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if you have turbopanel by godaddy, this is how i installed my ssl certificate. you can only have one. so if you are wondering how many certificates are you allowed to install in a server, the answer is one, they told me i can install multiple, but it doesnt work.

here are my notes:

Purchasing Secure Certificates:
Click here to purchase a Secure Certificate

go to your account, you will see at the top it says:

To apply a SSL credit, click on "Use Credit".

Standard (Turbo) SSL (2 Years) Use Credit (1 Avail)

click on where it says: Use Credit

on the right will say: Choose from your available credit(s):

click continue

refresh page and a link will say:
New Certificate
Standard (Turbo) SSL (2 Years) 12/2/2010 Manage Certificate

click on Manage Certificate

on the new window, you will see: Use Certificate Credits
[] select: x year standard ssl
[] select: On a, Inc. dedicated or virtual dedicated server account (using Simple Control Panel).

Choose the destination for the new certificate: fill out form is correct and click continue
Account *
Domain/commonName:* ENTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME

[] check: I warrant and represent that I am the registrant, or an authorized representative of the registrant, for the domain name associated with this certificate request.

when you hit submit: you will get a message:

Confirm Certificate Information

Your certificate information is displayed to the right.
Please review the listed information carefully.

Click "Confirm" to confirm the information and proceed to the next step in your certificate request process.

Click "Back" to return to the certificate-management page.

check if information is correct and click confirm

you will see:

Thank You! Your certificate-request information has been submitted.

What Happens Next? Frequently Asked Questions

An e-mail message has been generated and sent to the administrative and registrant contacts for the Internet domain in the certificate request: [ ].

In order for Go Daddy® to verify domain control the recipient must approve this certificate request. If the administrative/registrant contact fails to approve the certificate request, the request will be denied. If contact information is not provided by Whois or does not match, you may instead request a Domain Authorization Letter from your domain registrar and submit the letter to us.

Once the authorization contact has approved the certificate request Go Daddy will screen the submitted information for fraud.

If all documentation is valid, Go Daddy will finish the authentication process and issue your Web Server Certificate immediately. Your certificate will be automatically installed on your Web site..

now click on HOME at the top menu and you will see:

Pending Certificates
cancel pending certificate CSR being generated...

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