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this page will provide you with instructions on how to chat live with the Federal Government Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you want to talk to someone at the IRS about your income taxes or about your income tax return money they were supposed to send
does anyone know if there is a chat website for the IRS to chat with someone live. i was told go to to the but i dont see anything where i can do a chat with a live irs person to ask about my taxes.

if anyone know please tell me where i can find the live irs chat to speak directly with a live person form the website. thanks

update: if you need to reach the IRS, the best and easy way is to call them directly by calling their toll free 800 number at: 1-800-829-1040
actually, thats not true, you can actually chat with a representative, according to the irs website yes you can. you can chat with a Representative to obtain assistance with your taxes. You can also reach the IRS Web Site Help Desk:

* e-mail at or
* phone at (800) 876-1715.

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

* but i think this is for the website, not taxes questions

good morning had a check date for 1/1/2012 no check can you help me?
I have attempted to file my 2011 1040 return with Schedule E three times and each time it has been rejected with an error code 0035. The Schedule E has been revised for the year 2011 and I would like to know if there is a problem with the new Schedule E being processed?
I need help with schedule c form 1040 profit and loss form will not allow me to enter numbers on the correct tells me it will auto do the addiing for me but there is nothing to add because it will not let me enter the no. please help
please help me with my refund deposit i did not receive my refund yet
Hi I would like to receive 2011 ez2011 and ez2010. Address 951 W 7th St #8, Eugene, OR 97402
I would like a rep. to come do my taxes for me. Thanks. LOL... the posts on this forum are rather funny... this is a forum people! not a irs help desk where there irs is going to check on your refund check or send you forms. wow.
I have submited my Taxretunrs on march21, 2012 & accepted by IRS on march22, 2012 but i didn't receive yet my Refund so what to do now ?
can the i r s levy workers comp settlements in md
i was wondering my son worked for 5modate is over year to ut his nths last year but his year to date is over 2,000 can i fill his return with mine
Hi I need to know how can I make arrangements to pay my taxes.
I file my taxes on 2011 n 2013 and today is the day that I never received my refund yet. I will like to know what is going on? they have my return so do my information and they dont send me a letter stating what is going on with my taxes. I think that they force us to file taxes so they can get pay but when is time to pay they invent 100 excuses.
I had field my income tax on Feburary 12, 2013 through electronic to my checking account and its already 4/30/2013 and have not recieved anything yet. Can someone explain this? I have tried calling but, it takes me through recording I can not seem to get help from a live person.
when is my tax due. my case was closed on march 27th when do i recieve my taxes
need to know where is my tax refund
can we fax a poa in order to get info on our mom's last year of filing her taxes? she is in a nursing home with no abilities of function and my brother that has poa did not know he had to file and or did not receive her One For Zero Nine Nine 's to be able to do so. please help us with this matter. thank you, joyce
i lost my spouse in early 2013 and remarried late 2013 how do i file and with which one
i think that i inadvertently e-filed my tax forms several times as duplicates with slightly varying ssn info (due to attempted troubleshooting) since i was unaware that upon e-filing with snap tax (turbo tax basic) that i then received additional forms that required me to use turbo tax deluxe online (such as ira/school/charity into), and so i attempted to e-file it again, and i think i e-filed it 3 times in all, but the ssn's do not match. naturally i don't want to receive 3 separate returns so i'm wondering if the irs will automatically detect this and reject all 3 of them, or perhaps all but the last one, (since they're all tied to the same email/phone/address/name) or, if not, what should i do? should i just wait for them to notify me at this point? may that happen during the weekend or do i have to wait till at least monday?
can i get in trouble for not filing on a job where i only worked 8 hours
my federal return was accepted through mobile snaptax, but then i received late forms, redid my taxes through turbo tax deluxe, and realized that i should be receiving about 4x my originally anticipated federal return. can my irs returns be cancelled so that i can resubmit them through turbo tax deluxe online?
using free filable forms site and having problems submitting e file now. getting reply of " sorry we are updating system, try again in a few minutes since sat. 2/1/14 thru today. please help.
need a answer about questions
is there a actual chat line with irs that i can get assistance with a serious tax question.
i have a dd of 2/6 still no funds
would like to chat with someone now please
yes i got a question
ie filed my taxes 1/24/14.ihave not received them yet. on wheres my refund it only says received every time i check. when will i get my tax refund?
hello i need the irs address or fax number
after doing my taxes on turbotax, can i mail an amended return in without my payment so that i can see if they accept it first?
i was told i need certification to prove i have the right to claim my grandchildren i have claimed my other 2as long as they have lived and now my new grand daughter i am claiming on her also so why do i have to send in proof when i've claimed them since birth
how do ira distributions from from annuities differ from the traditional ira's?
i went electronic on the 5th got my federal but still waiting on state and want to know whats going on with it cant get nay response about is the 25 and still no response about it want to know whats going on.please help
i have student loans that were with direct loans. on 1/31 i found out that they were in default, and began to take care of this....had a ruff year. i had my loan switched from direct to sallie mae. my(default) loan was paid off on 2/19 with kentucky ed and now shows a zero balance taking it out of default. sallie mae now has my loan and my 1st payment is due 3/24/14. i filed my taxes a week ago from this past saturday. had a feeling this morning to check on things. called the offset line and it said that an offset had occurred with kentucky ed which as of 2/19 i owe them nothing. they no longer have control of my loan. called and spoke with them this morning and they said that there was still a flag up for my past default loan, and that they will receive payment which i do not owe them any longer and from there they will repay the amount of my return. i do not understand with me taking care of this prior to filing why they will still receive my refund after not owing them anything furt
trying to check if i have a mail date
hy i need to ask a question about my refund? i havent received it whne wil i get my refund.
i would like to know what i am getting back from income tax return.
hello, my name is rebecca i need help with my tax return

i need to change address
i was wondering about my return
i would like to report a company that is taking out taxes on people and not giving them their w2 for them to file taxes at the end of the year. the name of the company is jrs junior nonmedical transpottation and the phone number is 574-830-5742.
i'm trying to get a letter of none filing for the past 18 .months . to help me retrieve my license , do to my rearers . i really need this right away , please .
i have submit my tax return 2013 on march 10th & still l didn't not receive it.
its been more then 4 weeks & my software was turbotax e-file.
please reply asap bec i am expecting my federal refund
went to iirs web site to do my electronic filing. cannot find how to add a 1099-misc. onnly one that i find is 1099-r
i got a letter stating the i owe the irs. the company is frauglet bc i havent workerd for the since 2010. what do i need to do
quiero saber sobre mi reembolso
i need an e-mail for irs acs support in philly, can you help.
i cant pay my bill this month because am not only in debt with you guys i have to pay state taxes bak to so can u give me til june 20th to pay it because i dont have the money yet. thats wen i get paid. so please can you help me .this is the only i can reach you guys right now
i dont get my 2012 refund
question i am unemployed and i would like to withdraw 60k from my retirement account. i am age 47 what is my penalty and tax requirement i am in the 28% tax bracket.
i was on my pc and got this letter stateing money owded or would take possesion of my belongings and serve 3 years in jail
one of my clients purchased three or four energy star appliances during 2013. there was a time when these items were eligible for a tax credit on schedule 1040. i do not detect the credit for energy star appliances for 2013 income tax returns. please advise.

th you for your assistance in this matter.

gk l. vanwoert
dillwad - at - y
i need to know the website to use when making a payment
i am trying to get my tax transcript but it is not letting me do it on the keeps saying i am putting in the wrong information so i was trying to see if it could be mailed
submitted application for our organization 501c3 since august 2013. i want to know the status pf our application.
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