my heart hurts when i know that you are with someone else. recently i broke up with my boyfriend. he was not honest with me. he lied about going out with someone else. i still can't believe this happened to me. i love him so much and i thought he loved me too. i dont know why he went with someone else. love is so confusing. just yesterday we were talking about taking a trip together. i was looking forward so much to that. but now all that hope is gone.

all i think about him being is with another girl. the more i think about, the more angry i get. and the more i miss him. i wish i could just forget about him and get this over with. i am scared of thinking not loving him anymore. but at the same time, its all i wish for right now. i want to forget about him and not think that he is with someone else. my heart is hurting so much right now. the pain is deep and my heart feels heavy. it would be nice if they invented a pill to relieve the pain of love.

anyways, im sure im not the only one going through this. people always betray each other, but i can't help feel sorry for myself because my heart hurts so much and all because i love him.

i dont think it would hurt as much, but it hurts even more because i know he is with another person. like right now, they are together. that person should be me.

i know i will get over it. it just will take some time. for now. the best thing to do is just accept that he doesnt want to be with me anymore and move one. im sure there are alot of guys out there who would love to be with me right now. so i am going to focus on forgetting about him and just feeling good about myself that if he is with someone else, then atleast it happened now rather than later. life goes one and i am confident that i will forget about him.

well, you know my story. if anyone is ready my story here, please, give me your thought. are you going through the same thing? if so, please let me know, it will help us understand and find comfort in knowing we are not alone.