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can you show me how to enable CURL extension in my php server?
hello in php.ini
hi sir i have modified file as by removing (;) in php.ini,php.ini-dist and php.ini.recommended but no ant affect same error for version is giving
please show me how to enable curl in php i also have a wallpaper site altho ists not as popular as wallpaperama but i want to start making my pages with seo popular please
can anybody please explain how can i activate extension using ini_set()?

thank u,
unable to enable curl_init() in php
Many thanks!
file Linux Hosting
enable cURL
potensbutiken. Handla hos nordens största butik för potensmedel.
On ubuntu 10.10: sudo apt-get install php5-curl
the Curl option is very useful and its required by many scripts
restart apache after php.ini changes
do i have to buy php curl extension i have windows excel??
Please tell me how to enable CURL ?
just find your php.ini file , search for curl & remove ; & restart apache. scrip
Wampserver makes this a lot easier. once you set it running, just go to php/ PHP extensions. Check php_curl by clicking on it. Hope this helps sb. :-)
Thanks!!! this was very elegant..
Are you guys for real? I mean if you are going to even try and dabble with PHP, how about first learning something about computers, speaking English and Linux. Or leave it up to the professionals. Jeesh....
- at - k0d3g3ar - Maybe you shouldn't be responding to requests for help and keep your opinions to yourself. Your response provided absolutely nothing useful and in no way contributed to the conversation. Snobby people like you are the ones who gave Linux forums a bad name. These people are asking for help, maybe expanding their computer skills a bit - it doesn't mean they are silly. You should be encouraging them for trying something new instead of insulting them.
Thanks for the input here. I had totally forgotten how to enable curl in WAMP. I agree, Mykhail. People are at all levels of computer experience and asking questions does not warrant a verbal thrashing. Kudos to anyone with the guts to tackle some of this stuff, even if sometimes the outcome isn't very pretty. It's true it can be difficult to read what someone has written if English isn't their native language, but this IS the internet and people from all around the world are logging on, so we have to be patient. English is one of the harder languages to learn, after all. And not all blogs are based in America. I can imagine how OUR language skills look to someone whose site is based in Germany and we think we know how to speak their language from two years of German in high school. I'm sure they make fun of US too. Have a great day,everyone!
How to enable curl on wamp server?
I just read all of your comments trying to figure out what name on the extension = I had to write down and I couldn't find it out because of the bullmanure you wrote on previous posts.

It was such a waste of time reading them all that I had to write this down to tell you how incredibly useless i've found this website to be.
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