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if you are reading my page its because you got hurt by some youre probably wondering how you can hurt a guy
ok, if you are reading my page its because you got hurt by some youre probably wondering how you can hurt a guy? well, ill tell you.

about six weeks ago i broke up with my bf, he was very nice guy. we used to enjoy our company, he was very sweet to me and always took care of me. but once day i found him cheating on me. when i faced him, he didnt deny it. i felt so betrayed because i thot he really loved me. but i was wrong.

the only think i could think about how i can hurt him. i thot of many ways to hurt him.

So whats the secret.. well, its not big secret. HE IS NOT WORTH IT GIRL, FORGET ABOUT HIM!

Ok, i have the secret to getting even with a guy. i will tell you my secret on how you can hurt. but first, you have to tell me what he did to you or why do you want to hurt him, once you have provided the your information, i will tell you. once you have submitted the information you will see the answer on how you can hurt a guy after he hurt you

because he only needs and calls on me when he needs fun. a booty call. he doesn't care and is usually mean after words
since one year he told everyone one dat he loves me and day by day i fall in love wit him so i have an accound on facebook and i have a friend who told me that he is also having an acound there so my friend told me that she going to help me so that me and him could be together coz i loved him so much then the next week he added me on facebook so he and my friend started talking and jokking with eachother infront of me and he no longer looks at me like how he use to do now i need help to hurt him back i tryed everything but nothing worked im really hurt by wat he did to me i really need help i feel he is trying to make me jealous
he lyied to me about alot of stuff. he cheeted on me once but i took him back, that was 3 or 4 months ago. now he acts like he doesnt care about me at all. his the only guy i ever cared about ..i cant let him go. i want him to realise what his doing how can i do that? =[ please help me out
my boyfriend is a player i know he flirts with every girl he talks to and he keeps getting phone calls from girls and he lies to me by saying its his mum or auntie and i know the way he would talk to his family. then there's this girl on his hi5 and she keeps telling me to back off of him cause he's her man but he told me she's lieing and just trying to break us up but the other day my mate added him and he started flirting with her but he don't know she's my friend and my mate said to him don't you have a girlfriend and he said no and she said who is that girl then and he said just some girl that i rejected and now cause she's hurt she keeps telling everyone that i am with her after this happened my mate told me and she stopped talking to him i want to let go of him now but i want to hurt him and make him cry the way he has made me cry all this time cause i don't think he would care if i left him or not cause he has other girlfriends so i want 2 hurt him real bad to let him no he shouldn't have messed around with me so please help me i really need help :( xxx
i need care of him but he dont give me any attention i think he has no respect for me what should i do i am so confused i want to creat understanding between us is this possible and he has no earing so what should i do
please help me
well he;s 44 years old..we meet threw mutual friends.he lies about him being involved with this girl..she calls mu cell from his cell..leaving crazy messages..rumor is she has aids..and he swears he never had fun with her.i think he's lying..but he promises me s**t and doesn't do it..he stays far away from me..but what i wanna know is hoe to get even with him..they constantly call me and harasses me..i want him to hurt like i do..he still calls and says she took the phone from him to call.but i kno betta..he thinks i'm pregnant for him..but i'm not..i want him to cry like he have made me..what you think i should do? and i really do love him but the drama has to stopped.
i was going out with this boy jason for 4 months .
last saturday my neice died , and that day i went to see him , i needed cheering up . so i stayed with him until like half 3 in the morning , he walked me home abit .
then on monday night he cheated on me with this fugly loose girl called kristy , and she sleeps with anyone ! shes even slept with his friends .
well first he started denying it , then he started telling her that im lying and i was with him but i cant let go .
not sure what to do !! that was so evil what he did .
adam and i have been dating for a two years on and off. we're freshman, but i can honestly say we were in love. i still love him, but i can't let myself get hurt again. see, i really screwed up in the first place. i cheated on him with a senior, but we did nothing more than make out. i felt so guilty i couldn't eat for five days, and i cried for hours everyday. if i could take back one thing in my life, that would be it. but he turned into a monster. he told me he forgave me, and then were getting back to normal, he broke me. he said he hated me, i was ugly, and once a cheater, always a cheater. he said to leave him alone forever. then, he apologized, and cried on the phone, begging me to take him back. i did. this cycle went on literally like 10 times at least. a few weeks ago he punched me in the arm twice and left bruises and slapped me across the face. he said he didn't hit me that hard, but it hurt and scared me :( i had a panic attack and collapsed onto his floor. he really hurt me. and right now, we are "together." but i think i want to do what he did to me. build him up, so he can crash as hard as i did. help!
i told him i wanted to get back togther after i broke up with him and he went and slept with my friend
my boyfriend of 3 years and 9 months told me that the only reason he didn't want to marry me was because he didn't believe in getting married. turns out that when i thought he was cheating on me i looked on his computer and he was already married to someone in the same state as me. i confronted him and he said, "babe, don't take it personally, but i mean my wife is hot, so i'm gunna choose her. but i mean it was nice knowing you.."
he hurt me...he's gettin married to someone ealse
i duno jz wna hurt him cz i kno he still loves me...i jz wna make him regret
i want to hurt him really badly.
because he hurt me and made me hurt myself cause it sparked a serious depression.
i've wanted to die cause of this.
this guy said he loved me and would never hurt me.
but 2 months ago when i was diagnosed with cancer, he thought it would be a good time to confess that he had been having an affair with his ex-girlfriend for the past month.
and he thought it would only be right for him to leave me.
this bastard needs to be put in his place.
we were dating for almost a year and he cheated on me with his ex and my best friend. and yet i still gave him two more chances, and now he broke up with me and told me he loved someone else. then i found out he had been datin this girl when we were together.
i really felt like i dont deserve this because i gave him soul and body and yet he dint aprecciate it.
i dont know wath to do, but i just want to get him back like he got me. i want him to feel my pain
he hurts me wen he ends up d conversation! is not clearly expressing his feeling
he went out with me for 3 monts and he acted like everything was going perfect and i was happy with him then he tells me he sees me more like a friend and he broke up with me. i asked him why he went out with me then? and he said "to see if i could catch feelings, but i couldnt" and that got me angry and we argued he told me i was ugly and alot of ugly things and i knw im not but i still want to hurt him....
name: priscilia , email adress;ojoprecilia at rocketmail we started well with this until the moment he started double dating , he is not dating someone i dont but someone close to me am not really angry about that but he is now complaining about everything i do which saddens me alot nw he has made believe there is nothing called love and i find it very difficult to go on . the main reason why i want to hurt is that he has been doing this for a very long time to girl there have been lots of girls in and out of his life and i want him regret what he did to me.we are already in a clash he told me i have a bad character and i asked what i did that am a bad girl, but he is unable to tell me what i did. he is asking for something i cannot do i am to young for this and thats a french kiss i am just 16 and he is planning to get engaged to me. i blieve if i do this he will later hurt me with it in future. plz i want him to get hurt that he will come back begging on his kneels
he cheated on me, played me for a fool. i went to his house and confronted him while she was there.
well ive been dating him for a year and a half. and lately i keep on finding out that he has other girls. since my best friends is his best friends girlfriend. so he keeps on calling me telling me he loves me when his actions show otherwise. for instance last night he went out with his friends and he told me he couldnt take me and yet his friend took his girlfriend which is my friend. and he well my friend said hi to another friend right so she introduced him as my boyfriend and he says that we broke up when we havent. then my friend goes to the bathroom and when she comes back he's talking to some other girl. and well she tells me everything and i mean i cant tell him that she told me cuz then that ruins my friend chance to be with her boyfriend. and last weekend i went out and i see him every night with a different girl. i honestly dont know what to do because he then calls me saying he loves me. and the worst part is that we were going to have a baby but that didnt end up very good. and now he tells me he wants to try and have another one and actually wants to settle down but i know he's just not ready. i want to give him some of his own medicine so please help!
he pursued me relentessly then one day just stopped talking to me. told me he is not ready for a relationship since he just got out of one. he is now pursuing other women and we have only stopped dating for one month. we spoke about marriage and our future together. he did not even have the courtesy to tell me that he wanted to slow down. the whole time he was talking to a special friend who he is now pursuing.
he used me for months and told me he didn't love me at the end.
had a miscarrige and he broke up with me a week after.
he treat me like a dog..he loved me a lot but i took everything for granted and i realized that later but it was too late..i did a lot of things to get him back but....
he hate me instead and do everything to hurt me..i do still love him but thats useless..he keep on insulting me and told me to leave him alone..i want to make him realised that he is not doing a right thing..2yrs we have been together and 1 yr since we broke
we met and hit it off immediately, things progressed and he asked me out and i said yes. than a day later his ex came back into the picture, i caught them making out and he pretended like he didn't know we were together. he said that when i told him "to take things slow" he thought that meant something else and that i had said no when he asked me out. it was a very clear yes. for a few weeks he went back and forth saying things like "i'm scared to get hurt", "i have the desire to be with you, i just don't think i'm raedy" and finally "i'm not ready for a relationship". he totally stomped on my heart. i don't know if he was using me for fun or what. i want him to feel what i felt and to realize just what an amazing girl just slipped through his fingers.
rema in college a sephomore he kept taking my notebook in the first two simisters and he used to smile at me and when i pass he tell his frineds about me but i know see him with another girl whose the same as us but he stopp her and talke to her .so i found out that he's taking advantiges of me and am nothing but the notebook girl and knowing that hearts the most .
i dont have any idios know so i was hoping you to help me??/
i'll precheate it.
im prenant with his child...i had fun with another guy while i was pregnant so he found him a new girl friend an he wont break up with her...i want to not let him see his child
because we've been breaking up on and off through our whole relationship but it was always i broke up with himhe never broke up wih me until this time he has broken up with me and know i'm hearing about him being with two of his exes
he is a liar and i just want to end things with him
he's a player, he cheated on me and a lot of other girls.
he cheats, disrespectful, he's with me just to say he has a girlfriend.
he's hot and cold. he's going for all the wrong girls also! he always knew i was practically in love with him, and he hooked up with my best friend! one day he'll be talking to me like best friends, and the next, he will totally ignore me! what do i do?
he told me he loved me and all these other sweet nothings and then he goes off with the woman who are my enemies.
we got married and he left me for another women. im pregnant.
he sneakwed into the womens showers at the gym the perve
he told me he was glad our baby died, he then left the country to america, he tells me after 3 months of moving his in a relationship with a woman with children. then he broke up with her because she cannot have anymore children and tells me he wants our child, a baby with me, he hurt me physically, and controled me mentally. i ignore him and he manages to contact me, i told him i hate him but he just say's "your angry and do not mean it" when will he just go away and stop this emotional torture!?
he found out i liked him and called me ugly
me and this guy were really good friends like almost best friends but then we both moved schools but i stayed in contact with him for a year. then i met him, after the year at a party and on that night on msn he said he didnt want to talk to me. i asked him why and he said he wasnt bothered. he really hurt my feelings as we were such good friends and know he wont talk to me. i want to hurt him so he knows how i feel. please help..
seek revenge and give him a taste of his own medicine, but i don't know what to do!
i found him cheating on me then he lied about it
he knew i liked (well loved) him for like 5 months. so he played a mean trick on me were he asked me out but it was a joke. and my friends say they hate him and stuff and slap him but he doesn't care. he seems so tough and we can't hurt him at all. but i really want to. hurt him where it hurts the most. get even. he's a douche. and i'm done with him.
i want to hurt him because he hurt me i have his baby and took care of my little girl while he was in jail before he got out he told me we were going to be together. so when he gets out me and him get together mess around again and all and he cheats on me then leaves me for her and now im stuck here all alone raising me daughter by myself. wat should i do to get back at him?
i was talking to this guy and he turned out to be the prime definition of a player. i was serious about him, and he fooled me about being so too. turns out he was saying the same things to other girls, trying to get them to fall for the as well. now i want payback and i want him to fall for me really bad so i can get my revenge. please help me. thank you :)
he pushed me to hell now i want to make him suffer for the rest of his life
he used me, he played alot of head games pretended to be nice infront of people when he really wasnt. constantly made me cry.
i want to phsically hurt him i dont know besides to kick him in a certain place ok he dumped some juice in my hair and put dirt on my white sweater!
he wants everything from me but doesn't want to give anything in return. i just dont know how to tell him that its over because i care about him but i can't live my life like this.
he dumped me and cheated
nah i wish
This guy told me he liked me the other night when its clear he has a girlfriend. I asked him about it and he said no shes just my best friend. But all evidence shows that hes lying.
i wanna hurt him cause he cheated on me,belittled me,ignored me,and at the other times he treated me soo nice and at one time he made me cry and he makes eye contact and be nice to me at other times but i want to hurt him.
I do understand how you feel,especially the sacrifices made and love u showed to him.But life is not based on how you could hurt him.This is because you better than that.You need put yourself together sweetheart and set your life goals and focus on achieving it.What will hurt him is when he sees you've moved on and you are being successful.Get done with school if you are going,get a job and better yourself and besides you are so pretty,the right man will be knocking at your door.
we was together befor 1 year , but he hurted me , i mean he is a player , he havent' feelings ! he telled me that i mean so much to him and all this craap , he said sorry i didnt mean it and bla bla bla please just give me another chance i promiss i will never hurt yu again so i did but i think he is going to do like he did befor ! i am not aa game ! he should pay yes he should because he dident get hurt befor he can't feel nothing when he just go without even sayng goodbye ! i dont know how to hurt him ! i have no idea i need help u_________u"
I wanna hurt him cause he lied all the time always played games then he belted me up while I was 4weeks pregnant with he's child I left him then he kept coming around trying to get love outta me and saying he loves me and manure when he was talking to me it was he's child but when he's talking to everyone else he's saying it's not he's kid when there's absolutely no chance it's anyone else's now he just ignores me even when it's about he's daughter all he does is hurt me and now it's my turn to hurt him
I gave him my heart and time.. i took him off the streets and made him feel better about him self. Helped him get a job and had his back.....and now he has turned his back on me....sleeping around with all these women...i want his heart ti hurt like mine does...
i was with my bf for 8.5 years and we have a 3 year old daughter. 2 months ago he left saying he doesn't want anything to do with me that he doesn't love me anymore. i call him crying because i just can't seem to get over it and he is already seeing someone else. i'm really hurt and don't know what to do
please help!
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