its been about a week or so that i've been getting this twitching on the bottom eyelid of my left eye. I've been on the computer more than ever before and I think this is causing it to twitch. I was afraid that it might get worst by the whole eye blinking or shaking, but that hasn't happen. I get the spasms about every hour or so, all of the sudden i get these touching and i can't control them.

I found some information on this:

The three most types of eyelid spasms that i know of.. one is eyelid twitch, the second is essential blepharospasm, and third is hemifacial spasm.

Eyelid Twitch - this is a minor eye twitching condition. you eyes twitch a little bit only and is the most common and of no concern.

the Symptoms are: Twitching or spasm around the eyes and Facial spasms

Eyelid Twitch Treatments - this is still minor but more twitching than usual. this is like the medium condition. if you drink coffee or soda, this can cause it, so stop. or if you are under stress this can cause eye lid twitching too..

ok, i am going to wait a couple of weeks more to see if this does go away. i have to admit though, i've been under stress lately, but not more than usual. uh! problems... I will update this post till then. if you have any info i can use let me know. thanks

[UPDATE] I am 43 years old now, and i dont have this problem anymore, it just went away by itself after a couple of weeks. It would come back often, but just as is came, it would leave by itself. Try releasing your stress or eating things that make you nervous or hyper.

I would like to ask you for a favor, if you are having the same problem, can you please tell me your age and your gender.