hay guys, did you know that jaden smith has a fans number hotline where
you can call and talk to him. i am a huge fan, and now that i have a new mobile number i like to know if anyone knows what is jaden smith cell phone phone number so i can contact him and tell jaden he is my favorite actor of all time. i was amazed by the movie the karate kid and want to see him in other action movies. i included the wallpaper from my computer so you guys can see how great jaden is.

awsome, i would tell him i want to meet him and give me his autograph


Jaden Smith Quiz

How much do you know about Jaden Smith? If you are a true fan, you will get all these answer correct!
When You Call Jaden, Please Tell Us What Are You Going To Say To Him?
sup, would you like to hang out sometime
hi jaden i am your number one biggest fan i love all the movies you play and all of your songs love you bye.
hi imma a big fan
hi how are you i love your movies and songs i hope you get the change to text me or call me.
i love u soooo much u are cute can we be friends please
be his frnd
i love you
#nice# asf
aw... jaden, i am a big fan of u and ur sissy that i hope u guys are reading.. i really enjoy watching ur movies and listening to ur music... i hope we can be frnds tho im an african and can u whatsapp me on +2332375954
hi how are you? i would love for you to text me
heey jaden...am a good fan of yours and i really love you
can we be bffc
who taught him how to sing?
hi how are you i listen to your songs and watched your movies i hope you text me back.
hi i am a big fan
i love you
hey man i am a big fans of u
hi jaden i am one of your biggest fans. i πŸ’– the karate kid movie u played u are so cute πŸ’– u.
that he is so fin
i love how different he is
hi do you have a girlfriend
i admire him
hello how are you i like yours singirs and i want become your friend
What Do You Like The Most About Jaden?
his eyes
his songs
that he is handsome
i love his sing so much that i listen to it over and over!!!!! also when he played karate kidd and others movies
i like his movies and i like him at all
his style
is personality n his swag
body and he is beautiful
life style and music
i like his voice, his looks and everything about him.
i like your voice and your style and everything about you
he is a good rapper
i like your movies and music
hers singers
how he acts
he cool,he loves to sing like i do,and he good looking
he is brae and smart
his karate skills
his character, his hair, the way he talks... almost everything about him