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hi, my name is lee, i am in love with latina girls. every since i went out with a girl named elisabeth i felt in love with lating women. they are the best. i am chinese-american and i was wondering if there is any latino girl who would be interested in meeting asian men, i am available.
lol no kidding, my name is also elizabeth and like asian guys, but i've never dated one. is like something new for me and i just can't resist lol
btw, where r u living??
i live in california,, how about you?
i like latino girls too but why should you specify these beatiful women as latin or hispanic we should appreciate the diversity of the cultures such as mexican, brazillian, argentinian, cuban, or puerto rican.... its like calling a chinese or a korean person asian or an irish or german person white......
omg i love asian guys sooo much also i love more asian guys then mexicans why?? i dont know..! im in love with a korean guy he is cute because he is tall and skiny.. i love asian guys..!
i love asian guys..! alot im in love with a korean guy and his last name is lee too..!
im korean and love latinas
i think it's awesome that there are some asian men who love dating latinas ^^ it's about time! i love being latina & one things for sure i love asian boy's i think they are the most faithful boyfriends
I love latinas too. I am Chinese and had a Venezuelan and an Colombian girlfriend. They were fun, easy going and lovely. Love them, love them, love them!!!!!
depends how old are you?
Chinese guy that loves latinas also! I think i've always liked latinas, but never really did when i was in high school and college, but then when i was in the navy...something inside of me just clicked. i've dated a few mexican girls and my most recent ex was guatemalan. they were all fun and loved life and joyous, but distances are a pain.
I'm Korean American guy and I've dated many latina women. Its a joke among my friends why so many latinas find me attractive. LOL.
I currently have an Argentinan wife,have a beautiful daughter.
Latin or hispanic is NOT a race. Its a culture,any person can be of latin culture. Plenty of Asian hispanics in South America.
Most Mexicans are mix of white(Spanish) and native American indians.
Most Puerto Ricans,Domiciancs,Cubans are mix of spanish,indians and blacks.
Most Argentines,uruguayans,Sou Brazilans are Europeans.
I do like Asian men.Especially East Asians.Love their Silky hair and eyes :) The only thing ,I find them extremely mellow and quite which is a turn off to me cuz Latinas like outgoing guys.
You want to more dating then you can visit on asianplay so there are more fun.
hi dear my name is Sayed Riaz . i want to friendship with u . my age is 24 male.
Hay gente querida, lo que uno encuentra sin querer queriendo, jajaja. Hai, i´m a latin girl and i loved asian men, but have not found any! where are they? fufufu
i love Asian men or Korean or Chinese men always wanted to date one but never got a chance to because i guess there was never one around to date but i would still love to date one type would be if they look like (RAIN) JUNG JI HOON THATS MY TYPE
I am a latina and I started dating a South Korean a few months ago. It is definitely different. He is extremely caring and attentive to my needs. He is even trying to learn Spanish. I got lucky with my Asian boyfriend :D
I am Latina.. i am from dominican republic but i live in USA . im crazy about Asians but it is hard for me to find one cuz i live where's no Asian basically!!
hi! i'm a latina girl... and i love asian guys... :)
I like so much Korean boys I find them atractive and respectfull
im from mexico but i live now in edmonton canada and im free to and i love asian ;)
If you are Latina and is in Los Angeles area reply to my post. I am Cambodian and 23 years old.
tall and built chinese guy in LA loves Latina, lived in south america many years and always been into Latinas...conta me if you are up for a date...:) ciao
in love with Latinas .. im chinese from Toronto..
Hi i want to meet you haha
i love asian men.
Asian men are the best. My dream to have one that captures this latin heart! ... just have to watch out for his mom's approval.
I like Asian Guys very much!
I find you very attractive. can we be fiends?
Jessica and Vera, where are you from?
I am SO into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese men, etc.! So lovey, cute, and sweet! I LOVE them all!!! They're aren't enough of 'em around where I live and I feel too shy when I see a guy who is Asian so I can't ever seem to approach them... I wonder how many Asian men find hispanic girls to be attractive...?
I find latina women very attractive. I live in san francisco,and there is this cute latina woman who i gave complimentsa lot but she seem to be not interested in asian men. Can we be friend?
Ditto. I am into Japanese and Korean men :) I haven't found one to date but I am dying to!!!
I really think that this is a surprise because, I obviously thought that Latinas only liked Black Men. Only.
Good Luck with that because, I rarely see a Latina with an Asian guy.
Only because it is really hard to get their attention. I'm puerto rican living in Fl, and I have to trying to meet an attractive Asian guy that is interested is close to impossible, it seems like they are always taken or not interested. I think they're so lovey and (risking sounding pompous) I'm a pretty chic. So what is the deal?
The reason is most non-Asian female are not into Asian guy for the most part. It is hard to find one that is willing to date them. If you really do like them I suggest you make the first move or simply show some interest. If you would like to be friend send me an email. phon562 at yahoo
I am hispanic & live in the Valley, CA. I've never dated an Asian but am attracted to them. If anyone know the best way to get their attention without coming on too strong LMK pls
Hey, I am Asian and is very much into Latina women. Email me and let's chat. spiderdan69 - at - Yahoo!
I am Chinese, i find Latinas are super hot. I only know a few spanish words lol.
I am brazilian and I have been dating my korean bf for 3 years now. We're both 23, he's gone for the army and I'm working in France preparing for the moving to korea! His parents are super cool about us. I've always found asian men very attactive but i can see the beauty in other ethnicities too...
I am 26 yrs old, living in L.A. and I LOVE Asian men. Japanese, Chinese and Korean--NOM~ ;)
unfortunately, I've only had ONE Asian boyfriend--and that was many years ago. He was Japanese American. SO SWEET and LOVING. <3
grrrr, why are Latina loving Asian men so hard to come by? :(
boo~ :P
I am Cambodian and is very much into Latina. Let's chat if you have time. spiderdan69 - at - Yahoo!
I'm latina as well, from Venezuela.. I had japanese boyfriend for like 4 months, things didn't work at the end but I felt extremely attracted to him and I had to make the first move lol. I've always been interested on japanese guys but in real life been with one is not easy if you are latina.. in general terms of course because not all of them are the same.
I am a 25yr old Puerto Rican living in Miami Florida. I must say it is very dificult to find an asian guy here! lol I personally am attracted to Asian men specially from Phillipines,Korea,Cambodian,Japanese and Chinese. I love the culture,the food,the music,everything. But if I get the rare oportunity to meet an asian guy I am too shy to even say I am atracted. :P
Hi I'm a asian lover! I'm 22 and have always found myself very attracted to asian men. I'm mexican but have never really seen any asian with no mexican before :(
What state are you from? Asian guys for the most part are at the bottom of the dating pool. Just make small talk.
Not in my book. From Idaho. You?
Well, I'm Chilean and I would love to date an asian guy, but there aren't many around here, or most of them lived in their own circle of people. What a pitty...
Latinas are beautiful. I'm single Korean male living in LA. Email me iamjhkinca at g... mail ... dot com
hi, my name is steven l am a chinese american lam 45 years old
i love latin womrn who is mature #lovey busty if there's any latino
women interested ln l am available
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