in the 90's I grew up in Van Nuys. I lived on Sepulveda Blvd. I used to go to the panorama city mall all the time to hang out. at school, I used to hear about this gang called Blythe street. there were stories that said if you drove through that street you would get shot. there were some crazy dudes on that street. fifteen years later - over the weekend I took a little vacation to los angeles and went to the neighborhood where I grew up. it was a big change. I went to the drive-in on Roscoe. it was no longer there. now there is a middle school called vista middle school. and there is another high school called panorama city high school on Van Nuys blvd which wasn't there before. the neighborhood has changed. so I wondered if blythe street had also changed so I started to make my way to Blythe street. to my disappointment, I hasn't changed at all. the apartment complex are still crappy. they look ghetto still. although you don't see much grifity as before.

i hope all those gangster are all grown up now and they've moved out from the neighborhood. I grew up on langdon avenue in Van Nuys and that street hasn't changed much either. that was a tough neighborhood. the kids were drug dealers or gangsters. im glad to know that all those batos locos that brained washed all those kids to violence. by now they are probably in their late 30s and 40's. I wonder how proud they are now knowing they are in jail or killed and those that survive I hope they make a difference to kids and keep kids from gangs. so if you are thinking about being in a gang, its a dead end man, sure, its fun at the beginning, but then you will have a hard life.

if you are lucky because you didn't get killed or go to jail, your life will be all messed up because you will have a criminal record on your profile and you wont even get a job at MacDonalds not even cleaning bathrooms cuz no one is gonna trust you. so if you want to make someone proud, don't make your gangster buddies proud, because in a year from now, they are going to be gone and you will be by yourself. so instead, make your mom or dad proud, show them you are smart and make it known that not all Latinos are gangsters. if you want to know what you can be when you grow up, well, deciding on what you gonna do when you grow up is not easy. but the best thing you can do is do something you like to do, dont think about the money. if you love what you do, the money will come, because if you do it for the money, you will not see much money come your way. like me, I like computers and the technologies, because of that, I make good money to live a good life, I dont do it for the money, but because I like technology, I like making websites and computer programs, its fun for me. it may not be fun for you, but im sure there is something that you like. just as long as you keep doing what you like without hurting someone you'll be ok.

you'll see, when you grow up and you are a good man, you will have girls after you, girls that are over 18 are more mature and they like a man with cars, money and smart. why smart? well, when girls get at the age, they like to feel their man can protect them, not with violence but with smarts... teen girls think that a guys is cool because he is brave. that's bullcrap. teen girls dont know nothing about being a grown man. but watch, when you get 18, you'll start to see girl act differently towards you, youll start to get more girls, they'll respect you for the rest of your life.. so think about it,, now if you join a gang, you'll have teen girls that like you. but teen girls are only from 13 years old to 17 years old.. at those ages, girls like guys that are macho, and I think that's why alot of dudes join a gang to impress the chicks.. but after girls are 18, they are different, its weird, they start to think about family, and judge guys with what they have, they become materialistic and look for guys with cars and money, so if you are a gangster loser, you are not gonna get chicks when you turn 18.. so which would you rather have? 5 years of mocosas, or a lifetime of viejas? if you are smart, you're gonna want viejas for when you are older. but now you have the chance to get smart. you see, when you are a teenager, that's when your brain takes information in and you can memorize it and learn fast. that's why the grownups send you to school because its easy for teens to learn fast. when you get older you dont learn as fast. so try to learn as much as possible because all the crap they teach you in school, you're gonna need it when you grow up..

so you might be saying.. why do I need to learn history? well, you learn it because when you are grown up and someone tries to tell you that the original people in this country were Indians, you;ll know better that the natives in America where not Indians, the white guys that came to this land called them Indians, because they were so dumb to figure out that they were not in India. they thought that when they arrive here in America, it was the country of India.. so they called the people that lived in this country Indians.. how dumb is that? well, see, its things like this that you need to learn because when you grow up, you'll be able to defend your country, not with violence but with words.

you see all those smart people on tv.. what makes them smart?? its knowledge.. the more you know, the more your brain will be able to process your knowledge..

everyone has the same brain size, so no one is smarter than others, the only difference is that those people learn a lot, all that information they put in their brains by reading books they store it in their brains, so the more information you put in your brain, the more information you'll have to process, therefore, your brain gets used to processing it faster. and that's why those people seem smarter.. that's why its important for you to put as much information in your brain when you are in school so that when you grow up, you'll have so much information.. more than a computer, that your brain can process it quick and people are going to know you are smart because you know so much... AND GUESS WHAT? for women, that's the most appealing thing about a guy, its how smart they are. when they look at a guy, girls dont care much about how they look (only teen girls do), grown up women, the most important thing to them is how smart a man is? why is that, well, if you are smart, they know you will make good money and will be able to take care of them and their babies. I know its all weird, but being a grownup is different. its a whole new life. another thing women like is a good heart in man, why? because if you have a good heart, they will know they can trust you to have love with them, because for women, love is not just for pleasure, but is more like making a man feel satisfied and in the process, they can trust you to have love with them.

so trust me, for now, dont join a gang, that's the most stupid thing you can do. because if you join a gang, they will make you do things against the law and then its going to be impossible to have a good life and have alot of women when you grow up, then you wont be able to find a good job and all the time you have wasted by messing around with gangs instead of learning all that stuff they teach you in school. I remember when I was in high. I went to James Monroe high and remember some kids thought I was a loser, a nerd or a geek.. but now, guess what, since I know so much in my brain, I know how to get women. right now, im going out with 10 different girls. 5 are Asians, 4 are Latina, 1 is white. man, let me tell you, them chinitas are good. Asian girls are the best. but dont get me wrong, I love Latina too, but there's just something about Asian girls that make me go wild. and if you know any Asian girls in your school, you'll know that them chicks are smart, so to impress them, you have to be smarter.. also, them Asian chicks dont like gangster, they like guys that are firm and strong in character.. by that I mean, they like a man that confident of himself. so see what I mean, just keep yourself in school, and once you graduate and be a good person, stay away from breaking the law and dont harm anyone, when you get to be an adult, you'll have all of what you need. dont let you're jerk take over you. I know when I was in high, the kids in my neighborhood would want me to hang out with them, but I suspected they were in gangs so I stayed away from them. yes, I would see them with some chica and I would also want to have a girlfriend so I can have love with.. if you haven't learn yet, you're jerk will get you in trouble alot. I knew a guy once that he joined this group of taggers (it wasnt a gang) just so he can impress this chick. he started as just tagging.. he thought it was harmless, but then as he tagged more and more, they started to go to the malls, and steal baggie pants because they wanted to look cool for their chicks.. they didnt' have any money, so if they wanted to look good for their girlfriend, they had to look cool, but they didn't have any money to buy clothes.. so what did they do? they steal... then one day he got caught stealing and he went to juvie.. then his poor mom had to bail him out.. you know, his mom worked at one of those vans that sell food, the poor woman was single mom and them guys only would give her trouble.. now they are all grown up and they can't keep a good job. they can't even keep a wife, they are 38 years old now, they dont have a family, no wife, no girlfriend, no house, no care and a cheap job cleaning bathroom in an office building.. but I didnt choose that lifestyle, and as for me, I have two cars, my own house, a good paying job, and my family that I love so much. best of all, i am confident of myself in knowing that if I want something I can get it.. why? because all that stuff I learned in school, teach me how to get it. you see in school, they dont teach you exactly how to do it, they only give you the knowledge of how to do it, so its up to you to get it. you know how people sometimes say,


Well, its true, if you stay in school and learn, you will see that you can do whatever you want,, yes,, even girls. in school they dont exactly tell you.. ok class, we are going to learn how to get love from girls,,, hahahahah, no, that would be too easy.. instead, you have science classes and biology classes, with all those classes, you learn about the human body and how it works, when you lean all that stuff, you know how to please a woman and how you can get her to be yours. you know what, there are some guys that even get paid to see women.. hahahha, well I think that's all for now. I have a date with Karen today and im taking her to Santa Monica for dinner, there is a nice restaurant there, its very romantic, chick love romance.. bye.