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i have noisy neighbors and i dont know what to do with them find suggestions on what you can do to handle the situation
last week the house next door finally sold. and today at about 5pm i started to hear some drums. i went outside to see what it was, it was the stupid neighbors next door kid playing the drums. it has been going on for two hours non stop.

the noise is driving me crazy. i can't stand it anymore.

what do you think i should do?
What are Some Ways to Deal with Noisy Neighbors? there are many, specially if you live in an apartment and you have a neighbor who makes alot of noise downstairs or upstairs.

the best thing to do is to call that cops.

if you go try to knock on the door, it will make things worst.

the police is there to help.

another thing you can do is gather all your neighbors together to call the police. that will definitely get the police attention and even more get the attention of your neighbors.

i used to have this black neighbors and they would listen to the stereo every single day till 2am and it would start at 8am. it was ridiculous. so one day, finally, all of our neighbors around that house and some of our friends called the police on the same day to complaint. after that, it stopped. the people even moved out. after they moved out, the peace returned to our neighborhood.
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