ok, if you are reading my page its because you got hurt by some dude.so youre probably wondering how you can hurt a guy? well, ill tell you.

about six weeks ago i broke up with my bf, he was very nice guy. we used to enjoy our company, he was very sweet to me and always took care of me. but once day i found him cheating on me. when i faced him, he didnt deny it. i felt so betrayed because i thot he really loved me. but i was wrong.

the only think i could think about how i can hurt him. i thot of many ways to hurt him.

So whats the secret.. well, its not big secret. HE IS NOT WORTH IT GIRL, FORGET ABOUT HIM!

Ok, i have the secret to getting even with a guy. i will tell you my secret on how you can hurt. but first, you have to tell me what he did to you or why do you want to hurt him, once you have provided the your information, i will tell you. once you have submitted the information you will see the answer on how you can hurt a guy after he hurt you