hmm, so like someone but don't know how to make them like you? If you are asking yourself this question, the anser is very simple.

Throughout my expirience with women, I've learned some important things about relantionships. Some of them are:

1. Higene - If you really want to impress someone, you need to groom yourself very often. Some people might call this vain. I called it higene. Some important things about higene:

- Take a shower everyday - no one likes a stinky

- Clean Mouth - Flossing and brushing your teeth should be a priority, bad breath is defenetly a turn off. Having a good smile is very important in making a first impression. You should start this practices at a young age and become used to as a normal routine.

2. Dress to Impress - Wearing nice cloths are essential in making impressions to the opposite sex. As a guy, I take notice how a woman dresses. You can tell when a woman knows how to dress. I also notice details like how the color of her lipstick matches your nail polish. The ladies take their time to groom themselves, they take extra steps to atrract men that men don't do, things like wearing makup, hair coloring, perfumes, clothes and ofcourse shoes. Next time you see a woman you like, let her know how good she looks, but do it in a gentlemen way, most women i know like to be treated special and specially with respect. As a man, dressing is also important in impressing a lady, its amazing what a pair of slacks can do instead of wearing some loose jeans. Go ahead, show off your behind, let the ladies know you got it! There's nothing more sexy to women that a confident man.

3. Romance - Be romantic. How can you be romantic? Only you will know the answer to this question. People are different, so you can't apply the same rule to the same person. If there's one thing i've learned to do, is to listen to women. More often than not, the women i've met have told me how sexy they find a man who can keep up a conversation. They call it "Smart". Whenever you ask a woman what they look in a man, more often than not, one of the things they look is inteligence. Why intellegence? Its always interesting to learn something new from someone. Being smart mean knowledge, and how you can use that knowledge. You must have wisdom to be smart. Impressing a woman key to attraction.

4. Sexy - There's not doubt that you can't have an article like this without having the sex word. Sex is a natural part of life. Its one of the best enjoyable things you can do in life, if not THE best. Its important to remember not to confuse obsession (desire or lust) with love. Love is pure and simple, you either have it or you don't. Having sex for the wrong reasons can lead you into trouble. So be careful not to rush into the sex part, otherwise, it will destroy all your hard work. Part of the my pleasures is making a woman feel happy and alive without the phisical part. Emotionally its a great feeling when you know that you've made the person you care about happy.

5. Attractive - Don't consentrate too much on the physical part, because if you do, you will be missing a whole new expirience. For me, its important to meet different people. I love learning new things from other people and cultures. Don't get stuck on finding someone who is liek you. Avoid finding the same color, nationally, religion, height, weight as you are. Try meeting people from different cultures and countries. Don't base a person's soul by how much they weight, or by how tall they are, because you might just be missing on the person of your life. The worst thing you can do is to look for somone who is just like you. because if you do, your relationship will be boring.

6. Attitude - Having the right attitude will take you places, even in relationships. If you've been shy all your life, tell yourself to start being more open and asertive. Woman often see guys who are shy as weak. Being week is not good. You must show confidence. As a man, I preffer to be the hunter (as one friend put it). Call me old fashion, but i believe its more interesting when a man approaches a woman. If you approach a woman and she turns you back, try again, if she says no again, then leave her alone, respect her decicion, if she wants you, she'll give you a hint to approach her again (you'll know)

Well, i have to stop here, i will continue this at another time, until then, enjoy life and remember to always be a gentleman and a good man.