.
i am sort of seeing this guy.... we meet online, been chatting and talking on the phone.... we meet on my birthday and since then we hang out from time to time and spend special time together.... he tells me often he loves me but doesn't want to hurt or make me fall in love with him.... i don't know what to think....
hey yal,

theres this rl ft gy in mii form and i rl fancy him

what can i do/say/wear to make him like me.

should i wear make-up ...

pleaseeee help me

how do i make a guy that i just met fall for me
hi i am currently seeing a man and i really do like him.
the man i am seeing is married and he has 3 childeren but he is always telling me that he is not happy with her and that she is going to move out but i have not been seeing him that long only for about 2 weeks i just dont want to get too close and then him hurt me but he sent me a txt the other day saying " marie i dont want to give you everything meaning my heart and then you break it i relly want to be with you and i want to fall in love with you " but i never really know what to say to him and i dont know how to start a conversation with him can you help me please thankyou
i love my x i know i should move on but yet i belive i have a chance. i already tried getting back. he always puts me down. what should i do?
the first thing men tend to notice is your physical appearance (unless you met him when he fell in your arms and you saved his life when falling off the sixth floor-she is the one who saved my life!)...
what you need to do is:
1.fix your self up. make up is not always necessary, but dress appropriately and elegantly, whether its sporty clothes or expensive suit - as long as you are neat and you look after yourself.
2. be clean and wear a very nice perfume. use only 1 kind of perfume. when you pass him by and you trap him psycologically, he will be reminded of you when he smells that smell somewhere else.
3. be on your best behaviour. never expect things to happen, go with the flow when it comes to meeting and talking to people and in 1 way or another, if he is in your mind, you will both get to each other.
4. when you meet him, show him you are confident, snart, fun, funny, mysterious, simple yet complex and can "click" with him. never mumble or stumble.
5. when talking to him, look into his eyes! try to see if his pupils dilate - that will prove he is interested or will make him become interested.

capture him mentally after he notices you physically :) make him believe you are the one! ;)

i am extremely attracted to my director at work. i get the sense he is interested but from what others told me, turns out he is unfortunately in a relationship. good luck with your man my dear!
be confident, stand above all the other girls. & if he doesn't notice you or he doesn't take interest, then he isn't worth your time. & don't let it get to you, get out there. do somethingg fun & don't sit around on you body & pityy yourself, becuase tht makes everythingg hella worse.
hunny you need to be yourself if he loves and likes you for who you are then he is not the man for you. i tried that whole head over heels trick with my boyfriend and he looked at me square in the eye and said "baby i am already head over heels for you and theres nothing more you can do about it" let hi see the true you and i a sure you will see if he was ment to be for you or if your guy is still out there.

good luck
i love someone but he dont love me ,, i misinterpret his love for me .. he want me to be friends only but i want him to be my boyfriend ..
i like a guy, who also likes me. but, he doesn't have the guts to tell his feelings for me. how to make him admit that he loves me?
there is this rly amazing boy i know i am crazy for him he likes me but how can i get him closer to me in a couple days ive cryed for him im truly in love i think and i need help
Ok heres the thing to going with out oh i love u to tell him. i have a bf im in 6th grade ok first when u talk to him look in his eyes confident and hot. next when ur talking to another guy touch them shoulder, neck wrap ur arm around their neck or waist when hes looking that means u do have a heart that needs filling talk to one of his friends talk to them see if they can spill who he likes and if they can talk good about u thats all i did of course im a regulation hottie haha now hes my bf
i know this guy and i really like him but i dunno if he likes me back
Okay there is this guy that I like and he really don't like me so much in that way, but sometimes he wants to hang out and stuff, how do I make him head over hills for me?
i like this guy the work at wendy i see him every other day i never talk to him onli wen he take my order all i want to know if he like me i think he does iam not sure.
So i like this guy, and he has had a bad history, so we were talking for a while and he would hate seeing other guys flirting with me. So then I found a hickey on his neck and after that i told him to leave me alone and so he did its been 2 months and he came back to me begging me to give him another chance telling me he needs me and all this other bs. Idk what to do?!
i like you but i don,t know if like me love you i,m sorry about i love you thing any way bye.
i really don't get boys/ ughhhh. so i tell my friend to ask him if he likes me but then he says no and then he goes does she like me??? and he asked that about 3 times . so now im like awhhhh . he doesnt like me but then why would he care if i like himmmm??? helppp please <3
hey i like this boy but i dont no how to tell him and im not sore that he likes me what do i do plz help ! :L
You can never really know until u ask him if he likes you. the same thing happened to me, when i told my friend to ask the guy for me, (if he liked me ) and he said no. Guys don't really feel comfortable telling ur friends that personal stuff. Maybe talk to one of his friends? or get to know him (if u don't already) and ask him in Person!! good luck :)
Okay Marie, I read your problem.....even though it was 2 years ago I think you should hear this. If this guy is married, has kids at home,then there must be something every wrong with this man. Marie he might say he loves you though he might really leave you like he will or did with his wife. If you wait and show your true colors to the world you will find that love of your life, and you will get that fairy tale ending every girl has been dreaming of. think about it, mimi
I really really like this guy at my school and he looks at me everyday and when i catch him looking at me he turns away quickly then when i look away he looks at me again. what does this mean????
please am a girl and i dont know how to fall in love with a guy and whenever i do they just leave me behind and go for my friend or someone close to me please give me an advise
all you have to do is be nice not super nice just kinda when you see him say oh nice shirt and the walk away say nothing else give him side smiles not for long just a short glance it works
HE LIKES U!!!!!!!!
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