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this tutorial will help you step by step with images and pictures of how to add a domain to your webmin contronl panel so you can host your own website using webmin on a linux server this guide is very helpful when you dont understand much about
how to add a domain name in webmin, if you want to know how you install webmin click here

if you are like me, i have a linux server with webmin installed. and i want to host a domain name with webmin so to add it in my server so i can host the files. this way i dont have to pay expensive fees to a web hosting company to host all my domain names because i have so many. so i will show you step by step what i did to add. this is what i did

1. login to your webmin panel:
webim tutorial

2. go to Servers > BIND DNS Server
webim tutorial

3. In the BIND DNS Server, click on "Create Master Zone" link under "Exisiting DNS Zones"
webim tutorial

4. populate the following fields:
webim tutorial

» Domain name / Network (this is the domain name you want to host)

» Email address (this is the webmaster's email address)

» IP address for template records (enter your server's ip address)

5. now click on the "Create" button

6. Then you will be taken to the "Edit Master Zone" page. on this page you will need to click on the "Address" icon
webim tutorial

7. in the Address Records page, populate the following in the "add address record" table:
webim tutorial
» Name (Enter www)
» Address (Enter your server's IP)
» CLICK "Create"

after you created the address record, click on "Return to record types" link at the bottom

8. now that we have added you domain name to your DNS server, its time to create a virtual host in your apache server so in the Servers category, click on "Apache Webserver" link
webim tutorial 8

9. click "Create virtual host"
webim tutorial

10 . Populate the following fields in the "Create a New Virtual Server" form:

webim tutorial
Handle connections to address: (select: Specifi Address... [enter the server's ip address])

» Port: (here you can select Default, Any or specify one. what i did, i specified port 80, so i entered 80)

» Document Root: (here i specified which directory i was going to have this domain's files for this site. so i entered /var/www/html/mydomain but you can enter whatever directory you want to put your web files, its your choice)

» Server Name (i entered my domain name like this: [i included the :80 part also])

» Add virtual server to file (leave default as Standard httpd.conf file)

» Copy directives from (leave default: Nowhere)

11. after you have created the virtual host, you need to save the changes. there is a link "Apply Changes" click on it.

12. now if you domain name is pointing to your server, you should be able to see the your domain name. just make sure you have an index file like index.html or index.php file in the directory you specified in step 10.

Thanks to the suppor poeple at for helping me figure this out. now i am able to add as many domain names to my dedicated server i got from Webune.

thanks, this tutorial is very helpful
merci, por ajouter un domaine webmin et Ajouter un Sous Domaine avec Virtualmin
thank you for your help ! you have save me ! :d
Hi, Thanks for your tutorial. But my domain didn't work. My domain is gaanbd dot com . I am doing all of the step whichone you writting. I dont know where is the problem.
At last I solve domain issue. But when I open my domain then i see only Apache page. Didn't seen my document root.
All I can say is: THANK YOU! Although I have an earlier version of webmin the procedure was very similar.
i'm newbie on using webmin...what do you mean with server's IP?
ther server's ip address is the address assigned by your isp. if you have a dedicated server or a vps for example, this is the ip address your hosting company gave you with your server. if you dont know what your ip address is, check with them
Really a good stuff. Using your tutorial i configure my domain success fully. newindiahostin
the documentation is so overwhelming for webmin, its very difficult for a newbie like me, but your page really helped me alot understand.

now i need to figure out how to add an email account to the domain name. any chance you have a tutorial like it?
Thank you for this tutorial! I couldn't find this information anywhere. You rock!
Thank you so much.
A big thanks from mypcmates dot com for this tutorial helped me out a lot, your awesome!
Thanks a lot!!!! This tutorial was just AMAZING!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!
i cant go through, is the domain name server the same as my companies website name? i tride with it but displays my home page
no, the domain name is not your company name, the domain name is the TLD (top leve domain) name you purchased from your registar
Hmm, I got a question - Did I do this right? On my domain name configuration i wrote my 2 NS's my host game me. During the webmin configuration i only wrote my main IP adress? (didn't type my second IP anywhere). Thanks for help.
Thanx a lot. very good explanation can u please explain same way SMTP SETTING, then it would be fully finished
I am really thankful to this site where my host was charging for this kind of little activity. Rest of the things goes smooth. Only thing is creating issue is the directory. The files are not being populated from the directory where I want to. Anyhow I will love to look further if any one can help. Thanks Farhan
thanks you!
Hey man! Thank's.
Thank you for the GREAT tutorial! Very big help.

I just have one more question. When i point my domain to my server, what will be the address i point it to?

I currently have my domains registered with godaddy.
What an awesome tutorial. Worked first time. Thanks dude :)
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