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doing a smog test if hard sometimes when your car fails the state required emissions testing by law of the state, this post is not about cheating or breaking the law, its about how you can improve your chances legally for your car
hi, i read you post about how to make your care run better to make it ready for the required state emissions inspection. i live in california at its call the "smog check" and i was wondering if there are tip or tricks or if there is a way to cheat on your emissions inspection to make your car pass so it doesn't fail. i've heard that there are places where they will pass you even if you have a bad car. anyway, if anyways can help me with this it would be great, i have taken my car to the shop to have it test it but it keeps failing the smog check and i don't know what to do anymore. i don't want to get rid of the car because i love this car, imy grandfather gave it to me and it has sentimental value.

UPDATE: just wanted to let you know that i was able to get my car to pass the smog check. cheating is not the way to do this. you are just going to spend more money and you are going to fail. i know its frustrating when you car fails the emissions, but just remember that these requirements are there so we can all breath healthy air. my advice is to just repair whatever is making you fail the emissions test. you will save money on the long run. you have to be careful adding chemicals to your engine because it will break your engine and you are going to end up spending more money than you though. a new engine will cost you like $5000 dollars.
go to an auto shop like autozone and buy an additive they have that you can put in your gas tank. you put it in on a full tank and drive around until its empty, then refill your tank and take it back in for another test and itll pass. im not sure what its called but the employees should be able to help you. ive used it on my piece of junk car and its worked wonderfully
here are a few proven ways to lower smog:

change oil
change plugs
gas filter
(basic tune up)
use a high octane gas for a week
run your car till the converter get hot then take it

if all of the above do not work here is a last resort...
run your car till you have a 1/4 tank and add a bit of denatured alcohol to the gas and take it in. ( )yes it does work but it may break down rubber parts so prolonged use is frowned at. but one tank will not hurt.
how do you get around emissions testing if you have a 97 or up truck they plug it in right under the dash on the drivers side..thanks
you can disconnect the vacuum line on the fuel pressure regulator, usually it will bring your emissions down because your car is not putting too much fuel in your mixture, therefore, when you do the test the ppm carbons dont show up. the ppm is the part of the test to measure how much fuel your car is not burning, ususally, your catalytic conversters turn this into water when you first start your car, and as the engine warms up, then ofcourse your car burns the fuel more efficiently. so that's why when you run your emissions test your car has to be warm. but dont cheat, the best thing to do is to fix your car. i know sometimes its hard because you dont want to spend the money, for me my fear was to take it to a shop and they would make up stuff to rip me off. but the law protects you agains that. .. that's easier said than done, mechanics are there to make money so they will make as much money from you as they can.
it is difficult, but ask around some smog centers that are shady will use another car, but same make of car to get you a smog certificate. usually between 200 and 300 dollars.
if you go into a shop and ask them to run another car besides yours on the dyno because yours fails emissions... they will think you are some type of audit or a quality asuance officer and will not do it
how can i do a smog test with denatured alcohol
put octane 91 gasoline in it and fuel injector cleaner run it through a full tank then fill with octane 91 and test if that dont work get a new cat. if that done work your as good as pooched so put colmens camp fuel in 1 gallon of it per full gas tank
will alcohol reduce my emissions
i am a mechanic, and we do not try and rip anyone off. we are just seeing what's wrong with the car and fixing the problem. if we suggest something be repaired/replaced, then it is probably a good idea
i have a 1971 f250 with a 390ci in it. it failed due to high levels of hydrocarbons, (unburnt fuel) i changed the spark plugs, wires, advanced the timing, replaced the air filter, leaned out the carb, and have been running fuel treatments and seafoam through it religiously. is there anything else i can really do to pass or am i going to have to rebuild the carb or put a new one on?
my 1989 mazda has a high 15 mph no (ppm) 1107 it missed the 805 max what can i do to pass my retest ?
alright, i have a 95 m3, and i cant get it to pass emissions, the limit is 300 hcs, but my car puts out around 15000 hcs.. so im in a bind.. anyone help me out?
my 85 chev 2.8 v 6 was tested and failed the e vap test so i put hose clamps on the leaking hose and took it back for a re test.itpassed the e vap but the nox reading went from 608 to over 1200 at15mph and1062to1497 at 25mph whats upwith that any help out there?
i have a 1985 chevy custom failed on hydrocarbons mine was 5.71 / 4.40 and carbon monoxide mine was 183.42 / 48.00 how can i make it pass
high hydrocarbons are usualy due to a bad cat. co2 is due to a fuel mixture issue. it is hard to take down hydrocarbons w/o replacing the cat. co2 can me lots of issues. just to let you know you can lean it out as much as you want it will not pass the hydrocarbons with a bad cat. sorry!
ric you were right it was a bad cat so 475 dollars later i get to drive my piece of s**t truck on calif road ways.ben
what about obdii codes? let say i clear them, is there a grace period imbetween the sensors updating and the service engine light illuminating? i can take a smog in that 10 min window correct?
ive been a smog tech for the last 3 years.. additives dont work all the time, they can help if its right on the border, never heard of using denatured alcahol, if its an obd2 car (96 and newer) you cant smog another car in its place, carhospt u have no idea what your talking about, shutup. theres lots of shady places that will do it, u have to ask and your gonna have to pay, 91 octane does indeed help, alex 71 is exempt from smog and if timing isnt within spec it will fail, ric c02 is good and cant fail for it, hcs could also be a ignition or 02s problem, sean you have to drive anywhere from 30 - 50 miles for your pcm to reboot if the light didnt come back on.. hope this helped fellas.
hello, i work at an inspection place... and basically what you need is to have a tune up, have the cad, and have the regular maintains . for vehicle 1996 and up, if it has the "check engine" light on its a red flag automatically fails. oh for the 1985 truck(tony) that only requires a "safety sticker". if you have anymore questions i will be glad to help.. e-mail: p.jautosalesinc at google
hey my car has a bad catalytic converter and has failed emissions testing. will an addative like g2p still help me pass state emissions even with a bad catalytic converter?
my car passed emissions, but didn't pass the o2 because my engine light is on, cant afford to fix that, where and how can i pass smog
hey bret i know this is late but i had the same trouble,I have a 2001 toyota corolla that passed emissions and failed obd ii .What i did was reset my computer by disconnecting the battery then reconnect 10 minutes later i calculated when the engine light turned on ;which was around 50-60 miles driven.So i drove the car it least about 40 miles before the light came on ,ran it through Emissions and it passed.,but you still gotta fix the problem eventually.
I just had a smog inspection on my 93 Mazda MX6 and at higher RPM's it passed with flying colors, however, at the low RPMs it failed. What could the problem be? I clearly is not something major or I would have failed somewhere at the higher RPM's as well, right?
1971 lincoln 460 v8 passed hydrocarbons 227/450 and failed (CO)5.79/3.75 please help
i don'.t think u need smog period.check with your state law.
My car failed the smog test . The mechanic says i need to change catalytic converter which is $ 700 which i dont have . How do i get to pass my smog without changing converter ?
I have a 94 roadmaster and i live in indiana I can't pass the HC portion of the emission test the "standard" is .80 and mine is like 1.20 just wanted know what can I do to pass emissions I've got a new oil change, clean injectors, new plugs, wires, new fuel filter but I use 89 octane fuel. What else can I do to make my vehicle pass? Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated?
i am a smog tech in cali you need to go to a good shop and get it fixed if you like the car and the pass smog crap at auto zone is trash
one trick is to add one bottle of alcohol ( rubbing alcohol) to a tank of gas and drive it to the imspection station and make sure the car has been running a long time and is as hot as possible, sometimes adding a piece of card board ( no more then half the radiator ) in front of the card board will make it hotter and the HC's will come down dramaticly.
okay I have changed my spark plugs, air filter, oil change. I still cannot pass emissions. I have high HC and hih CO. How can I pass Emissions?
I have a 1988 nissan sentra, took the car to smog, didn't pass, changed the o2 sensor, vacuum hoses( all) and took back and failed again. the hc max 99 meas. 734 - at - 15mph, 76 max, meas. 781 - at - 25, co max .58 meas. 11.40 - at - 15mph, .49 meas. 11.25 - at - 25 mph, and NO max 593 meas. 2070 - at - 15mph and 550 max, meas. 1870 - at - 25mph. what else can be done. I was thinking the cat. but my husband said no. what do you think? any help i could use.

put in gas line anti freeze then fill it up drive for abit i do it everytime my jeep needs a test and it passes or get some racing fuel or av gas with high octane and make sure your vacume lines are in good shape those will fail if cracked or broke
try park ave tire 100 dollars the tecs name is shawn

i have a 1996 chevy s10 blazer. i took it to the smog test only place, and it failed
misfire cylender 4

so i change the cylender 4 spark plug, the service engine light is still on.. ever runs and drives alot better. what could it be ? making the cylender 4 to misfire
all emissiona are fine its the gas tank pressure test i cant do 93 ford ranger i replaced the filler neck and came so close to passing but didnt and now its worse how do i get around this manureplease and thank you
its most likely to be your cylinder 4 spark plug wire...misfires usually occur because of that,remember to disconnect your car battery for a minute after you change your plug wire so the check engine reading vanishes
Use commun sense people.I'm a high Tech and the most commun problem without syntoms is the cat converter and of course talking about high mileage on cars....Good Luck to all of you.Rodolfo.Atte.
i have a 2004 scion, the dash light came on , and when tested i failed. they wanted to do "several hrs of testing" to see what the prob was and charge me about 250. i took it to another shop and they just put a new gas cap on and reset the error code. "passed"
Thank you for posting this article, but I do not recommend cheating a smog test. It is very unsafe for not only you, but other drivers on the road as well. If you are in need of an auto repair, please visit this site.

raulsaut Smog Check Azusa
check your timing belt.. my car wouldnt pass the hc either and i got it timed and it passed 2 days later
check your disributor cap contacts for corosion snd the rotor inside. also check the wires for dry or cracked, frayed, or rusted inside on contacts...
hi i cant pass smog test because my car need 6 valve job is that any i can cheat to pass somg test
Re:How much alcohol to add.. In the test referred to above, various fuel mixtures (0%, 15%, 25%, and 35%) of Ethanol and gasoline were tested by a certified technician using a gas emission analyzer. The test was run for High and Low RPM conditions. It was found that levels for all pollutants measured (HC, NO, CO, and CO2) decreased as the concentrati of Ethanol in the fuel increased, for both RPM levels. Note that 2 to 10% ethanol is typically being added to the gas before you buy it at the pump anyways (depends which brand you use), so generally speaking, adding a bit more can't hurt. Add it when the tank level is low. Gas up after the test since too high a mix ratio washes the oil off cylinder walls and prolonged use causes premature engine wear! Note that Ethanol means 100% ethyl alcohol. The kind you drink. You can only buy it "Denatured" which means that other stuff has been added to make it undrinkable and/or taste bad. Anything less contains water and can't be used. Methanol (wood alcohol) and Isopropanol (Rubbing alcohol) are cheap and easily found at 99% purity and they might actually work too, but the test referred to was conducted with (Denatured) Ethanol.
Rubbing alcohol? Is that even safe to add to the gas tank? thought it was dangerous...My car's engine light is on and it could be blocked injector or low fuel pressure..I think the code is 177
how can cheating smog test hurt other drivers on the road?? it has nothing to do with saftey, its about polution dum dum
How about you take responsibility for the things you own that affect others? California air quality has come so far over the last 25 years, quit trying to send us back to the smoke age.
the best thing to do in your case is apply for an exemption. just go to the DMV and tell them your car is a classic car.

or if you are having problems, the government will give you $500 credit to fix your car.

anywayz, the best thing to do is not cheat and be honest about it
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