ok, you know that first impressions are really important. the best way to show a girl you really like her. i know one of the hardest things to do is to as a girl out. so what do you do when she says yes? so this is why you are here, you want to know where are some romantic places you can take her. lets face it, if you want to be romantic with her, its because you are trying to impress her. so you really care about this girl. there is not one answer really. it all depends on the girl. there are girls who are into romance and some are not. the difference its maturity.

usually girls dont mature in relationships after they reach the age of 23. before that age, they are not interested in long term relationships so its harder to impress a girl because she just wants to have fun and live life. so if you are not interested in long term with her. dont waste your time with romance.

ok, once a girl has reached their maturity it becomes easier to impress her with romance. after they are mature about love, they understand and they value the effort a guy makes to impress her. and that is the key. show her you are dedicated to her. show her you care for her. what is the number 1 thing girls like in guys? is INTELLIGENCE!!!!

yes my friend. if you want to impress a girl, you have to be smart. you have to show her you know alot of things. things she would not normally know. so you are gonna have to make the extra effort to not look like a fool and look dumb when the opportunity to show her you are smart arises. so these are some things you can do to wake up the romance between you two:

- Restaurants: first ask her what type of foods she likes. you have to do this or else you will crash big time. i had to learn this the hard way. i took a girl to this italian restaurant and they served mostly seafood. so when we got there, she got all allergic on me and it was just a bad experience. so ask. next, make sure you take her to a nice restaurant, don be cheap. prepare to spend atleast $100 on the dinner. but dont take her to a chain restaurant like the olive garden, chillies, applebees, etc.. you get the idea. instead, take her to a local restaurant where the food is excellent. so you gonna have to do some research.

- Movies: take her to see a sensative movie. never take her to an action movie. a cartoon movie is ok, but you dont want to give her the impression you are childish. you want to show her you are also mature.

- Walk on the park. this is the most economical but it works if the girl is an outdoors type. but dont be cheap. if there is a guy selling flowers, buy her one. i live in san franciso. and oh boy. its such a romantic city at night. there are places you can walk, shops and restaurants.

- if its during summer time. you can't go wrong with a walk on the beach during sunset. i know it sounds cheesy, but its not about you, its about her. she will not think its cheesy. trust me.

THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU: be creative, and best of all be spantenous. think of something unusual. what would be something unusual?

take her to the zoo
take her to go see a play
take her to a concert
go to a shooting range