hi, i read you post about how to make your care run better to make it ready for the required state emissions inspection. i live in california at its call the "smog check" and i was wondering if there are tip or tricks or if there is a way to cheat on your emissions inspection to make your car pass so it doesn't fail. i've heard that there are places where they will pass you even if you have a bad car. anyway, if anyways can help me with this it would be great, i have taken my car to the shop to have it test it but it keeps failing the smog check and i don't know what to do anymore. i don't want to get rid of the car because i love this car, imy grandfather gave it to me and it has sentimental value.

UPDATE: just wanted to let you know that i was able to get my car to pass the smog check. cheating is not the way to do this. you are just going to spend more money and you are going to fail. i know its frustrating when you car fails the emissions, but just remember that these requirements are there so we can all breath healthy air. my advice is to just repair whatever is making you fail the emissions test. you will save money on the long run. you have to be careful adding chemicals to your engine because it will break your engine and you are going to end up spending more money than you though. a new engine will cost you like $5000 dollars.