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if your eyes are twitching and you want to know why they are twitching, this article will explain the reason why your eyes might be twitching or shaking randomly. for about a week or so i've been getting twitching on the bottom eyelid of my left eye.
its been about a week or so that i've been getting this twitching on the bottom eyelid of my left eye. I've been on the computer more than ever before and I think this is causing it to twitch. I was afraid that it might get worst by the whole eye blinking or shaking, but that hasn't happen. I get the spasms about every hour or so, all of the sudden i get these touching and i can't control them.

I found some information on this:

The three most types of eyelid spasms that i know of.. one is eyelid twitch, the second is essential blepharospasm, and third is hemifacial spasm.

Eyelid Twitch - this is a minor eye twitching condition. you eyes twitch a little bit only and is the most common and of no concern.

the Symptoms are: Twitching or spasm around the eyes and Facial spasms

Eyelid Twitch Treatments - this is still minor but more twitching than usual. this is like the medium condition. if you drink coffee or soda, this can cause it, so stop. or if you are under stress this can cause eye lid twitching too..

ok, i am going to wait a couple of weeks more to see if this does go away. i have to admit though, i've been under stress lately, but not more than usual. uh! problems... I will update this post till then. if you have any info i can use let me know. thanks

[UPDATE] I am 43 years old now, and i dont have this problem anymore, it just went away by itself after a couple of weeks. It would come back often, but just as is came, it would leave by itself. Try releasing your stress or eating things that make you nervous or hyper.

I would like to ask you for a favor, if you are having the same problem, can you please tell me your age and your gender.
my eyes shake randomly also, i have a sensation that when my right eye shakes, its for good luck, but when my left eye shakes, it means something bad is going to happen.
my eyelid shakes very weird, i hope it goes away by itself soon
i have been blinking all the time and i can never stop it.i don`t no that i am doing it.people just say that i am blinking alot.

so if anyone has any idea why i am doing this please tell me by email or just wright another comment and i will read it.


i think its because of stress, if you've never done it before and all of the sudden you get it, its probably because you're under some stress.
last night i notice twitching in my left eye bag, just below the the tear duct. is it something serious? does anybody experience that. i woke up this morning and it is still twitching until now. i was told by a nurse that it might be a magnesium deficiency. i notice that if i wash my face with cold watrer it stops a little bit.
i started experiencing a few different things. twitching. intense spasms beneath my right eye that pull the area below my eye intensely towards my nose. and all variations of spasm or twitching in between these two extremes. as it feels neurological, and the minerals calcium magnesium and potassium are involved (and i had parathyroid surgery a couple of months ago, which absolutely affects calcium levels - in fact that's how it's detected as a problem) i bought some mineral supplements in addition to the vitamins and calcium that i've been taking. i don't really notice any improvement. sleeping more has also not made any difference. nor has reducing or eliminating computer usage on the weekends.

it's very embarrassing and distracting to me, let alone how it must be for others. as a side note, i tend to have puffiness beneath my eyes. i was wondering if that was also true for others suffering from this. i've even thought that maybe it's from too much calcium (or vitamin d even)

comments encouraged!

why does this happen to us?
i googled intense eye spasms and found this site. i've read all your complaints and i match them all. i came here looking for help in hopes someone else has it for as long as me. i have spasms in my lower right eye that seems to be aggrivated whever i blink.
it twitches, but when i blink it flutters all around uncontrolably.. it looks like i have tiny butterflys desperatly trying to find a way out. then at my wyws all puffy from working so hard. this goes on for 3 to 8 days at a time then will go away for a week or to. i hate that first spasm after days of freedome that tells me ..it's baaaaaack. even now as i type i fight the uge to take my thumb and apply pressure because that doesnt do anything but let me feel the muscle w/ my finger.

the only thing that works sometimes are two things!!!
okay you're all going to think im crazy but it works.
(ever notice when u go to show someone a spasm in your arm or eye it goes away?)
ppl tell me.. what are you talking about? oddly enough, when i ask sum1 here look look it"s twitching again!.. they look, and it stops.
it's like my mind is playing games w/ me.
the other thing that works (but only for about an hour)
i wash my face. (hot or cold.. warm does nothing) put a hot towel under ur eye..
you'll feel it bumping through the towel but it fades then just goes away.

i know that was alot to read u guys but im in desperate need of sum help and maybe there are ppl out there suffering like me.
I am on my third day of having this symptom. By all means, I am not a doctor or anything close to being one and have no medical background what so ever. I just want to share this to see if anyone else is in the same situation as me.

From personal experince, there are couple of observations i have noticed that causes this.

First - Stress and having a lot on one's mind will lead to twitching of area just below the eye.

Second - When a close family member/friend passes away... I noticed the bottom of my right eye twitches very frequently.

Just to make things short... I have had four family member pass away and more recenlty, a fifth one. On every single occassion, i experience the samething. I did not think much of it during the first two but, looking back, it has always happened. It is always on the right side.

Unfortunatley, it is the second that i can relate to more. I don't tend to keep things on my mind very often and try not to let eveyday things or my profession to get in the way.

Hi. I have same symptom. I noticed this morning spasm under my right eye. It doesn't stop. I would like to know what did u do and why this happens. Did u go to doctor?
my right upper eye has been twichting for a whole month now.
in our tradition when something like this happens you know you are going to cry or see someone you haven`t seen in a looooooong time.
is there another explaination for this?
i've had twitch below left eyelid area for about month. i've been taking vitamin a 25.000 iu / vit. d 400 iu and also vitamin e 800 iu. i smoke, under stress (work and family related) and suffer from insomnia. not sure what's causing twitching. i hate it. especially when someone is looking at you directly to your eyes.
damn dude thatz crazy kus da only reason im on here is kus i was lookn for a way to make my twitchn stop so i found this so im gona try it but i would like to know if u have gotten urs to stop...
yeah, mine went away by it self
what will happen if the left eyelid flickering continuously
can you tell me what causes spasm beneath eye
my left top eyelid has been twitching on and off for nearly three weeks, it is getting to the stage where i want to poke my eye out, i've been told to just put up with it.
having twitching or "pulsing" under my right eye (where you get "bags" under your eyes). i can't feel it but it is noticeable and it comes and goes, but occuring more often lately. had it before (around 3 years ago) and it lasted for months before one day it just wasn't happening anymore. have no idea what the cause is. read mary perkins post. anyone have luck with this? is there an illustration of this acupuncutre method? any thoughts regarding causes/cures would be appreciated!
related information :

bettervisionforums /forums/showthread.php?t=2
it may manifest commonly as one of the neurological / neuromuscular symptoms of tardive dysinesia as a result of the nerve-disrupting side effects of certain medications.
included below are some q & a sessions between me and another person seeking helps from me for the chronic blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm disorders of her mother living in india. and i hope that the extra information included in the q & a webpage below will turn out to be useful to you. thank you.

steadyhealth /eyecare_hemifacial_spasm___risperd
what is the name of the muscle that makes the eyes to blink
<a href="muscletwitch twitching</a> are often caused by stress and anxiety but may also be a symptom of a disorder. Health related anxiety are normally experienced by people with muscle twitching problems. Check muscletwitching.bl for more info.
it happens to me to right now but in our place, they believe on to something when eyes twitching of which part. they believe that when the twitch below the bags, you'll have problems and you'll cry.. and, when it twitches in the upper eye, you will see something that you'll be happy. i dont know why they're believe in this crap but i do believe too. every time my eyes twitch under the bag, i'm having problems that makes me cry all night.. that's why i'm so worried.. last thursday, i was absent to the office cos i fought with our HR manager.. hay... i dont know, and now its twitching again to death.. and i dont know what will happen..
yeah, underneathn my eye, it also keeps twitching but it twitches whenever i blink? is this normal?and it twitched awhile ago, then went away for a year, and then came back again and it WONT stop twitching. also my upper lip keeps twitching too, sometimes
stress can cause this. i remember i was feeling stress for a while and my eye would start to shake, i would feel like the blood in my vains they pass through as if they get blocked and force the blood making my face tissue shake.
this is not something very serious. it will go away by itself, dont worry about it.
yes my eyelids have been shaking lately . for the past two days. I think it is because i am over tired. hopefully it just goes away with rest.
tuitching or spasm under my eye since one month ago. what is this?
You're not crazy Crystal, it happens to me too! Trying to show anyone that my eyelid is shaking and then it stops hahaha it's been happening to me today like every minute of every other hour, it's crazy!!!!!!!!!
The treatment is: do not think alot, stay away from stress you may get wrose everyday, try to be relax at anytime, be calm, only take 3 weeks, you will be fine.
when i blink my left eye at the top left side feels like it's twitching and it's something that happens often. I blink and it a slow twitch like it's throbbing
this is usually coused by hypertension or high blood pressure and muscle weakness...
some go away by it self when u do regular exsercize and some need to see the docter...
dont worry it will pass.
My eyeballs are shaking and my vision is low due to that.....can you please suggest me how to proceed for a treatment....
Ok my upper left eyelid only twitches when I blink hard! It's soo weird and doesn't happen every time I blink hard. Still it's very freaky and of course I'm thinking I have some terrible neurological disorder but it actually has been getting better. Does anyone else's eyes twitch only when they blink hard?
it happening to me too , and on my left side 2 . i think is because of the coffee , every time i drink more then normal it happens.
my right eyelid started twitching around 4 days ago, i still have it but apparently it is due to lack of sleep, when it stop hopefully i’ll update my answer. i am male and 22 year old.
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