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how to hurt someone who broke your heart make them pay for hurting you
so how do you get even with someone who just broke your heart? i was going out with this guy and he cheated on me. its the worst feeling. so now i feel the pain of disappointment and i want to get even with him for breaking my heart but how do i do it. i thought of many ways to hurt him back, one being by making him jealous. there is another guy who i know likes me and i thought about going out with him just to make him jealous. but i don't want to play with an innocent guy just because that jerk hurt me.

and you, why do you want to hurt that person?

The best revenge is "SILENCE"!!!!
I dated a guy for 5 years since I was 15 years old. I was completely head over heels in love with him. The first 3 years that we dated, he became extremely abusive verbally and physically.. i ended up being hospitalized twice... lived with him for part of the time and spent nights sleeping in my car because i didnt want to be dragged out of bed to get beat up. I was so inlove with him that I couldnt leave him. Finally, i said enough was enough. I left him and moved to california for a year and didnt speak to him a single time during that year. I came to find out during the time that we had dated he had also been talking to a bunch of other girls and going out to their houses while i had basically dedicated my whole life to him. It made me so sick. I hated him. When I moved back, he begged me on his hands and knees to come back to him. Said he would do anything....... THIS IS HOW I GOT BACK AT HIM-----> (you can only truly get back at them if they TRULY want you back) 1. you need to have absolutely NO feelings for them. if its revenge you want, there is no love in revenge. train yourself from the start to cut off all emotion towards this person. absolute emotional numbness is essential. 2. make it known that BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS you dont give a sh*t about them anymore. the smallest thing that they do wrong, dont talk to them for a week. dont answer their calls/texts. dont even explain why your not talking to them. just immediately after they do something wrong.. turn, walk away, or drive home, and dont say a word. theyll know what they did. and it will drive them nuts to not be able to talk to you about it. 3. let them know your interested in other guys. tell them that your talking to some other guys right now and you dont wanna jump back into anything with them and risk it turning up the way it did the first time around. 4. make it known that YOU DONT BELIEVE THAT THEYVE CHANGED so that they go the extra miles to "prove that they have" 5. PERSONAL SPACE IS SOOO IMPORTANT. hang out with this person a maximum of 3x week. fill the rest of your time with activities with other people so you A) arent as likely to catch feelings for him again B) seem unavailable to him C) have a chance to actually get to know new guys while ripping your ex to shreds 6. NEVER CRY IN FRONT OF HIM AGAIN. he needs to know that nothing he does or says affects you in ANY way anymore. he doesnt have that power. and when HE cries to YOU, which trust me, if you do the above then he will..... dont comfort him. dont even look at him while hes crying. just say "look, im not gonna sit here while you cry. im sorry your hurt, but i cant feel sorry for you after how youve treated me in the past. get it together or im going to leave" and then LEAVE, GIRL. 7. LET YOUR WORD BE YOUR WORD.... in other words.. no empty threats. when you say something to him like "if you hang up on me then im not gonna talk to you for a week" DO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE FOR A WHOLE WEEK. if you say "if you do this then im walking home" YOU WALK YOUR A*S HOME, GIRL. when he sees that you follow through with your threats, he will take them more seriously and will be more careful with what he does. when he realizes that you dont mess around, the minute the words "i wont pick up my phone for a week" come out of your mouth, hell cry and beg and apologize RIGHT THEN AND THERE before you hang up that phone on his sorry a*s. 8. LASTLY, leave him. by this time, hell be a complete emotional needy mess kneeling at your feet. when you tell him he's "just not what your looking for" (which is EXACTLY what you should say because it makes him feel inadequate and makes you sound completely emotionally detatched) his heart will fall out of his chest, bury itself in the dirt, and stay there forever. he will be relationshiply challenged for the rest of his life. cheers to that, ladies
Siera you hit it on the nail, oh gosh i feel so empowered right now.....feel like saying AMEN!!!
What if kids R involve n u resent live together
I was with my Ex for 7yrs. married 6 mo. now she wants a divorce. I have raised her son since he was 2 1/2, he is 10 now.... and we also have a son in common who is 4yrs. This is KILLING me! i dont know what i should do..... i want our marriage to work, but i dont know if she feels the same way.. I was the caretaker - at - home with the kids everyday doing homework and all the schooling and I am so scared I am gonna lose everything... What should I do? Any Ideas help...
Girls please don't think its only guys that cheat. I was in a long term relationship with a girl who considered herself sweet and adorable while hurting every single boyfriend she's ever had. She had hurt 4 guys before quite horribly(the grisly details are sickening) and then used a friends friend for love(later she claimed he only dry h***ed him). Then she was in a relationship with me for a year and a half. Later i found a few inappropriate emails she sent her first ex discussing the things she'd have done in bed with him if alone they had the space. This happened while i was seriously ill and was spoon feds stories by her of how much she loved me. When she got to know i saw those mails she became crazy apologetic and got me believing she actually regretted her actions. After that she became paranoid thinking that any fight we had was somehow related to the emails even though i never mentioned it again. So after a minor fight she went to see the ex in question and let him go to second base with her before "she felt guilty". After this she told me what happened and begged me to forgive her. I did forgive her after a few days simply because i couldn't stand her nagging me. I slowly learned to love her again at which stage we eventually started quarrelling again and i dumped her. She called me and nagged me into taking her back. By nagging i mean crying and begging for hours. And the day after i took her back she dumped over a small fight. Now i feel used and sickened and i did nothing wrong. Now i'm afraid to ever be in a position where i trust someone because my trust has been abused so badly. I'm pretty sure i'll have trust issues for life. Now please tell me ladies if its always the girl who gets hurt.
yeh i am girl and i understand but it mainly boys but than it mainly us girls so yeh half each but i have had only few good boyfriends and rest were all messed up and worse so it kinda put me off boys for awhile but yea it both really
love guys! there are more GOOD and FAITHFUL girls than guys! my bf is a ugly n im with him for three years now n he has turned me into a uglyy crazy girl. wen i was younger i wud always hear this phrase "women are crazy" from males but the thing is theyre the ones who wudnt stay commited n the girl wants to be commited so she gets stressed over this because she really loves him. anyways, im at the point wea i want to kill him too and i threaten him because he threatens me. i think the best way to hurt him is CHEAT on him and do MANURE behind his back lol! DO WAT HE DID TO U! thats all i gotta say.. dont love him but act sweet n babyish to him n make him love u! then hurt him!!! cheat on him! etc
my name is matthew i have dated this wonderful girl for the past 8 years of my intire life that is almost half my lifei am 23 now and she recently broke up with me.
we were the perfect couple we made love when we coould and s[pent every waking moment together for a long time it was just me and her on the river in a tent few a few years and we were happy as long as we had eachother everything was perfect then she got into school and she started working and then we got an apartment o had a few small jobs here and there but we got into this apartment with a few friends and they # love #ed us over huge and just bailed me and melissa were very upset then i started to get depressed and started to ignore her a little after awhile she started to feel like we were just friends and she was so beautiful she could of gotten any guy but she stuck with me threw it all but after this apartment lease was up we had to seperate for a little so she coould continue going to work and i could start going to s
when a ppl whom u trusted more if they wont respect u nd if they hurt u back its the worst feeling that u can ever have
i was soo in love with this guy he cheated on me with both of his flesh and blood sister and got me arrested, for his love and we have two kids, he beat me from time to time and all no justic her in america
i am sad that the guy i love now has a girlfriend know my heart is relly sad i cry every day cause i think of him alot
i am only 11 2 yrs ago i loved a girl and i was making her uncomfortable and y'all know how it feels and what i'm wondering is why do i cry so much now that my friend taryn reminded me of her and i'm non-stop crying for i don't know 3 days now i held it in around my parents but when i'm alone i burst out crying inside my pillow i did not want to hurt her feelings but i did and i hate myself
honestly i hate my ex hes lashed out on me because i said i love you but thats okaii im gunna hurt hem like he hurt me #discusted with hem
yea thats the same with me i hate her 4 wat she done 2 me she said she loved me and now she wants 2 smash my face in i xxxx
that sooooo right ill think i will try it
1day i came 2 know dat my boy4nd cheats me...even we had love....he regularly goes to callgals...he even tried to b commited with my best friend,he started flirtng with other girls :( we alrdy had 2yrs reltnshp... to take a reveng i started physical relationship with another see!!! he is following me like a doggy
Rahul./ i think. I feel your heart. Im not too young. I will be 50 this dec 2012. I have endured a lot of pain in my life and at some point you must say to yourself, "the buck stops here". I had encounters with married men early in my life and said those very words. First and foremost, dont go there. If I or you are taken...really why go there. Theres others. A Connection is awesome. But if its with someone unavailable, its not. Stick to your guns, be true and help this hurting woman to believe that there are truly good men... out there.
damn straight i broke your heart ugly, i only wanted you for the love!!!
My experience is something which will make even girl to give a second thought. I loved a girl (We used to work in the same company but we did not know each other. v both joined in another company where v got to know each other and most of my frens were her friends too)who proposed me and acted like i was her first love but that fact was she was married and had a kid. After couple of months in relationship with her one of my old company's friend called me up and said that she dragged him into her fake love trap and now he left the city (could be because of her). First when i heard that i lost my mind and i was like Wot the F***... i loved her truely and i used to take care of her very well. When v used to date and when i take her in my arms and make her sleep then she used to say that "I feel so secure as if i'm in my dad's arms" these words used to make me like i got everything in my life. i tried to get to know about my friend and she said that he proposed her but she was not interested, i trusted her. After few months, one of my friend told me that she is married and why are you hanging out with that girl ? i asked him whether he is out of his mind????? he replied, i know she is married. I could not find the way to ask her whether she is married cuz if that guy is wrong then i will loose her which i dont want but tried to know the truth some or the other way but no luck. One day she told me that one of her cuisines kid is living with her parents and she is taking him to her home. i asked her what about his parents then said that they are in some other country and there it's not possible to take care of that kid since both are working. i did not feel like trusting her words but donno wot made me to accept her lie. things went on ... she lied to me in so many matters later she accepted as well, guys used to call her in the nights when she used to with me. when i asked her to ans the call she used to say that "i dont know whose number is this, just ignore and be with me" i made her speak to the called and she got caught. she had cut her hand multiple times and said that she wants me in her life... she accepted that she is married and she cant marry me but she wants me. she is in relationship with me and living a secrete life with other guys... i have consulted a Psychiatrist to be myself and not to get mad. she is hurting me everyday and i dont need a backstabber in my life :(
i went out with this guy for a year and i was ready to give my self to him adn he broke up with me saying he couldnt change who i was anymore and he wind up going out wiht one of my friends not even a week later
I am studying in Uni and i went out with a guy from my course things happened fast had 3,4 dates and started going out, having love all the time maybe it was really often and i spent christmas and new years at his place with his family and friends we were useperable he spent nights at my place most of the time.he is my 1st boyfriend. we talked had movie nights pizza nights after new years, a week or so we were at uni already he was acting strange, had a nervous look one day asked to talk to me in private on the way i was asking is it that you cheated me or fell for another girl he said no because while we had our relationship there was a girl, his ex he said she was like a best friend at the moment it is his current girlfriend and she texted him all the time and wanted to patch things up so again back to that day, we went home and he said he wants to break up with me i said ok then asked why he said he was not ready for a relationship i kept persuasion next days and weeks to understand the real reason but i guess that is it we agreed to stay friends a couple of days passed we chated but we still had feelings so we had afterwards love at my place saying we are friends with benifits He got me pregnant! so I called him, he hanged up called again and he answered and i told him he said what are you going to do it was way stressful so i was wondering and decided for an abortion he did not really take responsibility so i told him i changed my mind so he'd start to care he went nuts so we met for a walk and i then told him i lied to him, because he does not take action he then said he'd be there for me i arranged to go he had filming he could not come the second time i went with a friend as i told him i can't depend on you it was awful the second part thought i was dyeing i was in hospital next few days my friend was really worried but he was not and from then on he kept ignoring me i then had a check up next couple of weeks texted him he again could not come texted him everything is ok i am not pregnant that time he had a girlfriend he texted back ok from now on i won't be bothering you and i am not communicating you deleting you from everywhere so i got upset i was near uni, so went there saw him outside and told to his face he is an hole and he was apologising as always a week after until yesterday from time to time i texted him to patch things up and be friends ah apromise he made when we were together i asked whatever happens let's be friends and he had said yes. this was before christmas. and on new year he had made a new years resolution to me, that this year it would be all about me and that he will try his best to be there for me so all these promisses turned to a lie yesterday my effort, texted saying happy easter and stuff to be friends but no this time after all the ignoring he texted twice saying lies and being rude and hurting me i said to him i am feeling punished for nothing went out drinking alone yesterday and when i came back i texted his mom with the picture of the test and saying he got me pregnant and that i aborted she texted she talked to him and that he is also finding it hard, and that she is sorry. and that us apart is better until all the hurting stops and that someday we might try and be friends and saying sorry and hope i be better said to her thank you and sorry for involving her so, as i said a long story, there are a bit more details but htis is mainly what happened i told really messed up a lot of drama. ok, that's it. I've had some nightmares of hitting him, and now I want revenge. I know as we have unfriended on the internet and he does not want to speak to me. I feel punished for noting. I know the best is to give it time and stay away, as he is avoiding me also and not to bother to pass away. Thing is also, the dating was 2 months and it's been 3 months after those 2 of us in a way hating each other. PLEASE, what do I do?
I date this girl for about a year my ex cheated on me 3months after I asked her out I forgave her but things were never the same I worry about everything she could do to me behind my back so I became "possessive" she couldn't handle that but I was just watching out for my self.. Two Weeks after the break up she already had a new bf so girls can be worst than guys.
I had the girl of my dreams took away from me
because just when i think i can give my heart to this person he loves up, every time i tried to trust him and love him same bullmanurehappens. So yeah i'm done, it hurts bad...keep him as friends on fb then start flirting with another guy right in ur page..
because he treated me like a toy..... so he deserves to be a jerk.......... and i will thank alwayz to god for there are many gentleman person that soon i will meet or no
my suggestion is that think " if he/she doesn't care 4 me if they cant see the good things in me why should i give a damn!!!"....... continiusl;y u will get over him/her..worked 4 me
someone hurt me by making me remember of my past in my personal life and he did not know it happened to me but still i want revenge from him and want to hurt him as much he did.
someone really broke my heart by doing something very unapropiate and i want to know what should i do should i brake up with him because i really love him this girl he would always say how much he hates her and look what he did to me answers anyone ???
i hate a guy that cheats. I meet this guy he was gooing out with me n he cheated on me with a ugly girl
about a year ago, my lover left me for someone else. This was without telling me officially or breaking up with him. he just moved on with his new partner, and left me no explanation nothing. After finding out he was with someone else, i sent him a message of goodbye, i guess the message was sort of soft approach, which i regret now, it was something like,i will always remember u kinda thing. after the message i deleted him from facebook. but he messaged me several months later, a message of sympathy and full of excuses. i ignored him, he then sent me further messages, which ignored all of them. Anyhow his new girl is this manuplative, canning evil person. doesnt allow him to talk to anyone or be friends with anyone unless shes there to observe basically controls him. Anyway 1 year later i saw him in a club, we talked he seemed sorry, and then we kissed and kissed. then she showed up and he got all scared and wouldnt talk to me. I later heard he was regretting kissing me, and making it like it was my fault. I just feel so hurt, i cant move on, because of what he put me through, funny i love him more now than when i was with him. I dont know what to do, i feel like i cant move on until i get revenge and break them up. just to really hurt him and his girl. am so confused i think about him everday and all the things we did together, i know am pathetic. what can i do to hurt him. anything even had thoughts of running his g/f over with my car. lool i wouldnt but u know.
hey gays it's me again today we had the note of our exam so what i want to now is it me or i hate him so muuuuuuuuuuuuuu because my day was not perfect but it was a good day and the one who brok my heart huuuuuuuuuuuuur me so much and if someone don't help i realy think that i will kiiiiiiiiiiiiii him so please sombody help MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I love it! I think you said what I m gonna say. Thanks
Hey Deadinside,
Ma it's cuz your not as nice as you think? callin her ugly? maybe she found someone to call her beautiful..I sure hope she did. Get over yourself really, ya think ur so great .. Men are SUPPOSED to treat women nice.. you don't get extra credit for what you think is nice. .
I was crushed when my lover of three years left to be with another woman. I cried and sobbed every day, until it got so bad that I reached out to the Internet for help. I threw away so much money - all for nothing - until I hit on the real thing. And that is you, uda spell. You were different from all the rest - you are the diamond in the rough. Thank you from the depths of my soul! I am extremely happy now. I hope God blesses you as much as He has blessed me. Love, visit him on (uda he can be a great help to you all or easy contact him on email udatemple2011 - at - g
you woman always say why cant i find a nice guy but when a nice guy comes along, you think he is weak ormentaly retarded cause he show's his feelings but hey listen woman, why do the nice guys always end up with the uglyes how are just so nasty to them even though the guy treats the woman right looks after her and helps when eva he can , when a guy does open up to you dont think its cause he is been weak , the guy is just trying to be open and honest with you, im a loyal guy and have just had my heart crushed by a woman, the next woman im with im not going to show i have a soft heart im going to gaurd it so well now from now on you woman will be the ones getting hurt not me
Well, girls. It isn't all guys, you know.. girls DO tend to break hearts, my brother got hurt because his ex (now)cheated on him. She went to his friend, and she flirted with him..
Hello - I also recently made a sizeable order from you Dr.Gboco. and was very pleased with the results of the items I used. As a matter of fact the spell worked so well they were the key factor in getting me healthy again. I saw through using them that the relationship wasn't healthy for me at all. The break-up was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I've gained strength and peace because of the spell you cast on me Dr.(gbocotemple Thank you so much. And the spell kit to keep my ex-partner's mother from moving in and harming the emotional health of our 7-year-old worked great, too! Thanks again.
I say - at - - at - - at - - at - him. Don't do anything. Just take it out on the next person. I'm a guy, and my girl left me for some other suker, after all the money, time, emotion I did for that tramp. I've learned my lesson. I'm going to stop being nice, and I'm about to become an lowdown cheating dog. Nobody wanted a nice loyal guy.
Fred. U bad boy. And that's so not true I could us a nice loyal guy that's for Sure I have given my heart and soul to someone for 15 yrs found out yea cheated on me after I supported him for most of the years he gets a job and ducks off. So I do feel ur hate
hurt him too.
hi girl i think that you should forget about him yes i think that he doesn't love as much you do hmmm you have to cope with this =))
So i dated this guy, we've been in an MU(its like pseudo-relation for like 5 mos. and just the christmas day i found out that he's been going out with his ex (not sure if its his ex or they're still on) so i told him about it, he said i was just being parnoid again then i relplied to him but he didnt reply then the other day he texted me and tried to call me but i hung up on him then tried calling me again, i rejected him. and yea after i didnt hear anything from him. then on the new years eve, i texted him. i thanked him for everything, for making me feel i was loved(since he was my first love), etc. then i apologized. i greeted him a happy new year. but he didnt reply, he didnt greet me. i feel very depressed knowing that i meant nothing to him :'( he ws my first love. not first boyfriend tho, but my first kiss. and then the class starts again, so we get to see each other i tried ignoring him so that he'll feel that im not running back to him again. so any good ideas to forget about himm? or good ideas to make him feel that he sucked for hurting him and make him want me ? :(
I had a crush on this guy. I never told him but I guess he figured it out. He would never talk to me but he made sure I knew he was involved with someone. Last time I saw him I tried to ignore him. Then he has the nerve to go strutting right past me, trying to catch my eye, talking really loud. Guess he wanted that attention now that I wasn't giving him any! Did you ever have a person like that, they just like you for the attention they get from you, but they pretty much treat you like dirt otherwise?
The worst thing you can do is do something to react..because he will know u still care. The best thing you can do is be completely 100% he doesnt exist. That has been proven to cause the most pain to a person. Ostracise him completely..Eve if u are crying strong and happy and cheerful!!
i didt go out with him but i know him from 5th grde i had the biges cruh on him and he cam to my 15 bday so i saw him again and he told me i lookt really cute and that he misst me and he never stopt loveing me so i said never did 2 and he told me he wannd to kiss me and i said not now but when we where danceing he kisst me frst on the nike then on my lipes i smild so much that night then when he had to go i walkd him to the door and he said he loved me i saod i loved him too he fond me on facebook and we told a lot we have over 2738 messages talking about how much he loves me and i fall in love with every thing he told me but then one day he told me he wannad to show me he loved me he said he wannad to have love on new years and i promest him i woud do any thing for him and i can brack a promes so i said ok i would do it but then like 4 weeks later he told me he wanntd a 3 way with me and my homegirl so i feelt something weird in my heart that said he dont love me no more all he wants is love and i said no i cant do it cuz i want u all to me thats what love is and he said ohh ok babe and he stop messages me and i ask him what was rong he just said stop talking to me and that hurt me a lot it feelt like if he just gravd my heart and kickt it to the floor it brnd really bad its still hurts
dear everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! Let us count our blessings, try very hard to get the lessons from the heartaches and look forward to a bright and new YEAR so we can move on and make the bad people regret not having us!!! I am praying for us all, we can get through this!!!!! Anita
Dear Phoenix, I hope u get your wish to hear her screaming as she slowly goes insane and to hear her heart breaking apart, crumbling like wet sand...i think the best revenge is when they see us better off without them- like succeeding in what we are best at and that life is so much better now that we are apart! haha anyway...w is bonitasm? Anita
i just hate him so muchhhhhhhhhhhh omg i want to get him back
The hardest part of a separation is when you learn who that person is after your lawyers expand their investigations. best part is unleashing your legal team to make her account for her court! I know this kind of a wierd question, but has anyone actually seen pure evil" in a woman's eyes? Guess what I totally did and felt it when we were in my master bath one morning....and it was so scary! The only way I can describe it is...when she starred at me.....I can honestly for the first time in my life, I looked into someone's eyes and saw....NO SOUL! It was soooo chilling, it affected me for weeks! Anyway, the good news is, we found out so much stuff on her....she will likely be go to jail! And trust me, i never wanted this for her or anyone.
I recently had a girl rip my heart out,manureon it,kick it back to me saying it meant nothing after she told me she loved me etc and we planned on moving in together,she then started trying it on with my mate!I was absolutely gutted but luckily she'd left a bracelet and necklace (both with a lot of sentimental value) so i decided best thing to to do was give them to a tramp and then take a picture of him wearing them and sent it to her! other good ideas if they want their stuff back are to sell them on ebay,set fire to them and send them a pic anything that would really hurt them back! im not a bad guy but the way i see it is if someones willing to hurt you that badly and wont even do the decent thing and say it to your face but decide to do it by text and they really love you over and more then you have every right to hurt them back! hope this helps people
.... your a ugly you cheated on your hubby you deserve it.... it was Karma
I have this friend, and she is associating with this girl who torturem me. Just because she thought i had a b-day wtihout her and i never do that.
Anita, I don't really appreciate the bonitasm. I'm a guy, and the whole reason I came here is to learn how get back at a girl who hurt me. And when I say get back, I mean do everything but kill her. I want to hear her screaming as slowly goes insane. I want to hear her heart breaking apart, crumbling like wet sand. Any suggestions?
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