ok, i have this friend. she is like my best friend and i dont know what to get her. girlfriends are so hard to find the right gift you know. like when it comes to my friends birthday, im like lost, i dont know what present to give her. so i got a few ideas from other friends and maybe they are good enough for your friend too. ok, here we go..

1. friends love cloths - go to forever21 and you will find really cute cloths. jeans are the best.

2. jewelry - i gave my friend a necklace one, and she loved it

3. bags, bags, and more bags,, my friend simply loves hand bags.

4. birth date cake - you can't have a party without cake ok.

5. surprise party - i gave one of my friend a surprise party once, it was alot of work. so if you are up to it and you know your friend is worth it, go for it.

6. dates, i know it sounds ridiculous, but i hooked up my friend with this guy, they felt in love, and now they are thankful to me for connecting them on my friends birthday.

hmm, i got more ideas, if you have any ideas, please send them to me.