hay guys, last week we had to go to the nurse and the doctor looked at my penis. is that legal?

i was thinking it shouldnt be like that, i mean, i was really nervous. the funny part was that the guy that was walking me to the the nurse office was a buddy of mine, and i asked him where was he taking me. and he said to the nurse office. i asked him why. he said. to feel my balls. i thought he was joking, but that fool was actually telling the truth for once. haahah, now that i think about it that was funny cuz i never thought that some woman doctor was gonna feel my balls. i talked to another dude and he said that it was iligal for a girl doctor to do that. is that true?

anways, i just wanted to know if someone else was wondering the same question as me

i know it sounds weird. im sure some dudes might prefer a girl doctor to be feeling their balls

which do you prefer, a man doctor or a woman doctor?