does anyone know what is jaden smith cell phone number? i want to call him and tell him how much i admire him and tell him i am his biggest fan ever.

if i had a chance to talk to him, i would tell him,

hi jaden, this is lili, you're number 1 fan of all time. i would freak out as soon as i hear his voice.

Jaden Smith Quiz

How much do you know about Jaden Smith? If you are a true fan, you will get all these answer correct!
When You Call Jaden, Please Tell Us What Are You Going To Say To Him?
man i am a big fans of you
who is your favourite singer
sup, would you like to hang out sometime
am gonna say hi how are you i love the movie karate kid how old are you now? i hope you get to answer me and dont worry other ppl always get excited to talk to you am calm and cool plz answer me
that i love him so much! and he is my favorite actor and rapper! and that i if i could meet him one day!
keep pushing through your an amazing person been reping misfits since day one u should come to new york for a visit
i will tell him that i am his fans and i love him so much and his my best actor
hi how are you? i would love for you to text me
i love you jaden and i wish icould ever get the chance to hang out with you am already freaking out!!!xoxo
i want to be friends with you
i love him and i want to be his friend
i love him and i am a big fan
hey my name is trinity i am a big fan and i love your movies
i love you
i admire him
who taught him how to sing?
i love you(friend).
hi imma big fan i just want to say hi
hy jaden
iike your hair
hey man i am a big fans of u
What Do You Like The Most About Jaden?
his songs! and his personality!
i like his personality and his smile also his super hot better than this around here like seriously.
his eyes
everything.his amazing rapper skills and perfect acting skills and beautiful face πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ
his eyes
his songs! his personality and the way he looks! he so handsome!
body and character
the fact that i look up to him
his swag
his hair
his karate skills
his eyes
you ave a great voice
that he is handsome
his work
his. face
his abs his hair face voice everything
everythingwrite your answer
his body && the way he dress
his barefeet it is so smooth
i like how jaden dresses