hay guys, did you know that jaden smith has a fans number hotline where
you can call and talk to him. i am a huge fan, and now that i have a new mobile number i like to know if anyone knows what is jaden smith cell phone phone number so i can contact him and tell jaden he is my favorite actor of all time. i was amazed by the movie the karate kid and want to see him in other action movies. i included the wallpaper from my computer so you guys can see how great jaden is.

awsome, i would tell him i want to meet him and give me his autograph


Jaden Smith Quiz

How much do you know about Jaden Smith? If you are a true fan, you will get all these answer correct!
When You Call Jaden, Please Tell Us What Are You Going To Say To Him?
i like your song never say never
i admire him
hi jaden smith
man i am a big fans of you
u go boy
i love you
hi jaden
i mason murphy i am 8 but going to be 9 on christmas day can we be bffc
hi jaden i am one of your biggest fans. i πŸ’– the karate kid movie u played u are so cute πŸ’– u.
you are amazing and the best actor and rapper ever and i love you so much
hi jaden you amazing keep your stuff going and you will become much better well done
hi jaden i am your number one biggest fan i love all the movies you play and all of your songs love you bye.
hi, i just want to say continue into what you like doing best. stay cool forever and make your own decisions in life. i love you!
i will tell him that i am his fans and i love him so much and his my best actor
that he really inspires me with what he does and how he makes me wanna make my life better and not care about what anyone else thinks
why is your mom and dad giving everybody a hard time with the oscars??????
i admire him
i lyk the way he act and i just want him 2 give me his cellphone number so that he can teach me how 2 write lyrics #cool
hi jaden i am one of your biggest fans of all times. i πŸ’– the karate kid movie u played in u are so cute hope i meet u one day. love uπŸ’– bye😘.
i love you(friend).
i love u am crystal can we be friends please
hi do you have a girlfriend
i like you can you come to my house so i can show you something and i would like to go out to eat with you
What Do You Like The Most About Jaden?
his songs! and his personality!
his music and voice
he is a good rapper
he is brave and smart
his eyes
his songs! his personality and the way he looks! he so handsome!
his looks
i love his singing, and loves his movies.
the fact that i look up to him
cause he looks so cute
i like how jaden dresses
everything. his amazing voice his perfect acting skillsπŸ‘Œ his beautiful face and basically everything πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’—
he is a good rapper
his swag
his songs
movie & songs
i like his voice, his looks and everything about him.
i like because he is cute
i like his personality,and how cute he is
i like your movies and music
the personality ...sing ,dancing and the looks
his karate skills