there are times when you feel like money is the only solution to your problems. but money is not the answer. sometimes we feel defeated and wish we could be rich and not have money problems. do you think its true the money is the root of all evil? whoever said that never had a situation where they went to sleep hungry. my friend, dont look for easy money. dont be a fool to think that you will find happiness in wealth. there are many people who will try to take advantage of you while you are in this situation where you need money. these are hard times. its hard to find a good job and it seems the only solution is to find a rich guy or a rich woman to solve all your problems. but i assure you that if you are able to fix your problems on your own, you will enjoy the satisfaction in knowing that you achieve success because of your dedication and hard work. let me give you some advise, this works for me. always when i am facing troubled times, i kneel down on my knees and ask the Lord to guide me, to give me strength and wisdom to overcome my challenges. it always works, never fails. its amazing that many times i want something to come out the way i want it, but the Lord has better plans for me.

why are you looking for a rich friend?

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