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this is a complete list of all the counties and cities for the state for california. i list all of the towns also included in the state of california you can download for free
Califonia cities and towns in alpahbetical order you can use a a datbase dump
this is an example of the list:
you can download it for free on this post.. Adelanto San Bernardino
Agoura Hills Los Angeles
Alameda Alameda
Albany Alameda
Alhambra Los Angeles
Aliso Viejo Orange
Alturas Modoc
Amador City Amador
American Canyon Napa
Anaheim Orange
Anderson Shasta
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is there a town in california known as kaywood, california and if so, where is it located?
i have a mysql dump database table if anyone is interested. the sql is simple and easy to query
how many are there exactly there
should be a count of how many cities
there are but other than that thank you
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too bad there is no consistent separator between the city and county -- unusable without it.
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There is no listing here for Harbor City.
I thought this site listed all citie's in Calif?
In 1950-1951 I lived in San Tomas California and a couple of years ago I could find it on mapquest or Yahoo maps, but I can no longer find it. I can find the San Tomas Freeway, but not the community. What has happend to San Tomas?
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