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how can you tell if a lesbian likes you? i think i have the answer, there are many ways to tell if she is a lesbian or not
you are not going to believe this. but I have a friend in college and for the longest time I thought she was a lesbian. I felt like she always tried to flirt with me. till last week, we came on really strong, I could not believe it. I felt so uncomfortable. I mean, I never would think I would go for a lesbian. ewwwwwwwww. nah, I am straight. I don't like chicks..i love my men..

anyways, when you are straight its hard to find out if a girl is a lesbian or not. so hopefully you can benefit from my experience/mistake.

i trusted Lesly, she was a good person until she started to do stuff like touching my hands and coming on to me. she would get really close to me when we talk. but she would just stare at my eyes all the time. these are some signs that your friend could be a lesbian:

1. wears guys clothes
2. has short hair
3. acts tough
4. always wears pants
5. wears no make up

* This does not mean everyone who is like this is a lesbian. what makes you a lesbian is whats inside of you... in your heart.

if you want my advise, try to stay away from lesbians. you will regret it later in your life.. I mean. if they want to be lesbian, let them be. but I say, if you are doubtful about having a relationship with a lesbian, don't, or else you will pay the consequences, and its not worth it. BUT you dont have to take my word for it. just read all the hateful comments i've received. why you want to become someone so bitter and angry at the world?

as you read through my post here, you are probably going to start to say to yourself, what a b*tch.. so I want to make things clear. I am not telling you to hate other people. we are all equal and just like everyone, lesbians are people too, they have feeling and they were created by God. But its our way of life that I am talking about. if you ever fell pressured by another woman who you think is a lesbian, the best way to find out if she really is one, is to ask her. some will not tell you because they feel ashamed, is that how you want to live your life, ashamed?

when we all do things that are bad, we can't help but feel bad or ashamed, so its that feeling that's telling you that what you are doing is wrong.

why do you think society don't accept lesbianism or homosexuality? the answer is simple. the main factor its against the word of God. BUT, just like lying is also against God. so when we do something wrong, we ask for forgiveness. the second reason why its not acceptable its obvious. its for pure human survival. its in our nature to reproduce. if we all start to be lesbians and homosexuals, there will not be anymore reproduction of the human race and we will vanish. that's why we have Godly laws and human laws. its not because we hate people. its because we love people.

are you born a lesbian or are you made a lesbian? - that's a question I have often asked myself. and the answer is simple, you are not born a lesbian. you are made into one. if you talk to most lesbians and you ask them when did they know they were lesbians they will tell you it was probably when they were growing up in their late teens. most lesbians are made because a man hurt them. either their father, brother or someone guy who they loved and because they think all men are the same, they hate all men. but that's the true. while there are jerks in this world, there are also kind and loving men who respect and love their woman. but just as there are bad men, there are bad women. we are all the same and we are all made of flesh. we all have out strengths and our weakness. don't let your temptation be your weakness just because you are wondering how it feels to be with another woman. stay away from that thought, because if you go through with it, you will cry of pain because you will feel you have betrayed yourself. its a natural feeling. so go out and date guys, don't think that just because there are some guys who are bad, all guys are bad. you just have to find the right one for you. let me give you a good tip in finding a guy for you. when you find a guy, don't look for someone like you. but instead find someone who is different from you. for example, lets say you are very proud and outspoken, if you find another guy who is just like you, when you have your arguments, you will fight all the time because none of you are willing to humble one to each other because both of you are too proud. but if you find someone who is different from you like a shy humble guy, then you will be a better match because he will be able to tolerate you and he will also be able to learn from you. or the other way around, anyways, that's what I think because I found my husband and he's the total opposite of me. he understands me and loves me. he loves our children and is a good father for both our kids.

i know some of you might called me idiot or call me names, but its just a matter of time, when you are much older and you start to think about your life, you will reflect upon the moment when you thought I was a stupid idiot for saying all these things and you are going to be amazed because you will know I was right. I mean, its OK, why should I care what happens to you, its your life. while I don't know who is reading my story here, surely, someday you will also want to share your story with someone else because you have felt the pain and the guilt for sleeping with another woman and you will feel ashamed. I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, all I am trying to do is tell you my experience and hopefully help you in your journey in life. the choices you make are yours and yours only, you will have to deal with the consequences of your choices, I am merely a simple woman trying to help others who might be in the same situation I am and hopefully I can help you. so please don't be mean to me, I write this because I care, not because I hate you. but dont take my word for it. there are many places throughout the country that allow you to go to senior citizen homes or care center to volunteer. these are precious people because they have lived life and they have experience. in them, you will find wisdom, wisdom that neither I or anyone on the internet can compare to.

Wow. I feel sad for you. Sounds to me like your just aching for another experience, but because you are made it seem like your friend was some sort of predator. Preying on poor innocent God fearing you. You wanted it, you still do, get over it.
I never knew my cousin was a lesiban until last week. This article gave me some good insight into a little of what to expect and so forth. I am straight and married. I can tell you that lesibans can really hurt you bad and she did it to me because I would not approve of her lifestyle of being a lesiban and biloveual. Now she condemns me and my dad. Watch out for those kind of people. They will get you every time.
hi, very interesting comments. i am 43 and recently realized i could be lesbian. i am still a virgin and being raised christian and respecting my parents i stayed "pure" and yes i am asian. i started having feelings for this women who helped me out when i fell ill and no one helped me when i needed help and we became friends. it took her almost one year to get me to trust her, since i was skeptical about her altruism. i've dated so many men, bankers, lawyers, and some very successful business men yet not one clicked with me. oh, they liked me well enough because i was young, educated, a business women myself, and i am loving and gentle because i was fortunate to have been raised with love and to meet loving kind people. how bitter it is to realize close to middle age that all that time i couldn't fall for those wonderful men i dated was because i am a lesbian in denial. i am a rare kind of unrealistic idealistic women who cannot see nor accept myself the way i am. and it is bitter too that this kind women who helped me when i was so ill - my weight was under 90 pounds, i looked like a cadaver. it is bitter because she is married with two kids and she loves me like a christian with the love that god commanded, agope love. she could be lesbian too since she often invites me to be alone with her and i refuse because i am ethical and i know she is a temptation to me. so there for all you ignorant homophobics out there. and no before i realized i had feelings for this women, i also found women to be more fun and enjoyable company than men. from my past experience, many of my business customers really loved me but i never saw it as lesbian love, just love. it never dawned on me to see anything in life as ugly since everything god creates is beautiful. yes, even the homeless man i tried to help get home is beautiful to me.
I think partially ur right for loving god and having a opinion about a lifestyle but i am a lesbian and i think god excepts everyone because he made everyone and for one of 'gods creations' to judge like she is god i wonder if you are just increasingly arogant or blindly dumb about god everyone knows in my church im a lesbian and excepts me maybe one day god will do you the same otherwise ur advice is idiotic and i dont have short hair or guy clothes thanks for that sterotype bye
The two sections about "signs that someone is lesbian" and that you should "stay away from lesbians" are total BULL. The 5 silly "clues" all go to me, but I am totally straight! And another thing, don't you DARE tell people to stay away from those who are a bit different than others. They won't "regret it!"
WOW. So, like, if you're a tomboy, you count as a lesbian? Listen, anyone who takes this article seriously is an idiot. I have alot of lesbian friends that DON'T fit into your list. And I hate how horrible you make them sound, as though they are some evil monster that wants to touch you when you sleep. Seriously, if you weren't on the other side of this internet, I would uglyslap you. ...SHORT HAIR MAKES YOU A LESBIAN?! I still can't get over that. So what about short-haired celebrities? OR GRANDMOTHERS?
Apparently Lesbians turn into cockroaches when the clock strikes midnight too...
Wow your blog is the epitome of ignorance. Who are you to claim to be an expert on a very diverse demographic? That in and of itself is bigotry. I think your post should be removed as it is a violation of human rights. Do not write about things you know nothing about obviously.
Wow, this is the sillyest thing I've ever heard. You do realize that you can be friends with a lesbian, without having love with them right? If they are interested in you, a simple "sorry I'm straight" usually clears things up. You completely over reacted. And for the record, her liking you didn't make her a bad person. In fact maybe you should have felt flattered that she thought so highly of you that she'd consider dating you? What you did was just cruel.


First off we are all in titled to our own opinion, which is why I wish to state my own.
How is it against the word in god, when the bible clearly shows Male archangels having loveual relations with men? Plus if you really want to bring the bible and the “word “of god into this, just look at the other things the bible supports. The bible clearly states that if woman that is raped she has to marry her rapist, so are you in support of this because it was written in the bible? So Before you people start spouting stuff off about your religion you might want to actually study it!
Second you can still reproduce when you are a lesbian, it’s called artificial insemination, or even this wonderful thing called adoption. The world is full of children that need families; we don’t need to reproduce any more.
Another thing you talk about being a lesbian as though it were a tattoo that we regret later on in life. This is not the case; we don’t regret it and we never will. No one ever regrets love, just like we don’t regret breathing in air. Even though we respect your opinion, don’t condemn us.
your a gay mean it! haha!
your statement is one of many other solutions to a diversity of situations,but honestly yours is not the ultimate..we humans are fragile but GOD himself granted us the free,what is needed is how we respond,please..a please celebrate human beauties of diversities..if should a person is hurt then let TIME be the healer..what u said is a bit sounding 'bitter' to some because your thought is coming from a person and here u are addressing it to persons which has different experience of path which God had put in their,actually u are only answering to your own inquiries which only helpful to u be an educator,u must be educated..n being educate is also being acknowledge with knowledgeS..PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING SO U MIGHT UNDERSTAND N BE UNDERSTOOD BY OTHERS..what's most frightening to human as a person is their own inner question that can only be 'read out' by others by being socially healthy..stay cool n think twice..
i am a m a lesbian and i dunno if my friend is HELP!
ummm, why would you say this! You are making a generalization about ALL lesbians from your one friend. You can totally be friends with a lesbian as a straight girl. One of my closest friends is a lesbian. She is very respectful of her straight friend's personal space and feelings. She never flirts with them or is all over them. In fact i think she goes out of her way to make sure we don't feel uncomfortable or think she has a crush on us or anyhing. She's an awesome friend! I can't ask for a better friend! Who cares if she's a lesbian! I don't! People shouldn't teat gay people any different. So, maybe there are some gay people out there who aren't respectful(which from what you've said, it doesn't even sound like your friend was either)? Well, i can tell you there are PLENTY and probably more straight people who aren't respectful too! It has nothing to do with loveual orientation. There are plenty of awesome gay people that you can still love as a friend like any other human being.
Well I think u r a lesbian& find every reason2 confront urslf...
Oh my God.. I'm lesbian and I find this HIGHLY offensive! Lesbians are completely normal and you are born a lesbian. Just like your hair color. When they say they weren't lesbian until heir teens, it means they didn't COME OUT until they were teens, or they didn't realize it. Don't judge us because of your one friend.
WTF! If your a lesbian then you shouldnt ask this loveing retard for help. She may say she 'loves you' but she is a pig ignorant little ugly
....i am a lesbian and there is nothing wrong with it,you know NOTHING about lesbians....clearly.
Its not bad to be a lesbian i mean im straight but i still dont thing theres anything wrong with being a lesbian so whoever thinks its wrong can suck it. :)
This is the most ignorant thing i have ever read. I am a lesbian, and right off the bat I can tell you i was born have you taken any psychology classes in college..hell are you even in college. On a not school based note, I can PROMISE YOU i knew I was gay from an extremely young age. who the hell are you to rant on and on about lesbians if you are not one. TO BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOUR STUPID SELF, I LOVE BEING GAY AND I SUGGEST FOR EVERYONE TO EXPERIMENT, YOU ARE ONLY YOUNG ONCE LIVE IT UP. TRY EVERYTHING THING!! i honestly cannot believe you have the nerve to just type on and on about someone you said you were friends with, if i had any friends like you i would snip them like a loose thread. you are pathetic, truly i am disgusted with you.. go back to school, or get out from under that rock you live and educate yourself. contrary to popular belief..ignorance is not bliss.
please don't stereotype... i suggest that you change the title so you would not mislead people. this sounds more like you are sharing a negative experience with your friend so it is best not to refer to a certain group in general.
You are an igrorant pig! saying that all lesbians fit into one catagory and that people should stay away from them is total bull! it is not a choice, you are gay or you are straight and you saying that it is a lifestyle choice just proves your ignorance!
Reproduce is such a poor excuse for not allowing to be lesbian, what are sperm donor for? decorating? i doubt that. I think u should learn more about lesbian before saying these thing about them
Sexual Orientation is. Not. A. Choice. Not all lesbians hate men or had unpleasant experiences with men that lead them to lean towards dating or having loveual relations with females.
Care to explain how we have biloveuals and panloveuals my dear?
Well, I sure hope that those things mean my friend is a lesbian and likes me! I was looking for advice because I am straight, but am so ridiculously attracted to this woman I know. I skipped all the ignorant crap and the end of this blog, so I wouldn't get indigestion.
ummmmmm.... no. this is not how the world works. Sexual orientation is not a choice. Lesbians are not wrong. I don't want to be the person who yells at everyone, just passing on the truth.
You must be very young or very ignorant. I hope you are young. You know nothing about lesbian, or people in general. I am glad that you didn't want nothing to do with your friend, You did not deserve her. So keep on loving your men, because they will never let you down.
1º Homosloveuality is not "wrong". Some studies show that it depends on genetics and not from psycological reasons... So, it is not a personal choice but a choice made by nature. Theoricaly,this means that God allowed it. 2º It isn't against nature because many species, specially mammals have homosloveual behaviors (such as orangutans) 3º You seem to be considering that we only come to life to reproduction... If that was true infertil people should also be abominated 4º You say it is against religion and God. Some time ago, religion thought it was right to burn people (the siners)in the midle of the city so that everyone could see them being purified, nowadays that is an abomination and God never said that loving someone could be a sin. Why have you never spoke to her and said you were unconfortable? If she was a guy you would probably have done it. Be racional and reasonable. In less than 40 years, being gay or straight will be like being left or right handed... Nobody will care about it!!!
Look, Mona, or whoever it is that wrote the message has a right to her opinion without having to be subjected to be called a "pig" or other names. She never called any lesbians names or was disrespectful in any way. She simply stated her own experience and the rest of you are haters and rude and have no respect for people's rights to think what they want to think. Nobody is necessarily right or wrong - it's a free country where nobody should be bullied or hated for their opinion just because you don't agree. If someone wants to be a lesbian, then fine. If someone doesn't, then fine. But don't be nasty and hateful and try and FORCE people to believe the way that you do!
I DO HOPE ALL THE LESBIANS HUNT YOU DOWN FYI: lesbians are not need to get your facts straight. Gays and lesbians are born that way and you can't change that. Not all lesbians have a bad experience withwith men,they never hadneutral neutral feelingsl, that's why lesbians choose to be with a women because it feels just right..let me ask you a question? Why are you straight?
My senses are telling me your stories are FAKE, your the majority of people who hate on homoloveuals..go get a life,you like the attention. Are you happy now that people are posting comments.. your making yourself sound silly. Your exaggerating and making things up on your own. Noone will listen to your crap, your not a certified therapist.I dare you to go out there and say all your hateful comments about lesbians.. you will definately get shot at! I wantt to see that happen... May God give bless you with a pure heart to understand and love each and every individuals in this world =)
All I gotta say is WOW, you are really naive. IDK where you get off thinking that those 5 "so-called indications" depict a lesbian. I find that funny. You are "straight", that's great, there's nothing wrong with being who you are. But you cannot judge everyone else and put them down, especially when you don't know what it's like to walk a day in those shoes. I am very girly and I think most people actually think that I am straight, but it just so happens that I PREFER women. And I have always had crushes on girls, since I was very young, approx 5 years old and up. You can't change the way you feel, and who you're attracted too. And trust me not ALL of us live in your #1-5 stereotype. My gf and I are both femme. So my personal experience in itself tends to prove your theory wrong. Learn to love and accept everyone else for who they are. What we do behind closed doors is our business, as is yours, so just respect that fact and move on. P.S. I am also a mother, so BIG SURPRISE, we lesbians can also REPRODUCE, unfortunately NOT with each other, but we are still a family none-the-less.
well.. if you are homophobic... just saying.. but its the straight peoples fault for gays. hey.. guess which one of these is gay.. ☺☺ do it? thats theyre people too.
Judging by your comments and the way you have written the story. You did have feelings for your friend and are using you religious beliefs as an excuse to repress your attraction to this girl. The fact that you mention you have a nuclear family unit is an attempt to prove your heteroloveuality Bottom line your in denial and you need to take your head out of the bible and stick it out your window to see the real world. Good Luck !!
Unfortunately, when someone has an article with obvious spelling mistakes, I can't take them seriously.
The OP doth protest too much, methinks
well its crazy im not a lesbian but my freind is i read two difernt pages and she is always touching my hand and staring into my eyes
If you are reading this and are unsure of your loveuality, please dont take what this person has said to heart. Only you know what you want, nobody should decide what you should do with your life.
just follow your gut. your feelings will let you know nobody can really tell you but yourself! good luck people! olivia
Woooaaah. The first thing I'm offended by here is the excruciatingly bad use of grammar. The rest sorta speaks for it's self. I'm glad you've chosen to stay away from lesbians, because we don't want to be anywhere near you.
Oh I just can't wait for the Hunger Games. And Im pretty sure my friend is a lesiban because she stares my eyes alot and she touches my face and hands.
who gives if someone is gay or lesbian its there life and if that is what makes them happy let them be,besides you never know if someday you get to be a lesbians friend. You never know what will happen in your life
It's easy to tell if a girl is a lesbian if she kisses you. Even easier to tell if you're one if you kiss back ;) My girlfriend will vouch for this ;)
From reading your blog, it's pretty clear your an idiot... good luck with that haha
okay first off im an LESBIAN && it seem like to me you dated her or something.... everywhere you go you gonna them what you eat they ass?? i couldn't even finish reading this article because of the manureyou just said..... everybody isn't && perfect && we all have an different lifestyle... im not gonna finish on what i have to say! smh....
Pretty sure that EVERYONE wears pants nowadays. and you shouldnt go out hating out lesbians because you are ashamed of yourself, just accept it, you liked it.
You are right, you are just a "simple woman". Painfully simple.
I hae been reading some of the comments and i am about to throw up. I cannot believe what im reading. How can you date and KISS a girl?!?!? What in your sick mind makes you feel like that?!? GOD MADE ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE. How could you feel about a girl the same way NORMAL people feel about a guy. That's revolting.
okay so god didn't make adam and steve but if you actully read the bible you would know that it's say to accept one another as they are so you can just shut that down. plus my best friend is a lesbian and we will do anything for each other so that comment just made me want to jump you.
i think it's just plain disrespectful that you said lesbians are wrong and you would regret being one! i'm not one but my best friend is and i support her.
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