Cute Words To Say In Spanish Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much Spanish you know. You will also learn Spanish!

my gf is a Spanish girl she is so pretty. i met her last week and i want to know if anyone knows some cute Spanish words i can say to her to impress her. i want to be romantic to her because she is so nice to me. if anyone knows how to say some cute things i can say to my Spanish girl friend i would like if if you tell me

here are some cute things i know how to say her:

1. Te quiero mucho (Pronounce: Te kee-e-ro moo-sho) [ i love you alot]
2. Te ves muy bella (Pronounce: Te ves mooy be-ya) [you look cute]
3. Me gusta tu sonrisa (Pronounce: me goos-taa too son-ree-za) [I like your smile]