on tuesday 6-28-2011 i had knee surgery at san ramon regional hospital. before the surgery my doctor told me not to eat anything after midnight. i didnt eat anything. after surgery. i was told not to eat solids. so i went to safeway and bout soups. the next day on wednesday i was able to poop. it was hard. but it was able to pass through. thursday. friday passes by. today saturday morning i woke up wanting to poop but it wont pass through. i feel so much presure but when i squeeze nothing comes out. called the doctor and he said that the pain medication. causes constipatoon and that i should stop taking the pills and take tylenol or advil for the pain instead but to eat more fiber and drink more liquid and take medamusil or prjnes as these will help break the stool and wont feel constipated anymore. well. thats what i am going to do. i went to the local store here at savemart. i bohght the metamusil and prunes. i took two teaspoons of mineral oil and on serving of metamusil for the constipatkon. we'll see how it goes. i texted my friend and asked her to pray becauae its worrying.. i will update this post a couple of days from now to see how it went. i hope when i update this. i will have good news to give.