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nice guys are really hard to find. most of the time, i date jerks. all they want is one things. but i some some tips on how to find the right guy for you. if you are wondering who is the right guy for me. or how can i find a good guy for. these are some things to look for in a good nice guy.

* smart
* sensative
* caring
* funny
* successful
* family-oriented

i want a smar guy because i want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with him. sensative because i want him to understand me, caring because i want him to care about me. funny because i want him to make me laugh when im down. successful because i want him to provide for our family. which bring me down to family oriented, i want him to love our family and our kids.

what do you look for in a guy?
he is cool and outgoinmg and hot
he's religious like me and puts his faith first
omg his hair is perfect and he lets me touch it all the time. he smiles at me constantly and has a happy vibe. what drives me crazy is that he always goes to another girls locker and i saw him walking with her. fav song... never think by rob pattinson. ohh he always wants help on the homework and i know he's not stupid cause he's in honors classes and... he stole my kool aid.. he always comes up to my locker and strats a convo with me.
i like him because we dated in 6 grade and now were just friends i guess i know the real him. he is sooo hott uh and he has the best eyes.
i like this person because he makes me laugh and is hot
i like his smile and his personality
he gives me mixed signals
but hes always starting at me and laughs and smiles alot
hes cute, funny, and soo sweet.
i like him alot, but it drives me crazy that he doesnt see it and that a lot of girls flirt with him, but i think im his best "girlfriend" and hes my best "guyfriend" but i do flirt with other guys, hes just amazzingg. and he loves jesus.
he is really sweet and nice i really like him and he makes me smile even though i am shy around him he makes me feel safe and like he can take charge he is so nice and makes me smile and laugh all day
because he's the sweetest guy i've ever met and he gives me butterflies.
mmmmmmm fooood i like it
his eyes
he is nice
his profession
this was a really good test. it was fun 2. it helped me alot.
he's crazy cool, and he knows how to act like himself infront of me, he talks to other girls but sayss their just friends and he cares about me,
hes nice cute, kind, funny, smart, and probably a lot more
i dun no

this test was ok
i love everything about him hes perfect we talk all the time and hangout all the time
hair,smile, personality,
-he is usualy nice yo me when his friends are around but when i am imbarassing myself he laughs and makes fun of me.
-i think its just his smile and personaluity that drives me crazy
- we've actually known each other for like 5 years. we have somuch in common with each other, we both like the hockey and hockey team.
the only problem between us is that we go to different schools.
hes my brothers best friend
i want to know if he likes me because i really like him
he has a girlfriend..:\ but i feel a connection, :)
he's just an amazing person to be around. we have so much in common and i feel whole with him. i've never felt this way before.
he keeps cursing me that i will fail my tests and can't get into university:( keeps poking me(tickling me), making fun of my height, annoying me when i try to do my work. recently, he keeps hurting me(but not the serious kind). he said 3-4 times on msn that he loves me and once in person, but i didn't take it serious. that is because the first time he said it was in person and he said that he's just joking. moreover, after he said it on msn, i can't see any actions taken. so, i'm really confused of what he's actually thinking. also, he asked me twice on msn what i'm going to do after school, but no actions had taken either...
his eyes,hes really nice to me,he plays with my hair,he leaves his own friends to hang out with me, hes to gorgeous,his hugs,the way he smells
he's a really nice guy, and got amazing green eyes with really curly lashes

he's nice and funny, and from a similar background...

i have no idea why he drives me crazy!
he is a very nice guy also says please and thank you and when he looks at me he smiles and just stares my in my eyes to the point that i forget everything that is going on around.
i love the way he is christian, and older than me. i love her pesonality!! he is funny and he knows when to be serious! i love the way he is bossy with me and tells me what to do!! agh boy!! i am just deeply in love with him... what can i say?? i liked him more than a year already......
he is nervous around me. he gets upset if i don't talk to him. the friendship seems to be important to him.
he seems to be nervous at times around me. he really seems to want the friendship. he looks at me alot.
i love him! he isnt exactly hot but most guys think i am. i rlly love his personality. he gives me high 5s gettin off the bus and says bye rachel!!!!!(= he is rlly nice but so many guys asked me out and i cant say yes!!! probably not even to himmm help!!!!
i think that this website is a load of crap tbh with ya
i don't know...there's just something about his eyes, and whenever he comes close, my heart starts to beat ferociousely. many of my friends asked him if he liked me, but before he use to always smile and say no, but he knows i like him for the last three years. now he says he likes me "a little bit" and its kind of awkward between us. whenever we talk or aknowledge one another i'm way to shy to even see how he's acting towards me...
i don't know
i like the he's smart and funny and cute and if he's rude, he doesn't mean what he said, he's real nice and i don't know if one of my friends have told him that i like him but i always catch him looking at me now and i don't know if he likes me or if he's trying to figure out if he likes me and that's why he looks at me all the time. if we're in the hall way, he looks down the whole time if i look at him, but if i turn around in my desk, he's looking at me.
he is cute,funny,sporty,and my height don't forget sweet
like what?
he makes me laugh sooo much.he is just great,but he has a new girlfriend but i dont think he likes her to much.and once at school i got in troubel and he took the blame.
hes ahmazing.
sen about him is good.
he's cute and a christian like me, and he treats me and everyone else really well. and he's good at everything. he taunts me. like ugh i just want to be near him all the time!! my favorite song is fearless by taylor swift. he and i used to be best friends, i'm not sure if he still likes me. we hang out all the time. my whole family loves him and he gets along really well with all of them
because he is simple a beautiful person
his smile, his hair, his voice, his attitude
hohohopefully by the maine featuring brighten
he is nice, kind, and caring to me. i told my parents that he was picking on be but we would laugh together because it was not mean picking on me and they said he was flirting which got me even more interested in him. his smile drives me crazy!! my favorite song is love story by taylor swift.
well he is really nice to me compared to the other girls. he is sweet(can be), he is my total opposite on how we react. except the fact we are both kinda both in the "goody-to-shoes" group. he is the football player and i am the smart, drama kid. he sometimes look at me in the coner of his eye. my favorite song is "decode" by paramore!! when my friends and i were handing out invites to her party at lunch, i walked up to him and he looked up and his face turned bright red and he was speechless.
what i like about him is the ways he talks and the way he smiles and he is so sweet to me and always make me feel good but he thinks i am ingnornin him right now and he dnt like it so he is being mad at me and he understands me i just hope he could just not be mad at me cuz it hearts so much i would really like to know if he likes me or not i really love him so much!!
he's sweet and really nice. caring. funny. cute. the way he looks at me drives me crazy. i just wanna kiss him.
idk....i just him a lot...he play's with my hair and like to touch my stomach he flirts with me all the time and he just talks to me a lot...there's a lot i like about him...the way he smiles.....he's funny and he's mean to other people but he's really nice to me...he's fav song is t-shirt by chantel
he is cute
i like him because he is sweet and nice
he is really cute and funny! and i love that in a guy...
he knowa how to have a good time, he acts differently around me then others, and is constantly looking at me, friends tells me he likes me but i dont know for sure yet
i dunno. he's you know, just heeem.:c
he is sweet funny hot and nice. totally cool one of the nicest guys i ever met. athletic tall and slender but not thin.
i guess i like him becaue he's really good-looking and smart. he's nice to me and he pistol-points at me, winks, and even stares into my eyes for a long time. and he touches me too when i'm sitting near him. he smiles at me too.
the things you listed are true, but the perfect guy will also be willing to argue with you sometimes, nothing serious but little stuff like who's going to win the world cup and stuff like that.i dont want a guy who will bow down and worship the ground i walk on, you know??
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