you are not going to believe this. but I have a friend in college and for the longest time I thought she was a lesbian. I felt like she always tried to flirt with me. till last week, we came on really strong, I could not believe it. I felt so uncomfortable. I mean, I never would think I would go for a lesbian. ewwwwwwwww. nah, I am straight. I don't like chicks..i love my men..

anyways, when you are straight its hard to find out if a girl is a lesbian or not. so hopefully you can benefit from my experience/mistake.

i trusted Lesly, she was a good person until she started to do stuff like touching my hands and coming on to me. she would get really close to me when we talk. but she would just stare at my eyes all the time. these are some signs that your friend could be a lesbian:

1. wears guys clothes
2. has short hair
3. acts tough
4. always wears pants
5. wears no make up

* This does not mean everyone who is like this is a lesbian. what makes you a lesbian is whats inside of you... in your heart.

if you want my advise, try to stay away from lesbians. you will regret it later in your life.. I mean. if they want to be lesbian, let them be. but I say, if you are doubtful about having a relationship with a lesbian, don't, or else you will pay the consequences, and its not worth it. BUT you dont have to take my word for it. just read all the hateful comments i've received. why you want to become someone so bitter and angry at the world?

as you read through my post here, you are probably going to start to say to yourself, what a b*tch.. so I want to make things clear. I am not telling you to hate other people. we are all equal and just like everyone, lesbians are people too, they have feeling and they were created by God. But its our way of life that I am talking about. if you ever fell pressured by another woman who you think is a lesbian, the best way to find out if she really is one, is to ask her. some will not tell you because they feel ashamed, is that how you want to live your life, ashamed?

when we all do things that are bad, we can't help but feel bad or ashamed, so its that feeling that's telling you that what you are doing is wrong.

why do you think society don't accept lesbianism or homosexuality? the answer is simple. the main factor its against the word of God. BUT, just like lying is also against God. so when we do something wrong, we ask for forgiveness. the second reason why its not acceptable its obvious. its for pure human survival. its in our nature to reproduce. if we all start to be lesbians and homosexuals, there will not be anymore reproduction of the human race and we will vanish. that's why we have Godly laws and human laws. its not because we hate people. its because we love people.

are you born a lesbian or are you made a lesbian? - that's a question I have often asked myself. and the answer is simple, you are not born a lesbian. you are made into one. if you talk to most lesbians and you ask them when did they know they were lesbians they will tell you it was probably when they were growing up in their late teens. most lesbians are made because a man hurt them. either their father, brother or someone guy who they loved and because they think all men are the same, they hate all men. but that's the true. while there are jerks in this world, there are also kind and loving men who respect and love their woman. but just as there are bad men, there are bad women. we are all the same and we are all made of flesh. we all have out strengths and our weakness. don't let your temptation be your weakness just because you are wondering how it feels to be with another woman. stay away from that thought, because if you go through with it, you will cry of pain because you will feel you have betrayed yourself. its a natural feeling. so go out and date guys, don't think that just because there are some guys who are bad, all guys are bad. you just have to find the right one for you. let me give you a good tip in finding a guy for you. when you find a guy, don't look for someone like you. but instead find someone who is different from you. for example, lets say you are very proud and outspoken, if you find another guy who is just like you, when you have your arguments, you will fight all the time because none of you are willing to humble one to each other because both of you are too proud. but if you find someone who is different from you like a shy humble guy, then you will be a better match because he will be able to tolerate you and he will also be able to learn from you. or the other way around, anyways, that's what I think because I found my husband and he's the total opposite of me. he understands me and loves me. he loves our children and is a good father for both our kids.

i know some of you might called me idiot or call me names, but its just a matter of time, when you are much older and you start to think about your life, you will reflect upon the moment when you thought I was a stupid idiot for saying all these things and you are going to be amazed because you will know I was right. I mean, its OK, why should I care what happens to you, its your life. while I don't know who is reading my story here, surely, someday you will also want to share your story with someone else because you have felt the pain and the guilt for sleeping with another woman and you will feel ashamed. I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, all I am trying to do is tell you my experience and hopefully help you in your journey in life. the choices you make are yours and yours only, you will have to deal with the consequences of your choices, I am merely a simple woman trying to help others who might be in the same situation I am and hopefully I can help you. so please don't be mean to me, I write this because I care, not because I hate you. but dont take my word for it. there are many places throughout the country that allow you to go to senior citizen homes or care center to volunteer. these are precious people because they have lived life and they have experience. in them, you will find wisdom, wisdom that neither I or anyone on the internet can compare to.

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