Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Function In /home/www/web/index.php Line 196

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hi, can you help me tell me what this error means?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function in /home/www/web/index.php line 196

i am running a php script and for some reason i get this error

i tried everything but i can't seem to get what the problem is, im kinda new to php and i would really appreciate your help on hits

thanks in advance for all your help.

this just means that your script is looking for whatever function you have. look on line 196 and see what function you are calling on your script. basically its telling you that the function you what to display on your script is not found..


It means the function you have on your script is not found

so how can you fix it.

here are some tips:

1. make sure if you have a functions file, that you have included in your script
2. another common mistake is that your functions file is included after the script wants to use it. move the include/functions.php to the top of your main script
3. another common mistake is misspelling, i know, sometimes, words look the same, but they are not. the best way to do this is to retype it agian. let me give you an example. did you noticed i just misspelled again.. i typed again instead of again, both look similar, but they are not the same:


hahahaha, this is my most common mistake i make in my php scripts. so pay attention to your spelling

ok, i made a few changes, now i get all sorts of errors like this:
sorry, i copy and paste the wrong information. actually, i figured out. i was not including my function.php file and that's where i have the function that i was calling in my script. so now i included() into it and it works fine. thanks
good, just remember that if you are getting this error php is telling you "i can't find the function you want"
i need hep with this freebsd php fatal error: call to undefined function preg_match
add this on your makefile

i have the same problem, i had uncomment php_gd2.dll in php.ini, reboot the server and it´s work properly.
can you help me?
i get a fatal error: call to undefined function imageftbbox(). this is inbuilt function of php. what is the solution?
hi, buddy could you post all the script error so that we can help and resolve the error of your script?
check that particular line. there function name is not defind
tengo el mismo error solo q me funcionava bien lugo dejo de funcionarel error es el siguiente
fatal error: call to undefined function: ondisplay() in /home/avivamie/public_html/librarie on line z3y

y aca incluyo la linea z3y dode se supone q esta el error

// try to authenticate
$result[] = $plugin->ondisplay($editor);
I have the problem when using ssh2_connect(). Getting error Fatal error: Call to undefined function ssh2_connect(). I have installed ssh2 extension on my server. Then also getting the same error when running through cron job. Anyone please help..
This is our solution for decasasyautos. and your problem. You must install BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics (php.net/manual/en Javier decas
how do enable pdfextenstion on web server or cpanel?please help me
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