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i have a question for anyone who can help me maybe get an answer to. my question is: how do you know if a guy likes you? i like this boy but i am not sure that he likes me, so i want to know or at least have an idea that he likes me before i take it a step further. thanks
okay so i reallly like this one guy at my school.we have art together and we talk sorta, and we have science together and its the only class that hes really talkative with me. like he always kickes my feet and my chair and a couple of times he drags my chair towards him(which i pretend to be annoyed by=])and he always asks me for help and stuff and he always makes jokes about what the teatcher says which i find hallarious most of the time, and thats why i think he likes me. but im not sure cuz he always calles me names like bagofass, dirtbag, and "shaquifa" what does that even mean?!? lol but i really like him and im not sure...he has blond hair and realy pretty eyes and like the perfect noseXP aha;) but no seriously i NEED YOUR HELP PEOPLE!!!
pass him a note throw his locker:)
tell him hey i like you alot and i want to no do you like me???
but how can i tell him i like him alot and drop a note in his locker if i am to shy to talk to him and if i like dont know what he is going to say to me im scared but if he tickles me is that a sign that he likes me or would he start going to hold my hands please i want to know because i am going in to highschool and i am trying to learn this stuff so i know when a guy is intrested in me and when he is flirting with me etc...
Just put a note in the boy's locker but use different hand writing and ask him who do u like and sign one of his friends names and ask to put the note behind a trash can.
just tell that boy and he will be happy that you like him so he will like you back
K so ive liked this guy in my grade for about a year now and he looks at me a lot but as soon as i look back at him he looks away. We dont have any classes together so i dont really know him but i do know i can usually talk to mostly anyone but i get butterflies when im anywhere near him. So what do i do? I mean ive tried talking to him but it was at this school football game and my friends made me talk to him. My friend has some csses with him and she tells me we r a perfect match but i just dont know, so ya any advice or help would be greatly appreciated thnx! Oh and hes one of the more popular football guys, some of his friends are jerks and he always hangs out with another popular girl i dont really know her either but ya so thnx for any advice i will use it:)
I like this guy named Ryan. He lives in my neiborhood. I think I'm in a deep deep deep deep DEEP crush. I'm to scared to tell him though. I'm only in fith grade but i've known him since third. How can I tell if he likes me? I think he might've but I'm not sure. My friend asked him and he said yes. But then she told me and I asked him if it was true then he said he was kidding(nervous But he only smiles at me rarely, and everyone thinks that he likes me. I've liked him since third grade. it was out of peer pressure, but then it all became real. My two other bff's liked him so I was pressured to like him to. So one day in gym we fell and knocked eachother over. He helped me up, and that's when I cuaght a glimpse of his hazel eyes. They were nervouse, and sweet. he said sorry and we had a moment. Then we got called back to the game and left. Ever since then, my fake little crush turned into somthing real. I hate having to hang out together and not be able to confess. That I couldn't tell him how I feel. But I love it to. I love loving him! I know I'm young, but I do! I love him. It's just puppy love though. HELP ME!!!!!!!! How do I tell if he likes me????? How do I tell him my true feelings? Or will I stay a turtle. Locked up in my shell of regret. Never facing the problem head on, but instead hiding. turning away becuase I'm scared. But what am I scared of? Getting declined? No. I'm telling him. I will. Nevermind. I'll just e-mail him.

another One day we were videoing who we would want to date out of the group, and he said me. I said him. I like Ryan.
I am in the 6th grade and the guy i like flirts with me then my friend asks him if he likes he stops flirting i am still wondering if he likes me
So this guy he is always like hugs me but not "fully" like kinda sideways and he says how I look cute I'n some outfits and he always calls me his girlfriend literally always but e told me he Linda likes this other girl but nt as much anymore he calls me sweetie today and idk if I kinda like him back but I'm not sure does he like me? Cuz everytime he hugs me or something hes seems like he's just joking like everytime we text each other he's will put a heart an yea
Im in fourth grade 10 yrs old, theres this boy named furious(i know its a weird name)anyways i've liked him since kindergarten,he liked me in 2nd grade but i dont if he likes me know please help
okay theres this boy i like hes a year 4 & i am a year 5 he said onece shake your bootie to me onece in egy Dance and onece he put his feet on my chare lots & every-time i look he smild. and hit me onence in libary lol Help me plzz :D XD
He'll look at you many times and you won't recognize it yourself but your friends do.. =) In my case, we're strangers. I don't know his name and I don't know if he knows mine :)
Well i had the same problems.If a guy likes you he would kick you in your leg.But just playing around.He would also tickle you on your hips.And he will NEVER stop looking at you.
Im in 5th grade and im a shy one. i have a crush on this one guy and he's super cute and funny! And im super scared of talking to boys. idk why its just im any way everytime i try to get him over to me he goes off somewhere else!Like in PE i was on his team and i saved him but he didnt save me! But the biggest problme in the world of love. Another girl likes my crush and shes trying her best to get him! Im scared and worried that my friend will take him away from me!!!!!!!!!!! What do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please anyone give me tips!
OK so im in 8th grade and i really like this guy. He is in all of my classes but english. I met him last year in an after-school music group and we didnt really talk because i liked an 8th grader at the time(i was in 7th grade). But this year when i saw him in my math class i was like "OMG he is sooo HOT!!". And We r both in the music group again this year so i have more time to kida talk to him. Im trying EVERYTHING to try to talk to him (not being a stalker) But Me and my friend went to the highschool football game and he was there so she told him to come hang out with him and he did the whole game=D. And then last tuesday after NJHS(national junior honor siciety) I was driving to lessons and he was driving home (well r parents were duh!)but we stopped right next to each other at a red light and we waved to each other and he smiled when he saw me. But the next day he didnt say anything! same with the game the next day he didnt talk to me and i was really sad =(. i really dont know what to do i reaalllllllllyyyy like him and i want him tolike me. And i dont think this has anything to do with it but i have never had my first kiss and im in 8th grade! and i kinda want it befor highschool and if he dosnt like methen there is no chnace because the rest of the kids at my school are gehto. So PLEASE help me =|
i like a guy who i met last summer...he liked me too nd we got fone numbers.but he lives in a diffrent place so weve been txtin all year.. he calls me cutie sometimes.. bt alla sudden he gets a girlfriend and he stops talkin to me for like a few months then i get a boyfrend... after a while,, him and his girlfriend break up and he tells me (through myspace) to text him so i text him. like the next day his ex emails me and asks me if i like him i say "idk i gotta bf" and she says "oh well ive heard a lot about u.." and yea weve been texting ever since... idk wat to do.. does he like me? i think he does because he hits on me a lot.. but idk if he just thinks im hot or something because one time we were texting and i sed "how" (for no reason,, the onversation was getting boring) and he said "by pownin their lil feels. u lucky ik u. cuz i be pownin urs too" i jus sed g2g...but i dnt kno wat to do? does he like me? or does he jus like me as a seccond option or somethin?
soo there's this boy ive liked since 1ST grade n we dont like each other now..but now he hates me but heres the story!...when we were in 1st grade we both liked each other then in 4th we were in each others class again....he showed signs that he liked me he would always say im pretty n would look at me n smile then he toled me he liked me a few weeks later....then he asked me out over(myspace) lame i know lol...well i said yes we were together about 6\7 months then he broke up with me when we got to 5th n we didnt talk...then i met this other boy n we went out then my ex had started liking me ex had got jealous well me n my bf werent working out so i dropped him i was single for a month or two n dated a few other but they were long relationships im nott the kinda girl who goes out with every guuy so dont get that i dea...well later into the year i started liking my ex the one i was talking about in the begining...(IF I GET BORING FEEL FREE TO STOP READING CUZZ I KNOW ITs BORING)well a little befor valentines day me n my close friend got together we were together for a month starting january but i was texting my first ex n i realizd i was comepletely starting to love him ook im young but i really liked him so i told my boy he told me to do what makes me happy but he would alway love me so i went out with my first ex again!!! dumb idea we were together about 3\4 months then he broke up with me because he (THAUGHT!!) i was cheating on him n i swear i wasnt :( i was really upset with myself for letting my previous ex go when he really cared about me well n-e ways after we broke up he was a real jerk im not just saying he teased me he called me names would alway talk alot of stuff saying i like everyody n all that n he would text m en say (HEY) i would say hi back then he would put i hate u or shut up it hurt....idk how to get over the pain he caused me!?!?!? any ideas one last thing lol but he is now alwwyas trying to break me up if im with someone idk y!! im just trying to get over the pain hes caused me but it seems he always finds a way to make me hurt ...its not totally his falt cuzz i fell for him knowimg it would never work out but does anybody have any ideas how to help!!!???please message back thanks for being patient if u read this far :))
Well this boy i like we've been talking since the beginning of freshman year, yes i am currently a freshman. He always talks to me, smiles and seems to remember every word i say. Like a week later he would bring up how i said that he has a cool smile. I say cool only to play it off. I know he knows i like him but i dont know what to do. When i seem down he would be concerned and ask how i'm doing and just out of curiosity. He just got a girlfriend last month because we had been pretty distant. Like just last week he asked me why dont i text him any more.I didn't have his number at the time because i had gotten a new phone. It's more than flirting between him and I, he holds my hand, compliments me everyday. But i still get confused cause like he has a gfirlfriend aand i'm not a homewrecker. So i know my boundaries.When i'm upset, raging anger with him he'd blow in my ear. Or just hold me and wipe stuff off of my face that shouldn't have been there. It's soo cute!!! OMG =] I feel like i can be myself around him because he's weird!! Not the weird as if he's mental but like the funny weird! And sometimes i like being funny and goofy! That's just how i am but i certainly have feelings for him. What should i do?
i have 3 questions to ask firts question we are in lesson and when he comes to talk to me his knee is always touching my knee, does it mean he likes me Second question theres this boy in my lesson that tries to annoys . for example he teases me,makes fun of me. does it mean he likes me. another question is there's this boy who flirts with me in lesson . people tel him tat he likes me but he says no , saying i'm ugly. then talkes to me in every lesson tat we are together. throws stuff like paper or pencil or pen at me but when he's with tis girls he stopps talking to me.
ok well theres this boy i really really like ive already told him that i like him n i asked him out but he said no cause hes scared if we go out we might not ever talk after n hes scared to loose me as a friend n sometimes he flirts with me then so i went out with this boy n he stoped talking to me cause he said i didnt need him i had my boyfriend n people said he was jeolous i said y is he jeolous if he never liked me? so then i broke up with my boyfriend a few months later now a few days ago my friend told him i said hi n he smiled n said tell her i said hi n i love tickling him cause hes so ticklish lol n he tickles me back but sometimes he runs away n but im so confused does he like or not should i move on
i have a question for someone can help me. my question is; how do you know if a guy like you? i like a guy in school but i see him walk down the hall. he look at me but he don't say hi or bye, i talk to him on myspace like a friend but he know that i like him. i want to talk to him like a friend. when i look that him.
there is this boy in my class but i like him but i do not know if he feels the same way 4 th grade
ok i met this guy when wet me he smiled at me and i smiled at him and i looked down and looked back up and smiled again i gave him my number he didnt call me i went back and asked him he saied he didnt speak much english he gave me his number and his name asked if he could text me i saied yes we test and then when i go back he always smiles a big smile we hug and we take pictures together he let me put his arm around me but i dont know if he like me he also paid for my meal when he gave me his number. does he like me or not i need to know asap
ok here we go it all started in 6th grade i didnt kno him he didnt kno but we became friends not the closest friends but friends and i guess over a while he stared liking me and one of our friends told me and i was like 'ok' and i guess i rejected him but i was like wat confunsed he was my friend and i just didnt kno what to say and it completly altered me he started to flirt like hard and i still had nothing to say to him even though i wanted to say i kie u to i couldnt...after that year i started likeing him but we sort of drifted apart by the end of 7th grade i alredy knew i had fallen for himso now were in eighth and he is constantly on my mind he now knos i like him cuz of my friend but he doesnt know that i know he knos that i like him and he told my friend that he likes this girl but he didnt tell her who and i really want to kno if he still likes me what should i do
I think that this guy likes me but idk if he really does like me cuz i like him back.What should i do?
i like this guy at school and he really annoys me alot ,but i am not sure but ready to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well there is this guy at my school and
i realy like him and i don't know if he likes me back how will i know?????
a boy smiles at me, told me that im pretty in front of my entire class, sang a romantic song to me, but has a gf. hes 3 yrs older. he also made me laugh by making funny sounds. does he like me? but he ignores me around his gf. to reply email me at joejonaslover006 - at -
i like this guy called rhyse, but hes going out with this other girl- i dont think he actually likes her though. He fancied my best friend for a while and they went out, she dumped him and he was super sad. But now he acts really close around me, and we're not in many lessons together and we usually dont talk at lunch, but sometimes in the lessons that we are together it feels like hes looking at me, but when i glance at him, hes not. He talks to me loads on msn and gets annoyed when i dont go on webcam or hug him, when i say brb then say back he always says good, and he gets worried if im sad. I really have no idea if he likes me, one minute hes super distant then the next hes close, hes my best guy friend and i really want to take things further but i have no idea if he likes me and it would be awkward if i asked seeing as he has a girlfriend. Ive liked him for so long and at times just want to get over him. Can someone please tell me if he likes me or not!?
well if you the guy has your number and likes just to text you all the time and you dont start the conversation that is a sign also when you ask him to do something and he does it might be a sing a big on is when you ask him to do something with you like just hang out he says yes even if he has plans these are just some ways guys are really hard to read sometimes but theses are just a few pointers also if you think he likes you take the first step cause guys can be really shy sometimes
theres a guys i like and i dont know if this guy likes me too, but i think he really does. I always catch him looking and glancing at me and turns his head quickly. He often accompanies me when we're walking home and holds my hand while crossing the street. He even invited me to go to their house and i stayed overnyt but guys, nothing happens. I just slept there (we're sleeping in a same room *goosebumps* but i swear nothing happens)and thats all. And then we fight and didnt appraoch eah other for 5 months.

Now, we are friends again, and like what he did before, i always find him looking at me. He even sits beside me and his freinds ask me "Do you want us to punch him?" although i didnt know why. He also flirts our female classmates while looking at me.

How will i now if hes really into me? Im not that pretty (but im cute. hehe) ad he is sort of a hearttrob in our class. What should i do??
so theres this boy in my grade that always gives me atition and i'm not sure if he likes me.he asked me out in 1 grade and now i'm in thrid.he always wzves at me in the hallways and he always trys to make me laugh .can u help?
theres this guy in my grade who asked me out in 1 grade. and now were in 3 grade and i'm not sure if he still likes me he allways waves at me in the hallways. does he like me?
im not sure if i like this guy..or if he likes me back too..he's my closest friend too and i dont wanna tell him cuz i dont wanna make our friendship awkkward..he makes me smile and laugh he always gives me advice on anything i need he calls me honey my dear beautiful gorgeous my love sweetie babe baby.. he always hugs me and is happy when he sees me..we text all the time and i find myself thinking about him most of the time and can relate a lot or songs about him..hes older than me..
hey guys,
their is this guy i like, and we both live in student residence, he's cute, charming and a great personality. but thing about him is he sometimes totally ignores me, every time he sees me and my friend, most of the time he talks to them but not me, he does not even look at me, but once in a while he woud talk to me, smile, make jokes about me, and he's sometimes is touchi touchi then the next day he completely ignores me, and i just don't get him, his always on and off....and thats always does that to me but not to any of my friends.
can you guys tell me wat u think, whether he likes me or not.
my best freind in the whole world likes the same guy as me. when ever i talk to him she gets realy upset. how do i keep my freind and go out with the guy?
how do you know if a guy likes you? how to make think you are cute or pretty? if you have an answer please email brittiany1 at email2 and in the subject box type how to know if a guy likes you or something like that

if when he is always around u , he is tense or neverous making it hard to stand still or even speack properly .
i like this boy and i think/hopes he likes me back he started to stare at me today but we dont talk alot and he is in football and basketball but on thursdays football players get to wear formal clothes and he untucked his shirt right in front of my desk and said im a pimp what does this mean i really need help someone plz help me!!!
hey guess what today the guys i like was sitting w/ a friend and he had to do homework soo he moved right behind me for no reson well hes other friend was sittin there and he needed to borrow something but he could of used it in anther seat im soo happy
omg jessica thanks soo much i bet he does like me cause he sits behind me on the bus pretty much everyday and he laughs at any funny thing i say and i laugh at his too but thanks soo much:))
i really like him and idk if he likes me plz help
i have one more thing to add i can see him everywhere and whenever are eyes meet we stare for a about 5 seconds and then look away and i really need help cause i cant sleep cause of him helpme plz
i like this guy but hes one year older and hes really hot and i wanna ask him out but i cant cause my friends would make fun of me but i dont care about that i really like him i cant even go to sleep at night help
ohkay well this guy plays the guitar, and without even knowing it i broke the touch barrier by touching his arm and saying "you need to play me a song" was that taking it to far?
well u can tell cuz if u treats u nice, etheir way he thinks ur hot and do sex with u. well if he treats u mean like teasing u that means u likes u hope thats helps lol
i really like this guy alot . we have both liked each other for a long time. he has a gf now and they have been dating for 4 months. but he says im his bestfriend thta he loves and we have know each other for now 10 years and we give hugs to each other and he touches my butt. lately he has been calling me cuz he is bored and stuuf. i give him piggy back rides he lets me wear his hatt and glasses he sits near me and messes with me and cares about me .... what the hellll do i doooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know this guy he is so hot but he best friends with my sis and i relly like him what do i do? ps. he flurts with me to
there is a boy that i like but i dont know if he likes

he always tease me and give me nicknames and stuff
but sometimes i feel that he is looking at me and sometimes i feel that im imagining
this guy i like, kris, is amazing. my friend sthink me and him would make a cute couple. my friends (literally all that have seen us together) think he likes me. they all say that he flirts with me. also hes given me his jacket twice. he didnt feel weird when we played red roverat youth group and we held hands. and i dont even ask for hugs anymore haha. but im just not sure that he likes me. if anyone could reply and help thatd be awesome!!! thanks!!!!
i have the same problem. but if he like is always near you, he talks to you mainly if your with another friend or a group of friends that he knows. also if he like ever lends u his jacket when ur cold. or if you ever hug him, you dont ever have to ask for them. (: hope that helped have an awesome day
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